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Motorola v276 charger, camera, etc.


Jul 23, 2006 by Nick_Cameron

CHARGER: I don't understand why people have difficulty with the v276 charging plug. The side with the release button must be face-up (note the grab hooks on the end). Let it snap in place on insertion and never force it. You only press the release button to remove it. There's no doubt as to whether it's charging since the beep and display tells you.

CAMERA: The sensor produces 640x480 pixels and the lens has significant corner softness. Of course you only see photos at 128x128 on the phone itself. Colors are good and center sharpness is mostly adequate at max resolution. I didn't expect greatness from a near-pinhole lens but it gains-up well in low light. It seems OK for documenting car crashes or simple portraits. Setting the quality to 320x240 will mask blurry edges and give twice the shot capacity. Beware of the digital "zoom" since it only magnifies the image as a 160x120 cutout at max zoom level. Unless you access the phone with a USB or serial cable you'll pay airtime fees for uploading to vzwpix.com. You can email them back to yourself for free.

SOUNDS: Some hacking or file manipulation is needed for custom ringtones, which apparently must be in *.MID or *.QCP format. MP3s may not work. To protect the small but strained speaker, avoid bass-heavy clips or use a 100hz highpass filter before saving. 25 seconds is said to be a good length. You can email clips to cellnumber@vzwpix.com and try to set them as ringtones.

GENERAL: Overall I like this phone and it was a nearly free upgrade. It looks good and is very compact. Sometimes the software "gets behind" itself when you're working with media files. It's not perfect but it works fine in general. I can't comment on long term reliability, but I think folks who drop their phones and toss them around like laundry have no right to complain. A lot of user abuse is pawned off as production defects.

Getting back to basics, the v276 has great call clarity and that should probably matter most!

WORST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 23, 2006 by yourbishwhore

I received the Motorola V276 as a gift, and at the beginning i loved it because it was my first phone but know i hate it with a passion!


Charging issues
Faulty Battery
Cheap Graphics
Buttons Worn Out Easily
Creaky Hinge
Large Design
& More

I hate the cheapness of this phone but most of all it dies really easily and when your phone starts to have low battery it beeps on loud even when put on silent. It also has a poor camera, not that i expected to get a good use out of the camera but if i do want to you the camera the pictures are blurry. I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE.

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makes a good paper weight


Jul 22, 2006 by TVP125   updated Oct 16, 2013

Carrier: Metro

This is the most unreliable phone i have ever had. the camera sucks and forget about battery life you will never have any. i would never buy another Motorola again you know its true they have never made a good phone. metro pcs got the picture and they are going to drop the phone from the line up. i would say go with a Nokia they wont let you down.

Falling far from the 262


Jul 8, 2006 by arctic.banana

I was a sturdy user of the Motorola 262, it's non camera counter-part, but boy-o-boy was I shocked with the 265. I had it a grand total of 2 days before I went back and exchanged it...


- Simple and easy to use
- Camera
- decent reception


- Garbage camera (it's 0.3mp to be fair)
- Horrid battery life
- Freezes

All in all, I was not happy. Seeing as how the 262 and 265 are more or less the same phone, the 265 failed miserably. I expected some battery drain due to the camera, but this was extreme. And holding the 262/265 together to compare reception, the 262 always maxed at all my test areas, while the 265 averaged at 1, maybe 2 bars. How they managed this is beyond me. If your looking for a cheap camera phone, stay away from this and go with one of the others in the same price range (Samsung A840 is my own suggestion).

I want this phone to be better, but it just isn't


Jun 28, 2006 by U2ManTN

It works, which is good. The battery is a challenge, though. I have had several of these because of work and every one has to be charged twice as much as my old V60. The camera and color screen are wimpy and the buttons are not user friendly like... my old V60. However, I haven't switched back to my old V60. I keep hoping the new will wear off and I will get used to this V265. I haven't after nearly a year. So uncharacteristic for Moto.

Go figure? If you talk more than 30 minutes a day on a phone... this will just not cut it. You'll need a wall charger for home and work and a car charger just to make it to mid afternoon. Other than a few features I don't think are up to snuff and the battery life, it does o.k. and is durable like a Moto.

I hate trashers of phones and I have not switched back to my old phone, so take that into consideration... it can't be THAT bad if I still use it, right?

The Good and The Bad


Jun 9, 2006 by Olympus

Phone Service: U S Cellular

First off, I really don't like U S Cellular too much. I get horrible reception at the college I attend. My calls are dropped often, I'd say out of about every 10 calls I make, 7 of them are dropped.

I got this phone in late October 2005. I didn't have problems at first, except with the reception at my college.

Starting in January I had a few problems with it not sending my text messages. Then the buttons started sticking down longer and it would screw up my dialing or entering my pin for my voicemail.

It turns itself on and off now. The home charger that you get with it works in the beginning. But now it won't charge my phone. It will go from "charging" to "full charge" in less than an hour but when I turn the phone on its still in the red for battery life.

-Speaker phone works great. Its sometimes hard to hear on it, but the loudness is wonderful.
-Sleek design and color scheme on it.
-Getting accessories for it on the net was easy and cheap.

-Delay's sending text messages, also charges me twice for a message that needs to be re-sent because it was never sent in the first place.
-Buttons starting to stick down.
-Screen on the front is being filled with more and more dead pixels.
-Camera quality isn't the greatest but that's expected with all cell phones.
-Stock ringers are horrible.
-Vibration option- doesn't vibrate very hard, so if you're waiting for a call while in class you need to have the phone sitting on the desk/bookbag in order to see that someone's calling.

I've finally decided that I'm going to give up on this phone and find another that will do what I need it to do.

Overall rating: 1.5

I just can't take it!


Jun 5, 2006 by brgacr2

Well i got this phone in march and its june now, and in june is now were my problems are coming with this phone.

I had my phone off, and plugged it for a total of 4 hours. Usally thats what it takes for it to charge. Well here i am unplugging the phone and turning it on. Oh wait nevermind its dead becuase the thing never charged. And this happened again and again.

Now i am on cellcom. Cellcom is getting a new phone called the 323. I was happy hopefully meaning ill get that one to replace the junk i have now. But i cant. This made me very mad. The ladie said i can get the same phone i have now, just a new one. But why would i want a phone that i have now thats junk and is gonna die in a couple months.

My phone never went thru hard beating or anything. I just dont get how someone can make such a terrible phone...


Battery Life
And well it dies!

I do NOT reccommend this phone. At all.

wish I could recommend this phone


May 24, 2006 by bakemike

I recieved this phone about a year ago, the first thing I noticed was the horribly dim screen, I didn't freak out too much, because I use my phone for calling, not much else. I purchased web access from verizon, but the browser made the phone crash, I went through three of these in a year and they all had the same problem. Verizon replaced this phone twice for a total of three units, all had their quirks, my initial thoughts were this phone is going to break easily, but that never happened to me, but my two nephews, who are pretty rough on their phones broke many of them. With all of that said this phone has exceptional reception and the call quality.

call quality
compact and looks good

not reliable
quirky software
bad screen
horrible camera(not what I buy a phone for anyway)

Because of the great reception I recently upgraded to a moto e815 because of a recommendation from sales people in verizon store, reception is just as good, build quality, a little shaky but seems better than the 265

PURE CRAP!!! there's a reason they call techo flaw!!!


May 20, 2006 by Slick Vamp

Ok...I just got done reading all of the reviews, for those who like the phone...ARE YOU PEOPLE MAD?!?! I've had to go get mine replaced 4 times, then i wake up this morn to my fiance calling me, it crashed. The past 3 phones here's we go...




bad guality
poor reception
bad screen
bad system
can't hold a charge what so ever
bad speaker
very fragile ( I work in a kitchen and this is the only phone that breaks extremely easily)
buttons are messed up
crashes very easily

the list goes on and on. My old gwest phone was better than this one. Verizon bought out MCI, since then the costumer service has gone down, phone quality has gone down. You can tell it wasn't made in Japan!!!!! This phone is PURE CRAP!!!!! Anyone who buys it, I highly suggest you not, I'm a techie, I work with sound, lights, and computers, my mom's old 10 year old phone works better than this one, and thats saying something.

Us techie's know our stuff.

Good phone...for about 2 months


May 3, 2006 by apalategui333

Intially bought this phone expecting good things...two months in started to have problems. It would mysteriously shut down on its own like it was reseting or something. Upon "rebooting" it would send all of my text messages that the phone had were supposed to have been sent but I find out that they were not sent.


- Good design
- side buttons easily accessible and functional
- good signal, never dropped a call


- random shut downs
- stopped sending text messages
- loud annoying beeping sound when battery got low
- camera very poor quality
- Can not get date to show up anywhere...have to access the calendar feature just to find out what the date is
- contact entry very bad...example Chris Home, Chris Cell, Chris Work all displayed instead of combining them into just "Chris"
- no picture ID...would have been the only redeeming quality of camera

Overall, good phone for a short time but after the honeymoon, its all over with this phone...GET THE SAMSUNG a950!!! BEST PHONE I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!

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