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Great Improvement


Jun 10, 2009 by Muadib395

Have had the phone for 2 days now.

This has been a great update to the voyager line.

Bigger, better screen, better call quality, longer battery life better camera (still slow though. Hey it's a camera phone, you want great go to a real camera)

Having had the voyager, it will take me a while to get used to the new location of the space bar (dang that pesky physical memory) but the texting has been great so far. keys have a better "feel" than the older voyager keyboard.

We do not have revision a yet in this area, yet the internet and get it now stuff is loading faster.

I do like the new OTA (over the air) programming that this phone has. It asked for and was given permission to download an update shortly after I left the Verizon store. This is a big improvement over having to take the phone in and wait 45 mins to get the phone updated.

haven't used the video yet, but will update when I get to use it.

The new music player is a lot better (takes some getting used to as I am used to the old player's quirks)

Doesn't have the mobile tv, but oh well. I save 15 bucks off my bill not having it.

now runs youtube mobile without a hitch

internet text is still small, but there is really no way around that as the screen is only 3 inches.

Love how you can pin shortcuts to the main external touch screen. I love this feature.

This phone has lots of great features considering that this is not listed as a smart phone.

The stupid screen protectors from verizon only cover the touch screen. This interferes somewhat with the far right middle of the touch screen.

The speaker for music, video, and speakerphone is still pretty quiet. But what can you do. There is not a lot of room in there for bigger better speakers. To make up for this, the headphone jack (which has the standard headphone jack of 3.5 mm) sounds amazing (especially for those with great phones.

For those people looking for a great texting phone that is not a smart phone, this is the one to get.

LG enV Touch


Jun 6, 2009 by tschmid5

Awesome phone!!! That pretty much sums it up. Only have had it for a little over 24 hours and I can say that Im truly smitten by it. It's got everything. Im a previous owner of the original voyager which was a great phone besides a few things that I wish that it had such as better camera with flash, 3.5mm headset jack with multitasking while listening to your music. The screen resolution on the env touch is breathtaking on the inside screen and out. A couple things that Im not totally satisfied with is that the screen does not automatically lock when making a phone call which could just be a setting that I haven't learned configure yet, also the QWERTY board takes alot of getting used to after owning a voyager for the past year. Other than that, so far so good! This phones got it all. Thanks LG!!

EnV Touch Rocks!!!!


Jun 13, 2009 by gerryrules73

Bye Blackberry. Parting was sweet sorrow and expensive too.

I upgraded to a Blackberry last month and I exchanged this phone last week for this. It was a breath of fresh air. I find it much easier to use & text & e-mail than the BB. Also, I find it much cheaper than than the BB data plan (15.00 as opposed to 30.00)

Here are my pros & cons:

* The touch screen is very easy to use
* It opens up to reveal a QWERTY keyboard even bigger than the BB
* Top notch reception (Even better than the BB)
* Camera is even better than the Blackberry (3.2 Megs as opposed to 2.0)
* Battery life is even better than the BB (I get a good 2-3 days as opposed to 1 on the BB)
* Data plan is much less and is also unlimited (15.00 to 30.00/mo)
* It was technically free after a 70.00 rebate.

* Scrolling down on the external screen is tough and takes a while to get used to.

Other than this con that this phone rocks.

One thing that I suggest is to use the internal screen for texting or internet.

Trust me you will be impressed of the features that this phone has. Like I said, this phone really rocks.



Jun 7, 2009 by mistro1992

Ok so im a 17 year old and all i do is text message. So you can guess that i text alot and my phone has to be good...and this one is IT. I had the enV 2 before this and i was really happy with it, but i could be happier...which is why i got the enV Touch. I got this phone the day it came out and i have been playing with it non stop. Trust me when i say this, its full of suprises. I am extremely satisfied with this phone and im still unvealing the wonders it beholds. The external screen is very accurate and lets you drag items from the shortcut menu onto the desktop...i found that to be pretty damn kool. I would highly recommend this phone to someone that enjoys texting or just enjoys having a piece of highly sophisticated technology. If you find out anything about this phone then let me know.



Jun 7, 2009 by Mary424

WOW! That's the best way to sum it up.

I've had almost every Verizon phone at one point or another. Loved the Env, Env2 was better, Voyager was great but a little on the big side, tried the Dare, got the Versa, really liked the phone itself, but thought it was cheesy with the detachable keyboard.

Anyway...I thought to myself, if they could make a phone that looked like the Versa or the Dare in a slim size only with a regular attached Qwerty like the Env line with the better camera resolution like on the Dare then that would be the perfect phone...well, they did and this is it!

Absolutely love this phone. Great feel, exceptional screen clarity, all the features you could want and more. This is the first phone in awhile that I have been truly excited about and can't put down.



Jun 16, 2009 by brian blackman

I just got this phone yesterday and I am thoroughly impressed with it! The clarity of both internal and external screens leaves all other phones embarassed.The sound clarity is equally impressive and plenty loud and clear.I am blown away by the virtual qwerty keypad on the touchscreen.This phone is awesome!!!

A touch of envy


Jun 20, 2009 by Phone Psycho

Ok let me start by saying this phone is wicked i had the envy 3 didnt like it when the touch came out had to get it so far everything about this phone i love texting is great battery life is good could be better but hey o well thats what a charger is for signal is great reception is great as well un like the envy 3 this phone is gets better signal in some places i would have no bars with the touch i get at least 2 bars so to all u people that r thinking of getting the envy 3 ur missing out trust me LG did a good job on this one no cons at all

EnV touch what a grteat phone


Jun 19, 2009 by DWOJackel

My contracts was comping up and i went on to this site just to read other reviews of phones when i saw this phone. I never went to go check out the phone i just ordered it and it has been great so far. The only con I've found is the screen gets dirty real quick but every touch screen I've seen or played with has done it to so its a flaw with all of them. The speaker is load, menu is set up for quick and easy use, screen is responsive, great color i couldn't have asked for a better phone.

So far... So good.


Jun 6, 2009 by mark929

I don't feel qualified to give you a good review after only 8 hours, but I really like it so far. Signal strength is good. Call quality seems good. I guess the one big thing I'm waiting to see is battery life. Otherwise, this phone has a lot of good features. Unless the battery drains at a ridiculous rate, I can already tell this one is a keeper.

Better, sleeker, worthy upgrade from the Voyager


Aug 29, 2009 by bleu_tropix

When rumors and specs of the EnV Touch began floating around, I didn't think it was much of an update from the Voyager. However, after spending a considerable amount of time reading consistently good reviews, I decided to bequeath my Titanium Voyager to my little brother and upgrade to the EnV Touch. I'm glad I did, because LG took an already good phone and made it great with improved features in a more refined package. I've had my Touch for about 3 weeks now.

- works well as a PHONE, no dropped calls yet
- 2 3" screens with brilliant resolution
- much improved touchscreen functionality over the Voyager, esp scrolling
- obviously, great physical keyboard
- external touch QWERTY
- threaded messaging
- awesome camera, acceptable video recording
- great sounding mp3 player using headphones (has Dolby mobile sound)
- 3mm headphone jack
- doodle pad is a fun little addition
- ability to view docs
- accelerometer works well
- fast data speeds
- form factor is more solid than the Voyager
- sleeker, thinner, minimalist design is welcome
- $99 pricetag (as of 8/09)

- coming from the Voyager, the different placement of the 'space bar' and 'sym' keys are difficult to get used to
- unable to use speakerphone with flip closed
- lack of free, usable apps (VZW's fault)
- only 2 UI themes, both fairly ugly
- battery life could be a lot better, hopefully they'll fix this with a software update soon; I'm only getting 2-3 days of battery life with reasonable use

So if you're looking for a great combination of the Dare, EnV2/3 and Voyager wrapped into one package...this is it, go get one!

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