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LG enV Touch VX-11000


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Wow! I now have Env. :-)


Jun 16, 2009 by Roddy227

Okay all, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a phone, but when my storm died, I decided to, rather than using my upgrade, bought a totally new device. The guy at the verizon store in Salt Lake advised me to try the Env touch, and it was worth every penny! This phone is amazing!

-Voyager Styling and flexibility
-Has the full qwerty keypad, unlike the dare
-Battery life on mine is exceptional so far
-Thinner than the voyager, and just as flashy.
-Visual Voicemail UI has been improved

-As someone earlier mentioned, the charger cord is rather small. It makes me glad LG's chargers will fit other models. I'm using the one from my old Voyager.

Voyager + enV + Dare = enV Touch... Who needs an iPhone?


Jun 9, 2009 by dollface219

I switch out phones about every 6 months (I give my dad my old ones & he jokes that he doesn't need to wait for his Verizon upgrade for a new phone since my "upgrades" come sooner), I'm 22, a textaholic, & have a high cell standards.

I've been searching and waiting and wishing and trying to figure out how to get the blasted iPhone since it was released! Left helpless and unsatisfied, I got the Voyager in December 2007, the Samsung Glyde in September 2008 (DO NOT GET!!!!!!), the LG Dare in October 2008, and finally the enV Touch yesterday.


It's NOT a smart phone. But I don't want to pay $40-60 for a data package anyway. What is new for this non-smart phone, is the enV Touch has a document viewer. You can't edit MSO and PDF docs with the phone, but you can see them. Nifty. Don't know how much I'll use this though lol.

For only having the phone for less than 24 hours, I'm already in love.

The enV Touch has EVERYTHING that I was hoping for (and that was lacking) in the Voyager and Dare.

The Voyager was big and bulky and the ringtones were too soft. The Dare was compact and slim, but it seemed as though you had to scroll forever to look up contacts and the "handy" alphabet menu at the top was difficult to use. I looked at the enV when it was released, but the screen was too small, the buttons too small... and it looked like a flattened hot dog. I checked out the enV 2 but the external screen was also too small for my preference.

The enV Touch allows you to type in contact names for messaging. The phone is smaller and thinner than the Voyager and the sound is amazing. The touch responsiveness is seamless (resembles the Dare) and it looks frickin amazing!

Definitely a great phone for those of you who are major texters, love the touch interfaces, like music on the go, love a BIG display screen, and dislike bulky phones.

I don't use the phone for Internet or e-mail (I'm too cheap lol) so I'm not sure how it works with those features.

Best phone yet!


Jun 20, 2009 by Textaholic09

Let me start off by saying that I've only owned LG cell phones and I've had many of them. 3 enV's, 3 Venus', and 3 enV2's. I traded in the 3rd enV2 for the enV Touch and I absolutely LOVE it. I've had the phone for over 24 hours now and I haven't put it down since! I was weary about getting this phone at first because touchscreens can be sketchy, but it won my heart and I'm glad that it did.
PRO's: *Bright, beautiful, accurate, responsive 3 inch touch screen.
*Big, beautiful 3 inch internal screen.
*3.2 MP camera WITH flash and tons of other great features.
*3.5 mm headphone jack
*Great music player that can multi-task (I can text and navigate menus while listening to music).
*Very accurate voice dialing.
*Very customizable with the drag-and-drop widgets and the shortcut menu (which you can also make your own).
*Option of using T9, standard, virtual keyboard, pen (trace the letter with your finger and the phone recognizes it and plugs it into your message), or the internal QWERTY keyboard that has a great new layout!
*Threaded messaging (absolutely wonderful!)
*The option to set Favorites from your contacts is really great and makes for faster calling and messaging!
*You can do everything on the touchscreen, or flip the phone open and complete tasks.
*Holds up to a 16 GB memory card in the microSD slot.
*The option to set your sounds as ringtones.
*The touchscreen lock to save battery life and the light sensor to save battery life while talking (brilliant!).
*Call quality is amazing.

CON's: *Only thing I have is the battery life. It's not bad, but it's not as good as what you'd expect from such a high-end phone. It's great if all you do is texting and what not, and it's just okay for talking.

All in all, I gave this phone 5 stars because it deserves it. This is as feature-packed as a phone can get without being a smart phone. I'm thoroughly impressed with it, it's like the Dare, Versa, Voyager, and the enV all in one. I definitely recommend this

The enV touch is the best phone i have ever owned!


Aug 5, 2009 by ilovetotext_alot


okay so i have owned this phone for almost a week i think? by far this is the best phone i have ever had. i am a very heavy texter, so i pretty much need a keyboard on my phone. I have never owned a touch-screen, and i have always wanted to have one. and this phone has BOTH! :)

-full keyboard
-touch-screen on front of phone
-EXCELLENT 3.2 m.p. camera
-excellent sound quality
-decent battery life for the amount of texting/talking/internet i do
-user friendly/non-confusing menu
-a headphone jack that fits ipod headphones
-a mirco SD slot for memory card
-sleek look
-large, bright, colorful, clear screen
-photoshop/editing on the phone itself
-flash for camera
-fast and easy to use internet
-auto lock (so there's no butt dialing) :-D
-very fun drawing pad on touch-screen
-shortcuts to internet sites (like myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.)
-free instant messenger (A.I.M, yahoo, etc.)
-the phone fits in your hand and pocket perfectly

i could go on and on about the PROs :)

-very short battery charging cord
-the touch-screen gets finger prints all over it
-when you talk on the phone, the oils from your hair and face make the external screen look nasty.

but overall it is a fantastic phone. i would recommend this phone to almost everyone. if you are on verizon get this phone! i highly doubt you will be unsatisfied :-)

Best phone so far!!


Jun 12, 2009 by katirrose

I’ve had this phone for 3 days now, and I couldn’t be happier! I came upon it by a stroke of luck (after 5 malfunctioning voyagers, Verizon was kind enough to upgrade me FOR FREE :-D !!!) and I’m totally in love. It surpasses all the other phones I’ve had in the past year -the enV, enV2, The Blitz, and the Voyager- and continues to impress me every time I figure something else out it can do!

Sorry if this is a bit long, but I hope it’s helpful!

The pros and cons

-The touch screen and its ease of use. The voyagers touch screen is neurotic compared to the env touch. It knows when I want to scroll, and when I want to select something and doesn’t misread what my fingers are trying to do.
-The camera. 3.2mp for the win. And flash! Also comes with photo editing options.
-Clear sound quality (speakers and call clarity)
-One touch button on front links to your favorite contacts
-QWERTY keyboard, duh.
-I think the sound the decent, and fairly loud even though I know there have been some complaints about it
-Internet on this phone is fairly easy to use
-The drawing pad is like a baby MS Paint. I like it.
-You can click and drag shortcuts to the main screen
-The size! Fits perfectly in my hand.

-Flash causes blurry pictures and over exposes the picture.
-Battery could be better; I’m usually at one bar by the end of the day.
-Games? Most of the Get It Now Verizon games aren’t available on this phone. Maybe they will be in the future? There are some available now, but not the ones I want L
-The battery randomly fell out of the phone twice already, once in my pocket, once while I was making a call.
-The wire that comes with the charger is really short.

That’s all I have so far :-)

Overall, I would recommend this phone. Its not an iPhone, but I do think it brings Verizon one step closer to the competition!

Good phone??


Sep 1, 2009 by carsonsdad

I actually enjoy this phone overall. I really like the touch screen feature, the clarity of my calls, and the clarity of my photos and videos. I also like the auto reply section for text messages. Texting on this phone is really easy and fun.

The battery life is a challenge especially if I am using the VZ Navigator. I think most cell phones are this way. The ring tones are not very loud even with the volume on the highest setting.

My biggest complaint at this time is when my phone is on lock mode or the phone on standby and someone either calls or text messages me, my phone does not ring. I have to keep the phone on ring and vibrate. Occasionally it will ring correctly. I exchanged the phone at the Verizon store and a day later this same thing started happening again. The tech's at the store are unsure why this is happening. So for now, I have to keep checking my phone to see if someone called or sent a text unless I hear the phone vibrate.

Other than that, this phone is great! I will be doing another exchange in hopes in finding this phone work correctly in all phases.

Very nice phone.


Aug 21, 2009 by myphones1

I have carried the ENV, Dare, ENV2 & now the ENV Touch. (Carried for 2 mos. now) I must say, this is my favorite phone so far. I still think I prefer buttons on ENV2 for dialing phone #s (I have never been a fan of touch screen b/c I have to look a the screen to dial instead of being able to multi-task & dial by the feel of the buttons).

This phone is kind of the Dare & ENV2 combined (but better).

-Full html browser
-Drawing pad :)
-Notepad handy
-Calendar easy to use
-Camera is pretty good for a phone
-Different ringtones pre-loaded
-Loud speakers
-A few games to try out (must purchase for full access)... Need for speed is pretty cool.
-Works with 3.5 mm headsets (although all my headsets with speaking capabilities are 2.5mm from previous phones)
-Charging cord can also be used to sync on computer (Although I do not believe my bitpim software has added this phone yet)
-No software glitches or problems so far.
-Dropped my phone (with no case) several times & it still works fine.
-QWERTY keyboard a must for texting.
-Shortcuts to Facebook, etc.
-Photo editing on the phone.

- Battery life short (usually makes it through 1 day though)
- Short Charging cord
- Reception on my ENV2 was only slightly better
- Small space bar (not a big deal)
-speaker phone only works when phone is opened.
- Not a lot of games yet available for purchase.

Great Touch Screen, Some Minor Issues


Aug 4, 2009 by jetaudio77


I originally had the ENV before moving to the ENV Touch. The newer envs weren't for me and I prefer having a larger more bulkier phone since I tend to abuse them. At any rate here are the pros and cons:


HTML Browser
Excellent Touch Screen
Qwerty Keyboard with nice shortcut keys
Large Internal/Outside Screen Size
Viewing Messages By Contact
Corporate Email
Shortcuts for Front Screen

Fair Battery Life
Very difficult to dial numbers while in the middle of calls (checking voicemail, paying bills is a major pain)

To deal with the battery life issue I would recommend locking the phone manually before putting it into your pocket or purse. It is a good phone overall and I'm hoping some software updates fix the only existing issues I have with the phone.

Heavy Data & Media User


Jun 20, 2009 by jcsj6776

Ok First, nice touch screen better then the Dare or the Voyager. Sorry, I won't compare a smart phone touch screen to a HTML phone touch screen. Not Fair, only HTML today. Over all on the browsing, its easier with the mouse with the Q board. My finger types fast with the T9 and I miss spell words with the touch screen so I can say I prefer the internal key board now however, this is my second phone with a keyboard. My first phone Q Board was the original LG V before they came out with Env.
Ok my reason for creating this review was the issue with battery life. I'm only getting about 4 to 4.5 hours of play time. I call play time not usage time because I love watching movies, browse the web, listen to my music. That is without using my Bluetooth s9 stereo

enV Touch Experience


Jun 18, 2009 by scallamander

Feels substantial, like there's really some power under the hood.

Camera is great. Flash seemed ok, I mean what do you expect from a camera phone, its not going to be as good as your digital camera. Although 3.2 megapixels gets you some decent resolution!

Outside / Inside screen resolution is awesome.

Haven't had any trouble with missed keys on touch screen, or using Qwerty keyboard.

Verizon Backup Assistant didn't get all my numbers, but there may be a limit (I backed up / restored 175) Had to add a bunch of contacts back in manually, but that doesn't take away from the phone.

First thing after number import was download Oregon Trail. That takes me back to the days of Apple IIe's in 6th/7th grade computer club.

Phone definitely needs some protection for the outside screen.

Haven't had any trouble 'hearing' the speakers which are inside the clamshell.

Battery life seems real good so far.

Initial charge only took 15-20 minutes.

Looking forward to getting the 16GB micro SD card, some good headphones, seting up the bluetooth in the car, voice dialing, etc.

Phone seems to be setup fairly well in terms of menus and application access.

Love the phone. Verizon had a nice deal to, buy two, get first for $99, second for $49.

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