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Excellent Phone


Jan 12, 2012 by azrockclimber

Recently purchased the enV Touch as "new" on eBay since it has been discontinued by Verizon. All the basic phones with a physical QWERTY pad being sold at Verizon were so cheap feeling and have gotten such bad reviews I went with the a phone that has been out for almost three years - Old tech ROCKS!

The call quality is exceptional - crystal clear both receiving and sending. The screens are also vibrant in colors and very clear. Even the touch screen works great once it is set up to your liking. There is a slight learning curve involved if you are coming from a totally basic phone and the touch screen might be a little intimidating at first but within several days you'll have all the new "buttons" worked out.

My only complaint would be is it is rather slippery so you'll need a case cover for it (rubberized) and the battery life could be better, but buying a phone this old you can get batteries, car adapters, covers and cases so cheap.

Overall this is a five star phone especially if you do not want to go to a iPhone or Android smart phone and need a phone to be a phone with fantastic call quality.

Poor Reliability


May 19, 2011 by ProjectLead

PROs - large screen, touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard

CONs - Very poor reliability

I own two of these phones. They are the worst I have ever owned in 15 years of owning cell phones. Loved them when they worked but now both have failed. One replaced 4 times during the 12 months warranty. Issues: turns off by itself, turns off when sending text message, outside screen goes blank or white when receiving a text message. Intermittent operation of the touch screen which has now quit totally on both phones.

Envy Touch


Feb 5, 2011 by ashleyrt

Had this phone for almost a year and a half.
My first touch screen and I was very impressed. The phone is very responsive and never lags. Respectable call quality and overall great signal strength. I am a heavy texter sending on average 1800 messages a month. The battery would easily last three days but I never used the web browser. You can text via the touch screen using T9 or you can use the keyboard. Let me just say the keyboard is the most amazing one I've ever used. It's solid and sturdy. When I upgraded to my first smart phone over Christmas I was very disappointed with the quality of the keyboards available! Ended up going full touch screen. This keyboard spoils you. The camera is great, always took nice pictures for me. I love how much you can personalize LG phones.
The T9 attempts to remember some off the wall words you use while texting. This was just a bad idea since it remembers typos and tries to use them again and again. Contact group sizes were limited to something silly like ten contacts per group. When talking with an automated system like your voice-mail for instance forget relying on the touch screen to give you the dial pad, just open the phone and use the keyboard. Sounds and your personal music cannot be used as ring-tones! The flash is way too bright for close pictures, I just disabled it. Ring-tone volume is very quiet for home-made ring-tones, I suggest just using one that came with the phone, it has a nice selection. After owning the phone for over a year I would have problems with the touch screen going totally white, often I would have to take out the battery/reset it. After getting a software update in the Verizon store it fixed the issue.

Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone that is not looking for a full smart phone. Great job LG!

Great phone for not being a "Smart Phone"


Dec 3, 2010 by Reddevil1876

Great, quality phone for a good price

- great reception/sound quality
- looks cool cosmetically
- screen quality is nice
- Support 16gb memory card
- Awesome keyboard
- Fair battery life
- Decent games for not being a smart phone.

- Heavy, large, bulky
- poor camera, in any lighting pictures look orange
- poor web browser

This is a great phone for anyone that is a heavy texter, and wants a quality, durable phone.

Great phone


Nov 24, 2010 by amdgirl2009

I think this phone is great. I just got it today. I had heard a lot of negative things about it, but I think it's great. I like the touch screen a lot, and I love the full keyboard. The battery life is much better than my old phone, and I think the design is also really nice. the only thing I have to complain about is the sound. I tried to make a call, and I couldn't hear too well, but other than the LG env touch is a great phone.

Worst phone ever


Oct 20, 2010 by brookecoco83

not many
it has great reception thats all i can think of

Cons: i might be here awhile
-well ive had my phone for 1 year
-freezes up when im in the middle of a message
-dosn't have a good battery life
-and now all of a sudden half of my screen is white and its not going away and i did not drop it in water or anything.
-sometimes it wont turn on for awhile

so basicly overall i don't like the env touch!

Not very good


Oct 13, 2010 by unlcuky7

At first I was very impressed with this phones capabilites but now very unhappy. Low batt life even when not using the phone, shuts off on its own an changes the settings. It locks all by itself very inconvienent!!!
great camera
easy to use

low batt life
turns off all the time



Sep 8, 2010 by bsgryffindor

PRO: Nice scanny phone great keyboard and the space bar is where its is sopos to be on a keyboard. Nice case that it is in. Nice picture on video or pix takeing.

CON: Little battery life when u use it to long. Internet drains battery faster.. Battery gets hot when charging it. Ringtones are quiet even on loudest seting so if someone is calling u and u are in a normal sounding area u will NT hear this phone ring. In a quite room yes u will hear it then and only then..

Lg's quality went down since i had my LG1 and I no longer have that one.. I'm thinking of trying a Motorola and gating away from LG...

Thay did great in the beginning but now no good no more...

My First Venture to LG with the enV Touch


Jul 25, 2010 by theroyaltechie

The LG enV Touch is a good phone, although I admit I was reluctant to get it after hearing about how many "lemons" people got.

I decided to go forth anyway and get the phone. I must admit, I was nicely surprised.

Large outer display
Reliable touch screen
Fast messaging

Short battery life (at first)
Not able to teach the T9 any words.

Now, I've found ways around the cons, they just take some time.

To up your battery life, let your phone completely die. Then plug it in until fully charged. If your phone is like mine, it'll give you about 7 hours this first time around. Use it until death. Charge to full. About 12 hours. Repeat one more time. Now you have about 18 hours of battery life, and that's with a lot of texting, calling, and game play behind it (and I still have touchscreen vibrate, vibrate, and ringer on). All you have to do is plug it in at the end of the day and pick it up in the morning.

Now, about the T9. It's pretty good. It knows a lot of words, like any self-respecting T9 should. Although, if you frequent your texts with vulgarity, pervertedness, or your own made up words, you'll have to use ABC mode. Now, the T9 has short-term memory. Say you want to teach it "carry". Go into ABC mode, enter "carry" in. Before you do anything else, switch back to T9 mode then push space. Continue texting.
You can go anywhere from 24-48 hours without using a taught word before it will forget it. So if you use it enough, it'll learn.

Love the phone, only reason it gets a 4.5 is because of it's T9.

Stay Away from THIS Phone!


Jun 15, 2010 by KCnPcola

I initially loved the phone. Six months later and having it replaced 4 times because the touch screen quits working, I would tell everyone to stay away from this phone.

After several friends having the same issues and having it replaced multiple times, I told Verizon that they should recall every one they have sold.

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