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LG VX-8300


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LG VX-8300


Apr 6, 2010 by LindyMichelleTullos

i've actually had this phone for quite some time now almost two years

pro's- the sound quality of the ringtones are perfect

pictures turn out awesome

texting is easy

battery life is amazing

believe the other reviews when they say this phone can really take a beating

if the phone is on too long it restarts in the middle of what your doing

only limited amount of space for text messages to come through

when you use the camera it makes a really annoying buzzing noise

after a while depending on how long you have had the phone for the battery life starts to get limited so you have to keep charging it like every other hour.

if this is your first time phone i would recommend it most def!

LX/VX 8300


Oct 3, 2009 by Mark_S

Everything but the bulky size and the external antenna is perfect on this phone. No other 8000 series phone by LG comes close. I prefer the LG's in the 6000 series because they are slightly lower-end and do essentially the same job when it comes to texting and making and receiving calls. You want EV-DO, blue-tooth, and higher battery-drain from fancier displays, go with the 8000 series.

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durable phone


Sep 1, 2009 by narn3049

I give this phone a 3.5 because it was durable. The phone was cool, and I got the new Boulder to replace it (since replaced that as well, and this phone has stood up well.

The phone has been thrown at walls, it even was drowned in a cannoeing tipover and it still works, occasionally the screen would have lines in it and you couldnt see any thing you'd take out the battery and it would still work, despite all of that damage the phone has still worked and the battery is still ok, I have had 3 of these. This was the first one. The second one got thrown and smashed off the side of the phone i mean like the speaker on the side and smashed the screen, oh and it was not me that threw it, it was a grrrrrrrrrrrrr to halo, because my friend threw it, it had also gotten water spilled on it and worked.

third one i barely had for a week and it fell into water, i was emptying the dehimedifere and the phone dropped and the water was down, phone constantly said car kit mode, and i have to switch from it to the lg 3200 and then to the boulder. That last one even after drying didnt work,

The good features were the music buttons and the video camera. good phone.

I Loved It


Aug 15, 2009 by tyleronidol

It is a great phone, it is still very sleek and new looking. I don't have it anymore, but I owned it for 2 years and it was excellent.


Great Call Quality
Good picture quality
Comfortable Key shape
Music Plays Great
Good battery life

Bluetooth will drain it fast
Internet browser is limited

Excellent Phone


Jun 16, 2009 by MJSNY

This is probably the best phone I have had. Still kicking after close to 3 years. Still works great. Did buy a new battery for it. Excellent speaker phone, stereo sound. All the phones that came out to replace this model (8350 and such) don't even come close to this one, other than getting rid of the antenna and dropping some weight to it.

Speaker Phone
Excellent call Quality

Non for the year that it came out.

Nice at first, but slowly fading


Dec 9, 2008 by princess1

I loved this phone when my husband first picked it for me. It worked great and all was well. Memory chip held lots of pictures and it was nice. Then recently my battery started messing up. Shutting off for no reason. Now his is doing the same, and they say the battery is "swelling" and the warranty is up. So I really only recommend this phone if you have a good battery supply or look forward to buying one. other than the battery, I think the phone is one of the best I have had.

Verizon's best


Oct 30, 2008 by rossfordwoman

I am on my third VX8300, but only because I love them! I opted for another one when my upgrade was available because I didn't want to "learn" a new phone, but this sucker is invincible! One of my old ones went to my son and survived his teenaged abuse until he lost it. It was the only phone he didn't actually destroy somehow. My husband would still have my other old one if it weren't at the bottom of a lake! We are hard on phones and those flimsy RAZR-types can't hold a candle to the 8300.

Few dropped calls ever
Good size, fit for pocket, hand, face
Caller-specific ringtones and picture ID
Set message sounds or recordings as ringtones - save MONEY!
Lasts forever it seems like
Ring-vibrate option
SD card compatible
T9 Word

Buttons on outside of phone get pushed when pocketed, but if you don't use MP3, this isn't a big deal
Fragile cover over camera lens--if you hit it just right it will break, though this is rare
I have noticed I'm not able to store as many messages in my phone as my friends, so maybe the internal memory is limited, but I never bought an SD card for it

I can't really compare it to other phones very well because I've had this phone for so long! Loving it!

This phone is awsome


Oct 21, 2008 by chubbc25

This phone is so awesome it light easy to carry in the pocket it is the best. Those of you thinking of getting it get it! it is so awesome best phone i ever had and i get a new phone every like month (phoneaholic) The only bad thing i have is the vx8100 you could read text on the outside LCD this one you cant for some reason but that doesn't really matter to overall i give this phone a 4.5 its sick nasty!

good phone.


Aug 19, 2008 by z yaaaa

just hung it up for the last time in favor for a new phone.

everything about the phone was awesome. only the bad things stand out to me though...


-speaker phone button is BELOW the clear button which makes texting extremely annoying when you make a mistake.

-the clock display on the front is TINY and barely noticeable-even with the large font option. you have to physically hold the phone in front of your eyes to see what time it is when a mere glance is all that should be needed.

-mp3 player starts up while in your pocked because the keys are so sensitive on the front. there should have been a lock feature, but one that you can turn on or off if you would like.

Best phone! - even after two years


Jul 25, 2008 by dave115

This review is long overdue. I am one of the pickiest cell phone users around. It is time I gave praise to the best phone ever... The LG 8300. Some of the phones I owned prior to this included the LG 6000, LG 8000, LG 8100. I purchased this phone two years ago ... the day it came out. I am also one of those gadget guys that insists on having the latest and greatest. I upgraded to the LG8600, LG8700, LG 9400, LG 8350, Dare, and Chocolate 3. None of those phones met my needs more than the good ol' 8300. I either kept those phones on my additional lines or returned it within the grace period. The 8300 has remained my primary phone for the past 2 years. I like it so much that I bought two more on eBay. It's a shame this phone was discontinued.

1. Excellent reception and call quality
2. Speaker phone quality is excellent. The speakers on the side of the phones work well.
3. Extremely durable. This phone has been dropped many times.
4. Text Text Text!! I am an avid texter.... I text more than I talk. I prefer T9 over a QWERTY keypad. I prefer raised buttons instead of flat. Touchscreen is not for me. If you are wicked fast with T9... This is the phone for you.
5. Easily opens and closes with one hand.
6. Camera - very sharp
7. Strong vibrate - I keep it in on vibrate and in my jean pocket all the time.
8. The ability to LOCK the phone by holding down the # key. I don't know why this feature was removed from future phones. This is a great feature.
9. The stub antenna has better reception than an intenna.
10. Mobile web is fast.
11. Flip phone - a personal preference.
12. Good battery life.

1. Speaker button is too close to the CLR button. This can mess up one's texting when trying to text without looking.
2. Unable to read texts on the external screen. External screen should have been made as crisp at the LG 8100.

Again.... This is the best phone I ever had.

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