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Great phone!


May 13, 2007 by metzor

For me, music and videos were not very high on the priority list for my new phone. I already have an ipod, the ipod car adapter, and xm radio in my car, so this review is simply on how this phone works as a phone, not as a music player.

I've never had fancy new phones, I always just got the cheapest LG available. That changed last year when through a friend I got a VX8000. That phone was huge, but it had pretty much every feature ever and the call reception was superb. Even though the 8000 was a great phone (and incredibly sturdy), I wanted something a little less bulky but with similar features. The 8300 was pretty much perfect.

To me, this phone is the perfect shape and size. It's not too big (like my 8000) or too small and thin so that text messaging is a nightmare (I've tried txting on friends' chocolates and razrs.. it's a disaster!). In fact, the keypad is great, txting is a breeze with one hand or two. I also like the one-button speakerphone (on the 8000 you had to hold it down to turn it on and off). however it's a little close to the clr button so often times you'll accidentally turn it on when txting.

The external and internal displays are crystal clear. but one feature that is missing is the ability to read messages/missed calls on the external display. though i dont see that as much of a drawback as you'd have to open it to reply anyway.

As far as reception, i thought my 8000 had great reception, but the 8300's is superior, even with no bars! and my friends tell me I sound even clearer than on my 8000. speakerphone is nice and loud as well.

But theres a few cons with this phone. Ringtones are terrible, but thats verizon and not specific to the 8300. Also, battery life is not spectacular, txting a lot and using the camera really drains it, but thats to be expected i guess.

Overall, a great phone. Great features, sleek design but with may more substance than something like the razr, and outstanding call quality. What more could you want?

Pretty Good..


May 7, 2007 by Hayley

I have owned this phone since last summer.
This phone is good, and has a loud speaker to talk with, etc. The camera is great when I first got it, but now its starting to get darker.

pretty nice camera.
gets really loud ringtones
i like the wallpaper settings.
gets good service.
picture ID
video messaging, sound messaging, etc.
good graphics for texting.
video, you can pause, and start.

too heavy.
i dont like the color.
the intena doesn't move, just a stub.
can't do anything from front screen.
video, only 15 miniutes long
no place for a cellphone charm!
doesnt stay on "word","ABC" when you text.

other than that, it's a good phone!

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Two Poor Models in a row... I wouldn't recommend the 8100 or the 8300


May 6, 2007 by DrwO13

I have been a Verizon customer since my very first phone, and that was about 6 years ago. Or 4 phones... depending on how you look at it. I had no problems with my first 2 phones, but then I got the VX8100. I was in the Verizon store almost every other week getting it repaired or replaced. I had screen problems, speaker problems, signal problems, and battery problems. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I went in and had my 8100 updated to the 8300, and I am having similar problems with this phone. I got this phone for free because I never would have kept it, especially if I would have paid full price for it. I can't wait until my plan is up in August because i don't know if i would make it very long with the poor battery life, screen shorting out, singnal/dropped call issues, and the erased voicemails (which i know nothing about). But in the right area sometimes the 8300 is alright, but I wouldn't advise anyone to purchase the VX 8300.

From my own research... I cannot wait until August, so I can get the VX 9400. That looks to be a great phone all around, with awesome features!



May 3, 2007 by CUZ965

I was told from the phone company it was the best upgrade I liked the V Cast and the high speed mobile web about once a week during a call I would get noise and garbled reception I would have to hang up and call back and kept getting worse up to 4 times a week i finally took it back to the store for a different phone

I really like it


May 1, 2007 by josh99

I had the 8700 and I really liked it but I work manual labor and I thought i would really beat it up. So i took it back and got the 8300 and I like it even more. Even though its not pretty and sleek it is built much better and seems like it can withstand much more abuse than the 8700. The reception might be a little less but hardly noticable.
Great build very sturdy
Call quality and reception are good
UI themes are a must for verizon
Not sleek like the 8700
The screen is not nearly as nice as the 8700
Camera is merely ok

hated it


Apr 22, 2007 by VerizonMike

I work for Verizon and had this phone for about two weeks and I HATED it. I used to have the LG 8100 which is a MUCH better phone by all means, I was surprised when LG dulled down the front screen's resolution to basically that of the 5300. I figured "oh well maybe it will help the battery life" Nope. The battery life was awful, I'd work 6 hours texting occasionally and by the end of the day I was down to 2 cells of the battery

Now lets get to the speakers, the phone has dual speakers but is EXTREMELY quiet...wtf my 8100 could be heard accross a mall but I couldn't even hear this thing in my pocket...

the ONLY things I liked about it was the fact that it could recieve sound texts and save them as ringtones, which the 8100 couldn't do, also the camera was a lot better.

I got the 8600 last week and I love it, entirely better phone.

8300 is a Great Choice!!!


Apr 14, 2007 by neaster07

This phone is one of Verizon's best options all around because of the features, signal strength, durability, battery life, cost compared to similar phones, and design.

8300 offers almost every VZW feature.
It is VCast and VCast Music Capable.
VZ Navigator is better than most GPS systems.
In the top 3 of Verizon's Loudest Phones.
Very Loud Ringers and Mp3 Ringtone Capable.
Very Loud Speakerphone.
Bluetooth Stereo Capable.
Integrated Mp3 player. Holds microSD card.
Very Large and Comfortable Keypads.
Changeable Backgrounds on both Screens.
Set Videos as Backgrounds on the phone.
One of Verizon's most durable phones.
No Complaints on Signal Strength.
Battery Life usually exceeds 3 days.
High End phone for a Reasonable Price.
Phone can be used as a tethered modem.
Broadband Capable.
Camera and Video are pretty good.
Customizable Menus

This phone is not offered in Push to Talk
8300 is NOT VCast MobileTV Capable.
Takes a unique LG charger.

Great Sturdy Phone


Apr 13, 2007 by daisylin24

I bought my LG VX8300 outright back in July. I researched phones for a period of time because I wanted a good quality phone. I was debating between this phone and the RAZR. I really liked the looks of the RAZR but it got too many mixed reviews. I decided on the 8300, and it was a very wise decision. I've read reviews where the RAZR was delicate and would shatter if dropped. I have dropped my phone quite a few times (I'm a klutz) and a few times being on concrete (just 2 days after buying it)...still works GREAT!!!! It only suffered a few minor scratches at the top of the phone.

Besides probably being the most sturdy phone ever, the call quality and clarity are great, always clear. I get reception where some of my family members phones don't. The speakers are excellent for a phone: loud and clear...very impressive :).

What I also liked about my LG VX8300 was the extra changeable display themes, not necessary, but nice. Something different than the regular VZ theme.

I higly recommend this phone to anyone and everyone who wants a terrific, STURDY phone!

I love everything about this phone!

it doesn't look like the new LG VX8700 ;)

8300 works superbly!


Apr 8, 2007 by mandycat

I have had an LG 6100 for two years and was so pleased with it that I bought the 8300. I could not be more satisfied with the new upgraded version. The 8300 takes great videos (any length with a memory card), great pictures, and is very easy to use. I can zoom in with the lens while taking pictures or video and can zoom in or out on my pictures once they are stored. Most important, it is also is a SUPERB cell phone that always works flawlessly. The speaker phone works perfectly and is nice and loud. In short, this phone gets a straight up "10" from me in all areas (a 5 on your scale). It does what a phone should do, WORK. I don't sell phones or work for any cell phone related industry; I just want to let people know that there is at least one new phone out there that they can depend on.

Love Features Hate Sound Quality


Apr 4, 2007 by fancyynancyy

I did a lot of research last year and bought this phone because of all its features. The phone has great features but the sound quality is horrible. When you have it on speaker phone it sounds like you or the other person is screeching in your ear. It's unbearable. The sound is muffled so much of the time you cannot have a decent conversation. It gets very frustrating. We returned them once and the second set we received had the same problem.

removable memory
takes great pictures with flash
great pic quality
great phone book features
great looking phone

horrible sound quality
poor video feature
horrible sound quality
basically the only complaint is did I mention the horrible sound quality.

Due to the sound quality I would not recommend anyone to get this phone. It is sad because all the other features are so good.

To me the sound is really the most important feature I am looking for when I buy a phone. Our plan is up in June I am looking into a new phone

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