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Jun 15, 2006 by nyc4life

The LG VX8300 is hands-down a truly great phone which combines superior functionality with a very sleek design.

* Sleek design

* Call quality is very crisp and clear

* Signal and reception is always full or
near full in Manhattan

* Speakerphone, most people don't even know I'm using it

* Camera, very decent 1.3 mega-pixel camera. I've taken some great shots both in and outdoor.

* Video is excellent for a phone, and gets the job done. It's great that I can take long videos and not worry about a limit

* Battery life so far has been great, I charge until full and let it run until I'm prompted to charge again.

* Keypad, one of the best, if not the best keypad I've used

* Speakers, these things can get loud. I leave the EQ on "3D Surround" and people are impressed with quality of sound coming from a mobile phone.

* Memory, I have a 1gb MicroSD and USB adapter which makes transferring video and mp3s a breeze.

* Overall look, it's an extremely entertaining phone, and at the same time is very "business friendly". I can bring it into a meeting and place it on the table next to my blackberry and not have it look like a toy.


* External screen, not extremely crisp, but extremely functional in terms of camera/video/caller ID

* Ringtones contained on phone are limited. I prefer "normal sounding" ring tones and I found that there were only 1 or 2 I could choose from

Overall, you can't go wrong with this device.

In and Outs of the vx 8300


Jun 15, 2006 by BadBoy5537

i was not expecting to much from this phone after upgarding from the vx 8000

ok camera (not better than vx 8000's camera)
mp3 player
expansion slot
more customization for wallpapers and menus (pulse)
vz navigator (surprisingly is really accurate)
good volume during a call

so far as my knowledge goes you can only upload .wma files for the mp3 player
when ringtones are upload (through cable), mine tend to be a little low
the keypad could be better since you may constant press the wrong key
speaker phone button is in the wrong place

overall this is a good phone for its price (surprisingly low) but if the vx 8000 had bluetooth and an expansion slot i would have not upgraded

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Looooving it!


Jun 14, 2006 by saltwater

Really love it... great sound, great functionality, great customization features, great reception, fast UI... I still think it looks like the spaceship the 8100 was, but much nicer to hold and thankfully not blue.

Most of the pros have been listed, so I'll just leave it as AWESOME! Finally one I'm going to keep after going through the LG8100, Razr, Samsung A-970 and A-930 all in the past 6 months.

8300 In hand and we might have a winner ?? - 1st Thoughts and Review !


Jun 2, 2006 by theatermax

Hey guys -

Well after a long drawn out battle and some string pulling, I got my store to sell me a 8300 on a 2 year upgrade today. They still had 120 8100's and did not want to part with 8300's yet.. But they did :)

Okay so let's first keep in mind , I did extensive testing on the 8100 and 950 and the 930 a few weeks ago and the Q as of yesterday..

So the first thing we always test is Voice Quality - This is most important to us.. I am very pleased to announce that LG has done something new and this seems to be great.. Almost every Import phone has what we call Deaf Ear Syndrome. What that means is that you do not hear what you are saying back in your own ear. They are designed this way to avoid feedback and noise. Our home phones and most phones we are used to echo back some of our voice into the earpiece so we can hear what we are saying. Now granted we are used to it on the 8100 , 950 , 670 and most others. The Razr was the first to start using normal earpiece sound and it was nice. Well the 8300 has it as well. The earpiece is crisp and clear and you can hear yourself talk. So far so good.

The Keypad which is a huge issue is another winner big time.. The 950's keypad is aweful as we all know.. The 8300 keypad is stellar.. I mean stellar, easy to dial and huge buttons and very easy to turn on speakers etc.. I like it alot..

Speakerphone - Wow , Wow , Wow - We did the car test with the 950 and the 8300 on the center console of my Range Rover - Driving 60 MPH.. We called my friends wife from both the 950 and 8300 , she used call waiting to pick up both calls and switch back and forth. The 8300 she said was perfect and she was amazed at how good it sounded..

We then went into Best buy and I called my friends 950 from my 8300 and put the 8300 on speaker while walking around a very noisy best buy store - Freaking Amazing -

More review found in the 8300 section - Can't fit it all here !

good phone


Aug 5, 2006 by italiandragon91

I just got a Verizon about a week ago. I ended up going on a family plan.

It took me about an hour looking at phones. All the phones there were big and ugly. The lg 8300 caught my eye so I decided to get the phone.

I really like this phone alot. The only problems are the camera sucks and Verizon decided to lock Mp3's and cant get ringtones off the web. they did that so you can buy only their stuff. the ringtones you get on this phone are horrible so you have to buy ringtones!

1. Nice looking phone
2. Mp3 Player
3. Able to change the front wallpaper
4. Long battery life
5. 1.3 Megapixel camera
6. Speaker
7. Surround sound playing Mp3's

1. Ringtones suck
2. Verizon locked Mp3's
3. Cant get ringtones off the web
4. The camera isnt the best

Great Phone


May 31, 2007 by SMILEY3

This phone is very durable! It has the best reception of all the available Verizon Phones. LG seems to just keep making great phones. I did choose to replace it with the LG VX8600 as it is thinner and sexier. I have been very impressed with Verizon and the reception in Fargo, ND/ Surrounding areas.

Pretty Good Phone


May 22, 2007 by TeamSQ

Well I haven't had many cell phones, my last one being a Nokia 6030b, which was fine with me, but once I got this phone, it was a completely different story.

Very Thin & Lightweight
Great Camera (better then a lot of other 1.3mpx cell camera's)
Very easy to use
Loud speakers, and sounds great!
Very durable! I've dropped this many times from high places and hardly a scratch!
Clear sound, and great speaker-phone
Many different display themes
Easy access music library
Very strong vibrate to let you know you missed something

Battery life could be better, but it's not bad
Can't read text messages on external display like the LG VX-8100, or do anything except listen to music and play with the camera for that matter
Can't use the flash as light like on the 8100
TERRIBLE ring tones, and LG made it hard to get personal ring tones, you either have to buy them, or send songs via email to your phone (under 340kb)
If your out range (such as in a cave) the time will not show, since it is all satellite (this did not happen on the 8100)

All in all, this is a great phone. I would rather have this then the VX-8100, though that has external text capabilities, it's not hard to flip open your phone and read them that way.

Forget The Razr, This is the Phone For You!


Dec 25, 2006 by allangL

This is an upgrade from my first Cell Phone, a basic LG3200 when I needed continuous communication during my father's illness.

I got hooked on the cell phone and decided that when my "New Every Two" came up with Verizon Wireless, I'd get a phone that "does it all".

After much research, including considering the Razr, the 8300, clearly came out ahead. After 10 weeks with this phone I'm quite happy as its more than I expected. In fact, some Razr owners I've showed it to considered it superior to their phones.

A bright clear sharp screen, easily readable at different angles with menus that come up quickly. Great Sound. Fairly easy to navigate despite all the features with an easy to use lighted keypad

I'm not very tekkie, I got a Bluetooh headset and found it easy to sync, and with the optional Music Essentials Kit was able to easily sync music into the phone, with a TransFlash chip I purchased, I've got great storage capacity for my music.

The camera was easy to operate and some of the wallpaper options were quite nice. Also it was quite pleasant to have photo ID's on the front screen.

I do have the VCast Value Pak (Worth $15.00 a month) and that option works well for me. The images are clear and Mobile Web offers much information,

It does occasionally shut off, it appears, when I've accessed Mobile Web too often, and I've had the Bluetooth Cut out (It could be the headset itself) occasionally, but those problems are minor and easily remedied.

This is a reliable, sturdy, easy to use phone and I highly recommend it. If you are considering a Razr, PLEASE check out the 8300 first. You won't regret it

Buyer Beware!!


Oct 27, 2006 by simpsjd

Now like many customers I was happy with my LG8100 and when it finally died I was given an “early upgrade” by Verizon Wireless to the LG8300 and for the first 6 weeks I was very impressed though I did miss the ability to read my text messages on the from screen.

Then 2 weeks ago, I started having some challenges 1. Dropping call for no reason (not traveling). 2. When I initiated a call regardless of which I was calling i.e. a Cingular / Verizon / Land-Line phone my first dialing would fall silent to my call receiver, requiring me to end the call and immediately dial back. Verizon gave me a “F.R.U.” LG8300 and with in hours the same challenges occurred. Verizon’s second solution was to check the “switch”, reset my account and give me another “F.R.U.” 8300. This new phone and new settings worked for 1 day and back to the same challenges. Next was to give me a brand new in the box LG8300 and again the same issues within 3 days. I am now on LG8300 number FIVE!, and Verizon is “giving” me a Motorola Razr. After speaking with a couple of informed customer service people, I have found that this is a known issue with the LG8300, so if you; like me did not want a Razr to begin with AVOID the LG8300 it is simply not worth the time and trouble.

Better than the Chocolate!


Sep 7, 2006 by ponderous

I recently switched from the chocolate and I couldn't be happier. This is everything I expect in a great LG phone.

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