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This Phone Sucks


Aug 23, 2006 by DeadlyPass

I got this phone and it got really bad the first time I got it. It had dust from the inside. And it never charged right. Also on the side it was broken. And all that happened because all of one drop. So I recommend that you don't get this phone.

RAZR as music player, etc.


Jul 7, 2006 by pepsifreak

Can someone please explain to me why ANYONE would want to use up their phone's battery life so that they can listen to music?

It's a phone! You talk to people on it.

Anyone who's owned one realizes that the RAZR is delicate and the battery life isn't worth writing home about. So I find it laughable that people would be so dim witted as to use their phone as a music player at the gym. If you drop it, it's history and oh no all your tunes are gone. Shame, shame.

Ever heard of an iPod?



May 29, 2008 by braudere

iTap texting is easy to use
keypad looked awesome
micro-sd slot

Vids only 15 sec long
camera always froze up
battery life BAD
reception bad

OVERALL: I had 3 of these!
they all broke exept the last one my contract finally ended and i got the New RAZR2 V9M from US CELLUAR..

and i love the new phone.. so so so much better!! way to go Motorola!!

get the Razr2 not the normal Razr!

Ok, heres how it REALLY works


May 2, 2008 by dajanra

Alright, I have some useful information to pass on. I feel it might be helpful in making a phone choice.
First off, the V3C RAZR is not a RAZR from a different company than the V3M. It is basically a predecessor for the V3M. Just like the "V" was before the "EnV" and that was before the "En2". Or the lg8500 (chocolate) came before the lg8550 (also a chocolate)
Second, you cannot take a phone from att, and go to verizon. Or take a phone from Verizon and use on with Cingular. You may be able to take you number, but you cant take the phone. You will have to buy another. The reasons for this are rather technical, but basically, it would be like plugging a US hairdryer into a British electric socket. First of all it wont fit, and secondly, if it did, the current is different. The phone just cant work with another carrier as its network.
Now, there are two main reasons a new phone is released. 1) New technology is available. 2) (and the main reason) there was a problem with the original and it is easier to release a slightly updated phone. THIS is the reason the V3M exists. The V3C had many bugs (a consequence of having to rush the release) and they have been mostly fixed in the "M". These include the defective battery, the white screen and a few other isolated problems we wont go into here.
All that being said. I have a V3M and have had no real problems with it (since I expect it to act like a phone and not a mini computer center). The phone is sleek, but large enough I don't need a mag glass to see what I'm doing. The camera is great considering its a phone. I love the screen colors and it has far more features then I'll ever use.
I hope my rambling has helped alittle. IF you need any more info, let me know and I'll do my best to provide.

Razr V3


Apr 10, 2008 by SarahLuvsJames

When I first got this phone I was estatic. But sadly it really changed when I first started having problems with my phone. It would occasionally freeze, and I would have to take out my battery and it was just mostly a hassle. Also I had problems with it being slow and just a number of problems such as texting. I am an avid texter but the English would switch to spanish..im not the only one who has had this problem. Also my text format would not remember words. But anyway those were my biggest problems with the phone and here are more pros and cons

Had a very cool, Sweet design..easily fits in pocket.
Pretty nice games, I have guitar hero and tetris
Ringtones work okay

The keypad on the phone was too close..i kept pushing the wrong buttons by accident.
Again the Freezing and slow responsivness
Texting was very poor
Battery life would only last a day to two days at most.
Reception-but that maybe because of my service
Not very durable, easily scratches and breaks
Camera was okay. But its a phone so I wasnt expecting much.

Compared to my last phones, this phone is pretty crappy.
I really would not suggest this phone to others just because this is my second Razr, my first one broke. If you just want a cheap phone that works-then this is the phone for you. But i highly suggest against this phone if you are looking for a quality phone that works well.

Going on the fourth one in less than a year!!!


Apr 8, 2008 by broken_warrior

Overall, It's a sleek and stylish looking phone and I had no battery life issues (up till now, almost 1 year later) but it has some flaws.

Just in general I had some issues with sending messages when I had all bars. It would tell me it couldn't be sent at the time.
It wouldn't always display missed calls, sometimes and sometimes not, hit or miss.

About five months ago, my first phone (original) started having issues. The outside LCD would flip, invert, and sometimes wouldn't even work, so I brought it into Alltel and they sent me a new one.

I got the replacement and it had a bump on the keypad and the 3 key would stick but I put this aside and dealt with it. Three months later the screen started doing the same thing, and the blue-tooth crapped out on me to. So one week ago I brought it in and they sent me another replacement.

I got that one on Thursday and the speaker cracked when in the MP3 player and I also noticed that the inside LCD had what looked like a water spot/bubble underneath he screen. Brought it in and they termed it "bleeding" of the screen and are now express shipping me yet another replacement!!!

If this one has any issues I get to pick a new model, so props to Alltel on that, they treat us MUCH better than Sprint ever did.

IMO- don't get this phone, with my issues on top of other issues I've heard people have with this phone it's not worth all the trouble. Plus I've heard Samsung now has a learning dictionary, manual, but still an improvement on the past.

Hope this helped, and honestly 1 star is being really nice :)

Good, but not the best


Apr 2, 2008 by Phone Freek

I have this phone on Sprint's network, and all I can say about this pjone is that the features just suck hard. The battery's OK, and I have excellent reception, but the overall features are Horrible.

razr is ok if u "dont care about having service"


Mar 11, 2008 by tony3k

i had the razr for a year but not because i wanted it.. only because i broke my blackberry. but the phone does not hold a charge. the phone always pauses when a call comes thru. but on the other hand phone is good for a music player as well as a paper weight

pure wast of plastic


Mar 6, 2008 by FDPDED

it made calls, most of the time. thats all I can say about it that is not negative.

had this phone for almost a year. had it replaced twice. all problems existed in each model I had.

-buttons almost never worked.
-camera was horrible.
-external screen died.
-I kept it in my front pocket, volume maxed and vibrate on, almost always missed calls.
-had to have a charger everywhere I went. battery lasted max 1.5 hrs of talking time. and that is a generous number.
-phone book was not real usable.
-charger chord had to be "wiggled" to register and charge sometimes.

I could go on, but I think most people agree this is a bad phone.



Mar 4, 2008 by JAGon09

i agree with tex71. i had red razr from sprint. worst experience of my life. everything he had wrong i did too and then some. like pushing a number and getting three or four other numbers i didn't even want. hard to txt this way too. the only thing not easily breakable on this phone is the body. i have gotten so mad at it from the constant freezing i have slammed it on concrete. and the lag is like tying to measure the distance from Texas to new york with a ruler that is half an inch long. i had it bout same time frame and exchanged or should i say received a muziq as a replacement after i threatened to quit. lol.

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