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Mar 4, 2006 by mw1733

This is a awsome phone great battery life and a very durable phone too takes a beating and keeps ticking like a timex . I had this phone over a year and loved it and reception was good so id give this phone a 4.5 and people seem to like to bash phones on here and add things that seem not true .

Piece of crap!!


Feb 20, 2006 by ffeje14

Everyone with this phone hates it...why because it just sucks plain and simple

decent looking on outside

everything! from the screen to calls to quality to features! I think everyone who has this phone should be able to purchase a phone at a discounted price considering the peice of *** they are stuck with

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Feb 15, 2006 by bndoy

I think that everyone that has something to say about a phone is bad, well heres a good review. ive had my v265 for a 1 1/2years. havent had too many problems with it except the usual mic cleaning. if you cant hear or it seems distorted with 4 or more bars go to verizon and just get it cleaned!!! ive had mine in my lap many times and got out of my truck and droped it. No prob it took it like a champ. scratched up but took it well! ive even droped it in a parking lot with and when it was snowing there was about 3in of wet slushy snow i forgot about it and went back 2 hours later still sitting in the snow and it was fine after i whiped it off. even left it overnight once and foundit the next morrning in a parking lot nothing was wrong with it but a little condonsation on it. yes this phone doesnt have the best screen on it or the best options but just remember it came out almost 2 years ago it was top of the line at the time. and even then i only paid $100 for a 2 year agreement. i rate this phone good for its time!

I can't believe that Motorola stooped so LOW!


Jan 30, 2006 by kathleen888

This v265 is so awful. Everything about it is terrible. The screen freezes. The reception is full of static. I went back to verizon many times to replace it. They finally felt sorry for me and gave me the motorola v276. Big deal. This phone has good reception but the ring tones do not download and the battery does not charge well. These phones are just garbage. I bought an LG on ebay. I will take my change with that.

V265: Does what a phone should do


Jan 21, 2006 by fred717

I'm giving the v265 a 4.0, simply because it does what a cell phone should do; it makes excellent phone calls. The v265 was an upgrade from an LG VX10 for my wife. She wanted a simple phone that worked well.

-Call reception is excellent
-People often think call is coming from a hard-line phone.
-Call volume is excellent
-Ringer tones are loud (only use a standard ring)
-Voice dial works well - nice while driving.
-Compact size, but comfortable to use.
-Camera is OK (But hey, it's a phone first.)

-Screen size is too small
-Screen needs better resolution and is not clear (it could be clearer, even though it is small)

Not What I Expected


Jan 5, 2006 by Reinaldo

I got the Motorola V265 as a replacement for my Audiovox 8900. I was really exited because the phone was very good looking. Both me and my sister got it. I got to tell you that when they were activating the phone (it is refurbished) they had to look for like 4 of these phones because none of them worked, but finally they found one that actually worked. 6 months after I got it, when I plugged in the charger it did not want to charge it displayed "Unable to Charge" on the outside screen. The quality of the camera is horrible not to mention that it doesn't come with a flash.

PROs: The phone is very "good looking", the speakerphone works really good.

CONs: The camera quality is very bad, it keeps beeping when you have a missed call, it also beeps when you connect or disconnect the charger, the main screen is very small, the ring style changes when you plug in the charger.

I hope Verizon brings more convenient phones and with better picture quality. And I expect that Motorola designs better working handsets, because my mom had a Motorola that lasted the 2 whole years of the contract. Motorola: Don't get lazy!

265...Not Very Impressed


Dec 7, 2005 by grg22

Speaker phone, voice dialing, external caller ID, signal strength is average

Major problems with contacts on the bottom of the phone. I have to hold the phone just right to get it to charged even after cleaning the contacts! And I have tried different chargers as well! On my phone the camera is broke, on my wife's, her ear piece is broke. I have had LG-VX 10's, Motorola V60i's, Audiovox 135's and so on and the 265 as been by far the worst of the all!



Aug 22, 2005 by scooterbrown

this phone is horrible when i first got this phone is was a nice looking phone i flipped it open the screen it super small.
The really isnt any point of having internet on the phone because you cant go anywhere on there but buy ringers or wallpapers. the speakerphone is not loud and if u want to talk in the car with the phone u have to turn the radio all the way down the u have to raise all of the windows up u cannot hear a darn thing. the camera it terrible that all i can say about that. the battery will only give u a good 2hours tops my battery was always on the charger the only good thing about the phone is that i always got a good signal where ever i went. u cant delete any of the pictures on the phone if u store them if u can please let me kno. u cant see the screen if there was sunny outside the ear oiece sucks this phone is awful

Worst Phone I've Ever Owned!


Aug 9, 2005 by RacerX

I've been a VZW and Moto fan for over 10 years now. The two best phones I've owned have been the StarTac and V60. I thought the V265 was going to be the third, but instead, it was horrible.

Within 6 months, I had problems just powering on the handset. Returned it to VZW and got a "replacement" V265, which I soon learned was a "refurbished" unit! Within a week, the "replacement" gave out as well! How disgusting. Went back to VZW and they told me they would give me yet another "replacement"...NO THANK U!

FYI, while in the VZW store, another customer who also bought the V265 on the Family plan told me he had already replaced two of his 3 V265's twice! And he was there to replace his own unit for the 3rd time!

Quite simply, the V265 should be pulled off the VZW shelves and website and it should be recalled by Moto. I will probably never purchase another Moto again. They claim to be gaining market share on Nokia, but apparently this is done at the expense of developing quality handsets. I even called Moto customer service directly, and they gave me the same line -- we can fix your "refurbished" V265, and if we can't, we will send you another "refurbished" unit!

Pros: Doesn't matter because the phone is only good for 6 months.

Cons: Phone is only good for 6 months and then you get to experience "refurbished" V265's from then on.

I now have an LG-4650 and love it! And of course, you can't beat VZW's great wireless coverage!

More bitter than sweet


Jul 29, 2005 by Omnipotent Cheetah

Hmmm...Not too sure where to really begin with this one here. I've owned nearly every type of phone on the planet and was expecting a lot of Motorola, especially after the great Star Tac dynasty. That was a mistake- i ended up disappointed. I originally had an Audiovox 9900 and had it replaced with this little contraption for a warranty claim. I should've just dealt with the problem on my other phone!!!

Behind the cool looking exterior lies the following:
*poorly labeled menu commands
*a bland external display
*small internal screen
*horrible screen/picture/display quality
*no flash on camera (need really bright light or everything looks like silhouettes)
*no picture id (what's the point of a camera then!)
*Most reviews i read said call quality was great. NEGATIVE. It's muffled, sounds static-y, and has weird background noise (really faint but it's still there)
*Limited personalization settings
*Phonebook makes separate entries for every number (ie Joe Work, Joe Cell, Joe Home)
*Makes irritating (and loud) noises when you charge it, unplug it from charger, and turn down ringer volume
*Battery life marginal
*2 Verizon reps told me that this phone was one of the worst on the market- 'nuf said.

Ok, now the not-so-bad part:
*Very cool exterior styling (hardly any phones are black anymore so it stands out)
*External display easy to read
*Missed call/message reminder
*Vibrate, vibrate/ring, silent, soft, and loud ring options all accessible from side
*Excellent signal- only one dropped call after talking on it nearly non-stop for 2 days

Although it looks pretty, don't be fooled. I would not recommend this phone- tri-mode, camera, speakerphone, and all. RUN!

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