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A poor cheaply made phone


Mar 3, 2007 by ssavoy

This phone all-in-all is very poor. The screen is small, the camera is lousy. No Flash. Battery is terrible.

-Fast Menu System

-Motorola Platform is fast, but poor.
-Front clock will say, for example, "3:55pm" then a minute later say "3:52pm". This has happened numorous times for me.
-Low speaker
-small screen
-camera is sluggish.
-battery life is poor
-expensive w/o a contract for how bad it is.

I do not recommend this phone to anyone, not even the basic user.

Terrible Phone


Jan 30, 2007 by tech_9

Our local service provider recently started handing this phone out free with cheap service plans. It's no wonder, they'd never sell one.

-Voice Dialing
-Understandable Interface
-Comfortable Buttons

-Randomly goes black when you flip it open, then has to reacquire network, occasionally this sets of all alarms, and also sometimes takes it out of silent or vibrate and sets it to 'loud' without you knowing about it.
-Needs to be charged daily
-Talk time of barely over 60 minutes
-.8 mega pixel camera is terribly dark
-Computer synch sucks terribly
-Battery door is held on with a cheap plastic thing that WILL come off any time over 6 months down the road
-No outside buttons to take pictures
-Not a very nice looking phone

The only thing I could imagine anyone wanting this phone would be a cheap "starter" phone for their young kid who they know will break anything nicer anyway. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE unless you really don't need a phone. It is unreliable and terrible. All Alltel dealers I have brought it to have simply said "It's a Moto thing" and set me out the door. I would suggest against buying any Motorola phone.

I guess I must thank this phone, though, it has made me a loyal Blackberry customer, and I'll never go back.

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two more months, then it'll be two years


Oct 4, 2006 by shragon

over all, the phone is ok. it's kinda "a you get what you pay for".

i picked up this phone back in nov 2004. so in just a couple of months, my contract will be up and i'll be upgrading to something else. at this point, i'm not sure if i will be sticking with verizon. i may possibly jump over to cingular. verizon phones simply aren't very exciting, and i hate how they change everything in terms of software so you're forced to use their stuff. but that's another story.

anyway, the phone is ok. it's done it's job, and i'm surprised it's lasted up to this point.

- small size
- nice color and design
- good reception
- clear speaker
- light weight

- small and crappy color screen
- mic only works when it wants to (this started happening two months ago, and now i'm forced to use my headset most of the time)
- whole phone sometimes reboots itself, even if you're in the middle of doing something
- poor charging port design (i found for order the phone to charge properly, after you plug in the charger, make sure the display light on the outer screen turns off. if it keeps staying on, it will not charge)
- crappy camera (i don't really use it anyway)
- no blue tooth

anyway, i'm looking forward to getting something else.

It meets my needs well.


Oct 3, 2006 by FriscoJohn

I have two of them, one on Verizon and one on MetroPCS. I'm pretty hard on phones; went through 3 720/730s, mostly from dropping them with the phone open.

These suckers (265 and 266) are TOUGH. I've dropped each multiple times, no problems. The aren't perfect; once or twice I believe they have switched from loud to soft without my intervention, but it could have been operator error. I've been carrying one for over a year, and the other for about 8 months. Got my wife one for her birthday, too, so we have three between us. We just haven't seen the problems others describe.


Rugged. REALLY rugged.
Tri Mode
work well (in my area--SF Bay area)
good fidelity; sound is good
Work fine with Macintosh apps.


The camera sucks. Fortunately, I could care less.

Possible phantom ring mode change.

Feculent garbage!


Oct 1, 2006 by auliver1

*Tri-mode phone.
*It can flip opened and closed.
*It is black and silver.

*Never charges properly.
*Little motorola glitches that catch you off guard at any moment (drops service, resets entire phone, turns off even when you know damn well there is a near full battery, etc.).
*Time wasted returning phone for new one and the next set of frustrating events that leads you back to the store again.

Its amazing that this phone didn't get canned sooner as it really is a plague.



Sep 14, 2006 by lg

I have had my phone for almost a year. I have had no problems with it what so ever. I am quite surprised to see how many have problems with it, but that's with every phone.. you get some good, you get some bad.
I've really liked my phone have had no problems. There's the occasional "what is going on!" but that's every phone. if anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

Replace it


Aug 20, 2006 by blckrosethrns

I got my first v265 in June of 2005. I am now on my FIFTH v265. This phone is horrible. I use text messaging to get a hold of many people- sometimes it is the only way to get in touch. The v265 stops sending a signal to the satellite saying that it received the text message and will repeatedly send duplicate text messages. Sometimes the duplicates will come every 5 minutes, sometimes every hour, and always whenever I contact the satellite (ie when I make or receive a call or send another text). I have spent hours on the phone with tech support and it NEVER helps. The only thing I've ever found that helps is getting the phone replaced. So once every 3 months or so I make my way down to the verizon store and get them to give me a replacement phone. The duplicates come more rarely when I have a new phone and as the phone ages they come more frequently.

Also, as the phone ages it starts dropping calls. Even when I have 5 full bars and a clear signal it will randomly drop calls. Usually after 15 minutes and 3 seconds, though not always. This happens more frequently when the phone approaches 3 months of age.

The screen of the phone is very hard to read in sunlight. The back light isn't strong at all. Unless you know the phone number of the person you're calling or know exactly where it is in your phone book it is nearly impossible to make a call because you cannot see them. This back lighting issue also effects text messages. You can send them (assuming you know the texting by heart) but you can't read them as the back light isn't strong enough.

I have enjoyed the size, shape and weight of the v265 though. It fits well in my pocket. It doesn't scratch easily. I don't drop my phone often but on the rare occasion that I have nothing has happened (the battery stayed in, it stayed on and there were no problems with the screen).

Over all I have been very unhappy with this phone and would not recommend it to anyone.

I loved this phone


Aug 17, 2006 by emt603

I had no problems with this phone at all. I had an excellent signal everywhere. The picture quality wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either. I had this phone for almost 2 years and I never had a problem with the charger or the phone. Then one day I dropped it, and lost the screen, but the phone still worked, you just couldn't see who was calling.

7 phones in a year


Aug 10, 2006 by kneal

I originally got this phone a little over a year ago, it seemed like the best idea at the time. Since that day I have replaced the phone 7 times, including 3 new batteries. The technicians at the verizon store where I go to school as well as the one at home all know me on a first name basis, they keep telling me I should just break my contract and get a new phone. I am in Verizon with this phone more than anywhere else and it is worthless. The phone is not worth getting.

Definetly not


Aug 9, 2006 by sarahjane

When I was deciding on a phone thru Cricket I wanted to get something reliable. Unlike some other users I haven't had problems with the battery which was my primary concern when I found out it had a prong charger. But I did have problems with the phone randomly turning off and when I turned it back on every event in my phone would go off. Definetly inconvient. For no reason I would lose my signal when others with the same carrier had a clear signal. I now need a new phone, and I definetly won't be getting a motorola

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