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LG enV Touch VX-11000


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A Samsung to LG convert...


Aug 25, 2009 by ScreamingDasies

en V Touch GREAT overall phone/camera/mp3 player/ doodle pad/ pda without having to pay for all the extra service stuff!!!

Large outer display
read messages from the outside
high quality camera
loud ringers
QWERTY keypad
T9 and QWERTY from front
high quality touch screen
touch vibrate customizable
easy for large fingers
flash for camera
many camera options
photo editor
send many slides in a MMS
Games can be played on touch screen
I've had it about a month now, and still find new things pretty regularly!!!

Battery life not as long as I'd like
(BUT I am a HEAVY texter a few hundred a day)
no warning of software upgrade
MUCH larger than any other phone I've had and its taking some getting used to.

Great Phone. Definately Recommend.


Aug 4, 2009 by BlakeWilliam12

I've had this phone for two days. Its a really great phone the touch screen is clear and displays things great. The qwerty keyboard is great for messaging. The 3.2 megapixel camera is great for photos, despite the fact i don't take a lot of photos. The only problem with this phone is the battery life. If your a heavy texter or heavy talker (which i am both) you need to have a charger handy.

- Touch screen is great.
- Touch screen locks so no pocket dialing.
- Qwerty keyboard is great for texting.
- Camera takes amazing pictures.
- Internet works well.
- Internal screen is big and has a great display.

- Battery life isn't that great. Texting non-stop for an hour and talking for a couple hours will definitely drain the battery. But standby time is great, as long as you don't keep the screen on.

This phone is great for anyone who is tech savvy and likes to text.

LG's best phone ever!


Jul 9, 2009 by GaryClark

The EnV Touch is by far the best phone that LG has ever produced. I love LGs and this one tops them all. The touch screen is extremely responsive, the camera is excellent. For being a 3G full HTML browsing VCast phone the battery life is incredible! It is at least double the battery life of the Voyager. It's a little smaller than the Voyager so the size is great too.
-Small size for texting phone.
-Great battery life
-Extremely responsive touch screen
-Customizable home screen
-Very User Friendly
The charging cable could be longer



Jul 4, 2009 by Foxymomli

I am having so much fun with my ENV Touch...I bought it on line last Saturday. One of the reviewers said the ENV Touch used the same charger as the Voyager, which was my previous phone. This was a big reason I bought the ENV touch. When the phone arrived,I was quite upset, it uses a totally different charger.Somehow I had the bright idea of trying my bluetooth charger cords with the ENV Touch. I use the Motorola H15 ear piece, and the Jabra Speakerphone SP700, they all fit the ENV Touch!!!Wow talk about miracles.To me the most important charger is the USB...with only one outlet in a hotel room, you can charge up to 6 accessories on your computer.
A great new feature is in pictures, it now has a zoom, it blows up all your saved pictures for external and internal wallpaper, and your contacts.You should see my external wallpaper of my daughter playing GYPSY at Binghamton University, it is eye catching!!! A new feature I am intrigued with is,now you can record sounds, and set them immediately as your contact ID'S. With the Voyager I had to send it to my phone in an email, and create a ringtone.I never used the touch screen on the Voyager to send texts, but with the ENV you turn the phone sideways and a whole keyboard is in touch on the front,so now you get 2 full keyboards!!!
Now the cons: The Speaker phone shuts off after 1 minute of inactivity. I haven't found yet how to correct that. Another con is when you record a sound one of the things to set it as...is a ringtone. I called Verizon I couldn't find the ringtones, I thought my phone was defective. Verizon explained, it just defaults to the current phone ring tone.So you still have to email your sounds to your phone for ringtones. The space key is a big CON it is stuck in the middle of no where...they definitely got this WRONG!! LG what were you thinking!!!! Still no external speaker phone!!!
I never thought i would give up my Voyager..but the ENV TOUCH captured my heart... I am so glad I switched!!!

Wow great Verizon phone!


Jul 2, 2009 by bob1xxx

Pros: great screen, excellent signal strength, big beautiful Qwerty keyboard, evdo rev a, mass storage device (easy upload and download of pictures, wallpapers, music, ringtones, etc....) decent camera, verizon navigator kick arse, great bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm headphone jack,... great fun multimedia phone.

Cons: decent battery life I charge my phone every other day reguardless not a huge issue for me , but the extended battery is a viable not too bulky option (look around for discount codes). Its a large phone not a issue for me 6'4' 300 but for others the lg evn 3 is a great option similar features more compact package.

Got this for my ne2 renewal and so far I love this phone. Honestly I think in the last 9 years Ive sent about a total of 120 text messages (hate texting on 10 key and t9 has been crap on every phone Ive had) , I think Ive sent that in the last two weeks texting and emailing are a breeze on this phone, receiption is better or as good as my old z6tv. Everything is quick on this phone . But its not a treo or crackberry replacement if you need a corp phone with push email etc... get thoses. But for me this is excellent multimedia phone at a great prices on verizon well built out 3g network

excellent multi-purpose device


Jun 28, 2009 by ra1238

LG hit a home run with this device

1)Excellent voice quality and
connectivity. Works in areas where
other LG's were iffy.
2)Much improved touch screen. With a
little practice it is very useful even
for texting but most will find the
the incredible inside keyboard much
better for texting.
3)The camera is no longer a cute gadget
but a very usefull high quality camera
with many adjustments and good flash.
4)Typically easy to use and practical LG
5)The browser is also much improved w/
a very easy to use zoom feature.
This is the fourth LG phone I've had including the Voyager and this is by far the best. This is a top notch very well conceived top of the line cell phone. I will recommend this phone to anyone who does not need access to E-mail attachments on his/her cell phone

1) The only thing preventing a full five
stars is battery life. The advertised
4+ hrs of talk time is closer to 2+
hours. I have gone to the extended
life battery which has proved a very
worthwhile expense. Sill waiting for
LG and or Verizon to provide for
access to E-mail attachments.

Best cell in every carrier


Jun 26, 2009 by babyface77

This phone has it all look nice pics the internet is super fast. The only thing that i did not like that much was the sound the music is not as low as my voyager, but that is nothing it has a nice design nice for texting. There is no better cell out there than this one this one combines ipod blackberry and much more i love ittttttt



Jun 25, 2009 by TechieGirl

I got this phone a few days ago and cannot put it down! It's incredible and extremely high tech. Here's a list of pro's and con's.
~Outstanding camera (you can even edit pictures and you have many different options)
~movable shortcut widgets
~drawing pad is fun
~touch screen is very responsive without being way too sensitive or way too un-sensitive.
~has full keyboard on both the touch screen and the regular one
~can record sounds for a whole hour!
~can put in iPod speakers
~and download stuff from computer or download things onto computer
~has GPS, games, music, etc.
~nice design both internally and externally
~just plain outstanding

~battery life too short for me (of course, I'm a very heavy texter)
~charger wire kind of short, it get's annoying sometimes
~Compared to my other phones, I would consider this 1 a bit chunky, but it's not heavy and it still fits in my hand and pockets, so it doesn't bother me.

It's overall an outstanding phone, but is still sleek and high-tech without being a smart-phone. I love it!

Amazing phone...When you get a good one


Jun 25, 2009 by GuyinLACA

Truth be told, it took me 4 tries to find an EnV Touch free of defects. The first one had a rebooting problem, the Bluetooth on the second one would not work properly, the third had an annoying buzzing feedback in the earpiece. I am going to assume that these flaws were just a bad first batch, and review the phone based on the phone when everything works as it should:

-Excellent sound quality, loud earpiece
-Fast, responsive touch screen
-Above average reception
-Touch screen qwerty to type out messages when closed
-More stylish than the Voyager it replaces
-Great customization options
-Abundance of shortcuts to allow 1-2 touch access to items
-Threaded messages (messages sorted by contact) allow you to keep track of an ongoing conversation.
-The Blue Inspiration theme gives you quick main menu access to items that were buried deep on the Voyager
-MicroUSB charging/data port (new standard for LG/Motorola and others.)
-Good choice of stock ringtones
-3 MP Camera with flash is a huge step up from the Voyager
-Battery life is USUALLY good if you live in a strong signal area

-Build Quality is inconsistent ranging from very good to completely flimsy and creaky, ask to see 2 of them before accepting the phone.
-Due to speaker placement, ringtones are completely muffled in a pocket or pouch
-External screen is dimmer than the internal screen, probably a power saving item.
-Scrolling isn't as smooth as other phones due to the pressure response screen. iPhone and Krave are capacitive which make scrolling easier
-Poorly mounted D-pad seems to be a common complaint amongst most users. Some are ok, others are frustrating to use.

Overall, this phone is a keeper. Yes it took a few tries to get a good one, but with the features it offers, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. It is a worthy upgrade from the Voyager.

Best Phone I've Ever Owned


Jun 25, 2009 by eenewgen

I love this phone. If at all possible you should try and get one. Now that I've used it I would be willing to pay full price to get it.

Screen size (3")
Screen quality (800x480)
Camera (3+MP)
Video (VGA)
Music Player (Equalizer, play list, Dolby)
Touch Screen (First I've used and love it! Wouldn't want to go back to standard phone)
- Scroll through pictures
- Auto position photo (when you turn phone sideways)
Fast access to memory (pictures, video, etc.)
Sound quality
Signal quality
Qwerty keyboard

Vibrate is weak
Ringer volume not as loud as I would like
Delay when snapping picture

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