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Avoid This Crappy Phone


Dec 13, 2005 by SystemShock

Whatever you do, avoid this phone. Everyone I know who's had one has had problems wit' it, up to an' including havin' it replaced (thank goodness it crapped out under warranty).

Seroiusly, Moto needs ta do somethin' 'bout their quality control. This phone does NOT hold up over time, at all. Very disappointing.



Sep 15, 2005 by trout345

My wife and I each had a Motorola V265, and they looked/functioned great through our Verizon family plan. But, you couldn't easily see the screen because it was so dull. I complained to Verison/Motorola and they exchanged them with the upgraded V276. Everything except the awesome gunbarrel-nickle colored cover and the screen is the same as the V265. But, that new screen - although it is the identical size to the V265 - is the difference between night and day. I put them side-by-side on my kitchen table and the V276 is exactly the same size as the V265 - but, the quality is a 200% improvement - don't let the other reviews that say "slightly improved" fool you. It is crystal clear even in moderately bright sunlight, and from any normal viewing angle. The other improvement I noticed was the camera. It is now VGA and takes okay pictures for a phone. The V265's picture quality was poor.

I'm not a power user of cellphones - I prefer to check my email and play games, etc. on a computer. But, the basic features, function and personalization menus, and buttons are intuitive and crystal clear to the eye - and, I like the blue hue of the buttons which automatically illuminate in the dark. The extensive selection of MIDI ringtones are pretty cool for a basic phone, too. I've accidently dropped it while stepping out of my Explorer a couple of times and its pretty durable. Also, I don't necessarily want to give a commercial for a phone company; but, the Verizon coverage during a cross country trip seemed to be flawless. I've been exceptionally pleased with them, at least to date.

Bottom line, I've tried the V276 vs. a few other brands of phones, and this is by far the nicest phone I've ever owned. It works and looks great.

Good job Motorola. You missed an important piece of the quality product equation on the V265, but I think you definitely got it right on the V276. Keep the quality American workmanship and technology spirit alive!

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Great Phone


Nov 20, 2004 by Chris8554

I love the phone! It has a very nice look to it. Many nice features including interchangeable faceplates, awesome speaker-phone capability, 4X zoom on the camera and lighting adjustments, the calculator is the easiest phone calculator I have ever seen, the voice dialing and hands free functions are great as well, and the volume capability for the ringers is great, too. The phone is light, but I don't want to carry around a brick. The picture resolution is limited to smaller sizes but seem to be clear when send to PC. The display window is very small, but the keypad is easy to navigate. Signal quality is spectacular. The only thing I found that I didn't like was that I can't adjust the backlight to remain on, it is always limited to a time frame. I really like this phone and will be keeping it for a while.

What a waste!


Jul 9, 2006 by tee0311

The only thing good about this phone is that I can actually make calls. It's HORRIBLE! I have had this phone for almost a year and it's been horrible from day one...

I'll get back to you when I figure that out.

-Poor camera quality
-Reception is very ify!
-Phone powers off whenever it feels like it
-Very flimsy

~Motorola has always been my choice of phone... This is however, the last motorola I will buy.

Stay away!

Great basic phone


Oct 1, 2005 by GuyinLACA

I picked out this phone for my mom when we signed up for Verizon in February. She really likes the phone, and so far we have not experienced any of the issues noted in other reviews. The phone has not frozen up

-Amazing reception (just like V710/E815 can make calls where no other flips can)
-Loud earpiece (not quite as crisp as V710/E815 but still very good)
-Sounds landline clear when getting calls
-Great speakerphone/Voice dialing
-Cool black/silver Design
-External display always shows time/signal/battery level
-Phone was very affordable
-Fairly sturdy (it varies phone to phone though)

Screen is small (but expected for a budget phone)
Camera is poor (but expected for a budget phone)
Earpiece is not quite as crisp as the V710/E815 in my opinion

Overall, I have to give the V265 a high rating because for the price it blows the other budget phones out of the water. I've got friends who call from LG VX-3200's, 6100's, and Samsung A650's, and they sound nowhere near as clear on the receiving end as the V265 does. My mom originally had a Samsung A660 with Sprint and the larger screen was the only decent thing about it. Aside from that the V265 is the vastly superior phone.

I will say however that some of these reviews make me wonder about the V265/V276. They seem to be hit or miss phones. If you get a good one, it will serve you well. Anyone who gets a bad one might want to look at the Motorola V710, E815 or LG VX-4650 instead.

Bad rap NOT justified


Jun 6, 2005 by Truk_Meister

This phone has been getting a lot of bad reviews about how flimsy the phone is.

I bought the Moto v710 (excellent phone) for myself and the v265 for my wife and kids.

I was initially VERY hesitant to buy this phone and had my mind set on the Kyocera SoHo KX1 for the wife and kids. So I asked the Verizon rep what he had heard about the v265 and he said that he had only heard one complaint about the flimsiness of the phone.

He then said you and your wife and kids should have the same brand of phone so we can use the same accessories (chargers etc).

So I bit the bullet (seriously that is how I felt). I thought I might regret the purchase.

Boy was I very pleasantly surprised. The phone is not flimsy. It doesn’t creak every time that you open the flip.

Someone had an ax to grind and dumped on this phone!

It has the best of any phone brand that I have owned (Nokia, Audiovox, Moto, others) although it is equal in reception to the Moto v710

I work 2 concrete and steel floors beneath ground and this phone gets out! Before I have never received a signal.

+ Small, lightweight, fits easily in your pocket
+ Nice speaker phone
+ Decent voice recognition
+ Great reception
+ synchronize your contacts and/or calendar with Motorola mobile PhoneTools

- Vibrate is very soft. Don't plan on it! Same for v710
- Camera is not that good, oh well. I have a real camera for that.
- Screen is small.
- Moto needs to come up with an option that will let the phone vibrate and ring at the same time (can you tell I have owned a Nokia or two)

So for the kids or someone who needs a good quality phone with a few perks like speakerphone, caller ID, small, and you don't need a large view screen it is great and you can synchronize your contacts and calendar with Motorola mobile PhoneTools

Good phone, but...


Dec 27, 2004 by Roaddog

Picked this phone for my free "new every two" to replace my old v60i.from verizon. At the same time picked out a v60s for my wife.
I have been very happy with my old v60i for the last two years except for the antenna. I was able to compare both new phones and both are slightly better in signal strength than the old v60i.
The v60s is built more solid with antenna issue fixed and it's slightly thicker and weighs more. Both are great phones but The v60s in my opinion offers slightly better audio quality with same signal strength. I am going to try to trade the 265 for the v60s. IMHO the v60s is a slightly better phone for my purpose. Ive read the reviews on the v60s and seems all the negative feed back is on the v60p push to talk model. Phone Scoop should not combine the two models in the same review.

What a nice phone!


Dec 4, 2004 by mostintelegent

I just love this phone! So much better then my old LG! I live in a place where there is not much digital signal and my old LG phone would keep going to analog but not this one! Nice ringers and voice commands and a decent display. It also looks real cool!

Moto's and Verizon's new theme songs: If we only had a brain!


Nov 30, 2004 by magic83

Well, I really like this phone, at least as much as you can like any of Motorola's average phone features, and Verizon's somewhat good customer service..

What I really got turned off by with this phone, is that , now get this.....IT HAS NO DATE! Yes, I'm serious...Now, if you don't think this is a big deal, then great, get the phone you'll probably enjoy it. But, if you're like me, and many other people, you will think it's pretty necessary to have the date displayed on the phone.

Now, to clarify something, you CAN get the date by going to menu, and something, and another thing, then Calender, but I don't want to have to do that, I want it on the phone, just like any other phone, probably every single phone out there..

I don't know, it seems like Motorola thinks when they design phones but only partially, such as making a phone ONLY vibrate, THEN ring...it's like...DUH DUH DUH! That's just me though, and probably thousands of other people (you know who you are..).

But of course the geniuses at Moto told me it's Verizon's decision to not have the date...Yeah, because it doesn't have a "Zoom" feature on the phone...Ok, well so I called up Verizon, but no, they laughed and said it's Moto's problem...As they say, "I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!"

A side note, Verizon is really annoying with that beep invading your privacy and telling people you're on the other line...It's like if i ignore the call to one of my clients i dont want them to know i was on the phone and ignored them!

I hope this was helpful, and good luck! LONG LIVE FIJI WATER!



Jun 30, 2005 by chiefmanyphones

This phone boomerangs on us so fast it's tough to duck in time.

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