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Mar 4, 2008 by tex71

Got this phone through Sprint, it worked fine for the 1st couple of months but replaced it with the LG Muziq after 11 months. I only kept it that long because I really liked the style, but what good is a pretty phone if it doesn't work?

- Nice looking, exterior & interior.
- Great resistance, dropped it so many times & not a single scratch!

- Low battery life
- Very slow, takes forever to access contact information, open pictures from memory cd & not to mention the web.
- Freezes too much, too many blank screens.
This was the most frustrating issue, when trying to make a call, many times it'd just read "connecting" on the display screen, but would completely freeze, ended up having to turn it off ...Thank goodness I never had to call 911 while owning it lol!
- No flash on camera & only allows u 2 take short videos.
-Ringtones I downloaded from non-Sprint websites reset, they won't work after a while.
...I could go on with the Cons, but I already made this too long (sorry). Bottom line is that I don't recommend this phone, at least not through Sprint since they don't help you, it took me almost a year to get something done about it.



Jan 26, 2008 by mslili816

I'm with Sprint, and when they launched the Motorazr V3m I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.....Now I wish I didn't. I paid full price for this phone and that was the biggest mistake. This phone's software is VERY SLOW, and it freezes up constantly. The graphics and ringtones DO NOT work on the phone over half the time. I thought it was just my phone, took it to have it serviced, they said nothing was wrong. I also have friends that own Sprint's version and their phones do the same thing. NOT GOOD IF YOU ARE A TEXTER! Big lag time waiting on texts to come up or even receive. Sprint takes all the features in this phone and replaces them with their own, so the graphics are boring, signal strength and battery life sucks. The only good thing I have to say about this phone is the camera is not all that bad, it takes fair pictures for it's mega pixel. But believe you me, if you are a Sprint customer and considering buying this phone, DON'T! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!

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Jan 24, 2008 by Incnway5   updated Sep 21, 2015

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Use your phone alot? DONT GET THIS PHONE!!!


Jan 21, 2008 by www

I dont own a razr but my best friend does for verizon wireless. It sucks!! It takes forever to manuver around and load and send things cause its SOOO slow. It takes pictures bad and its not loud enough. This phone is alright if you use a phone to call and talk here and there but if you dwnload music, send and recieve pics and videos and just use your phone to the max in general, this is not the phone for you. The thin design is cool but it dont work right. My friends razr would drop out of the network on and off and it would die even if it was just sitin and not bein used.I own a Lg VX8300 which freaking rocks!! Ive had 3 motorolas befor that were 3-5 years old, The T720 and the V265 and they where crap when my parents first bought them. I used the t720 for 2 months and it broke, My first v265 for 2 and a half months till it went blank and the second v265 for 1 month which it still works.I was soo happy when verizon said i could get a new phone.

PROS: Thin, big screen, most popular phone for 4 years strait

CONS: Bad battery life,Bad reception, drops out of network, cheap and crapy,takes bad pictures and only takes 15 second videos, SLOW!!!!!! Fragile!!!!

If you get this phone,GET PHONE INSURENCE!!!

Dont think you can lie to motorola and say it malfuntioned when it didnt so you can get a new one, i tryed that with my friend and dad and they wont do anything cause they know its crappy

If your the victim of a crappy motorola, get an LG!!

They durable and i have proof backed behind it

My uncle owns a farm and he always gets lgs cause hes put them though heck and they all still work

Sry motorola buffs

they suck

Great Phone


Jan 18, 2008 by msmith1991

This is a great phone that i had flashed to CricKet from Verizon.

awesome keypad
big bright screen

camera app sucks

Motorola should have went wild with this phone.
considering its 1 of the most popular phone out.
but its just like an average moto phone its just thin...

Verizon RAZR


Jan 11, 2008 by jewels_gurl

I got the RAZR last year, at first I loved it bu then it started having serious problems. Like it would freeze almost every time i opened the phone. My pictures stopped loading and I didn't have alot of pictures at all.


- Cool Design. I loved the Thinness I could slide it any pocket, even in my tightest jeans.

- Descent Camera. My pictures were never fuzzy, usually clear.


- Freezes alot. My Razr would freeze all the time, sometimes just randomly.

- Slow at accessing stuff. The razr is so slow. It took the phone 3 or 4 seconds just to load the Verizon Menu, even longer to load pictures.

- Battery life. It was almost as bad as my current "Chocolate's" battery life.

- Screen goes blank alot. White screen of death.

I traded the RAZR, in for the new Chocolate and have yet been able to find a descent phone with Verizon. I thought about the EnV.



Jan 1, 2008 by jjforeverl

this phone sux because it is SO SLOW
apps take foreverl to load, and there is a like 5 second delay on every button

If its through SPRINT don't buy it


Dec 17, 2007 by squintz55

I bought this phone through Sprint because my family had the same phone through Verizon and liked it. It sucks through Sprint.

Ringer is loud
The menu is hard to get around.
The phone locks up when you are doing one thing and a call or text comes in.
The camera is not great.
Picture mail and web viewing take forever.

If I would have known this I would have saved a few Hundred dollars.

I Hate This Phone!


Dec 12, 2007 by ronigirl

I had this phone for two weeks before it started to malfunction. The screen would always go blank in the middle of a text message and it would just automatically reboot itself. My overall rating on this phone is 0 if I could rate it a negative number I would.

A piece of Sh**


Dec 8, 2007 by jbissel

The phone has no pros it is the worst phone ever
Even other carriers razors are better than this one
Cons the battery dies with one 30 minute phone call
the phone has a terrible lag time with doing every thing every time you try to text or open one you have to wait a amout of time just for to open
The worst thing about it is the service you can not get service anywhere with expecially on a college campus

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