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May 1, 2006 by duffs8989

-good reception
-easy to use

-features and looks get old
-strong signal that doesn't work
-small screen
-bad camera
-bad charger port

i don't remember all i've been through, but it's been a small ongoing Battle. i had a very good experience with my v260 but only because i tolerated that it was just a phone and i only needed to be able to make calls. Once i broke the screen though, i was upgraded to a v265. i broke the hinge and was sent a new one, the v270 or something. this thing always had reception but then the ear piece broke. Then i was sent the v 275 and this thing always had reception but would drop calls and then it was making noises because the charger port sucks and it switches to loud when you plug in the charger so it was loud. the battery also died fast. i was very hard on this phone though and it took most of it, it shows scratches bad, but i didn't care. I did much with this phone and it survived, but i never took it swimming.



Apr 29, 2006 by Pyrodawg88

This is the first cell phone I've gotten, and I share it with my little sister. When we first got it, it was cool. It had a lot of features, and we had fun experimenting with it. But about three or four months later it started shutting off randomly. I would put it in my pocket, and when I took it out, the screen would be lit up, but blank. I would have to power down the phone, and reset it. It also has problems with the camera. This just happened recently, every time I try to start the camera it says "Busy. Try Again." This phone is pretty terrible.
The verizon service has been pretty good. I live in Boise, and travel to Portland and Sacramento often, and I have never lost any calls (except when the phone shuts down). I just wish that we could connect to the download service for free.

PROS: It was cheap (BOGO), has a camera, Verizon service.
CONS: It's cheaply made, camera is broken, randomly shuts off, and has a sorta short battery life (2 days, limited use).

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Rather talk into a rock.


Apr 22, 2006 by Hutchi_cheer07

This is, hands up, the worst phone I have ever owned. It is so bad that I wish I had my old phone back... which was probally twice the size and twice the weight. This model has the worst picture quality of any picture phone I have ever seen, it experiences LAG if you can believe that! Also, it randomly turns to a black screen and I am unable to make or recieve calls for sometimes hours at a time. It plays ringtones inncorrectly (as in it plays the wrong ones). My boyfriend, his brother and I purchased these phones with a two year agreement in July of 2005 and have each had to have the phones replaced for the same reasons. You-can't-make-phone-calls-on-them! I'm sorry, but generally, that was the least that I was expecting out of my cellular phone and it can't even fufill that role. Motorola has made a huge mistake and I would have never expected this kind of service out of their phone company. If nothing is done about this problem then I, such as a recall on the basis that the phones are utterly pointless in owning, then I, along with the rest of my party will not be purchasing another motorola phone.

V276 is the worst phone


Apr 12, 2006 by person98

i HATE this phone. i got it about sixth months ago and had it replaced 3 months later because it would turn off on its own. the service is terrible. the pictures you take on it look like drawings.

Never Ever


Mar 25, 2006 by middlemas

This is the worst phone that I have ever bought. The screen goes blank all the time. Sometimes the phone just powers down on a full battery, Finally the phone just went blank and wouldn't do anything. I took it to Verizon and they replaced it with the same phone. Within a month the new phone was acting up. Now I plug it in to charge and it registers. A few hours I go back and the phone hasn't charged one bit. I checked the charger, and its just the phone. The screen on this one goes out as well, also it powers down for no reason. Then When I try answer incoming calls, the phone just turns off. All in all... worst phone I have ever owned. Not sure if I want to own another Motorola after these two.

no warentee


Mar 23, 2006 by makkaa

worst customer service ever dealt with..
do not recommend

Good but not durable


Mar 19, 2006 by Gohanfan01

Well I had this phone for a long while. It was probably the worst phone that I've owned, but only for one reason. It can't take a beating. I am very clumsy and tend to drop things. This phone gets damaged very easily and starts having many problems after that.

Very clear calls.
Really good signal strength.
Menus are fully customizable.

very small screen.
poor camera(no camera on a phone has ever impressed me though)
gets damaged easily and then the phone has too many problems to list.

all in all, if you're good at keeping a phone in good shape, this will work well. If not, your best bet is to go with another phone

This Phone Is Terrible


Mar 17, 2006 by streetpirate

personally i have owned over 6 cellular phones. and this was by the worst of them.

the phone itself on the outside is black or grayish black depending on your model, and i promise you it will scratch and chip very very easily. the phone itself will lose signal easily as well

as far as using it for nay media advice, don't waste your time. it's slower than any device I've used

the screen itself will freeze, go to black and lose service for minutes at a time making it useless "trust me i had this model 3 times because of this problem, i sent it back and the problem occoured time and time again"

be prepared to lose signal ALOT. calling mobile to mobile is terrible. the person talking to you will say they cant hear you and you wont be able to hear them.

overall a terrible phone not worth the money. trust me.

Disappointed, but optimistic that my next Moto will be better!


Mar 11, 2006 by rx7chik

I chose the V265 from the slim pickings available for CDMA (Telus Vancouver)in Aug 2005.

I wanted another Motorola flip (loved my startac)and this had most of the features I wanted, but fell short in a number of areas from the start. While I am disappointed, I kind of knew what I was getting.

Pros: I like the sleek, black design. The sharp looking glossy finish is holding up very well.
Cons: External display doesn't have the date.

Pro: Buttons have a good feel and placement. I like that the backlight senses darkness.
Cons: What's with the teeny, tiny, display!? There's room for so much more! Yes, I knew that when I bought it, but when I see someone's GSM Moto with a huge display, I'm a little jealous. Really hard to see in the sun.

Pro: Adequate for use as my primary phone. Didn't bother with car charger and don't have to charge every night.
Con: 150 hours of standby time? Bologna!

Pro: I never drop a call! I can make calls in places where those with GSM phones can't!
Con: Analogue mode sure can eat up a battery.

I can navigate my way through the menu easily (my friends will tell you I have a knack for that on any phone). Voice dial and text messaging work great and I have no real complaints about the camera (I knew I was getting a 0.3MP camera with no flash!) When I have to access the web it works great. I love the 4 different ring modes and that silent means SILENT!

I don't care for the phone book, and the scheduler's alarm won't work the way I want it to.

Problems: I can hear a tick, tick, tick like a second hand in the background when I'm on a call. (yours probably does, too)
The voice memo has a fast loud clicking sound.
Slow reaction to menu commands and open flip.
Sometimes shuts off and powers back up by itself.

I can't be bothered to return it for these few problems with only 4 months to go. I will buy another Moto (RAZR?) but will be glad to get rid of this one!

Best phone


Mar 5, 2006 by guineapigman

i got this phone for my son and me he is only ten i work at horizon and i sell this phone all the time

Pros: that it get the b est reception in the verizon phone selection great camera and very good speaker also you can download from verizon get it now a mobile msn aol OR yahoo messenger and there is one with all three The front display is nice and the ring-tones are great for alarms and thats covers the Pros

Cons could be a little bigger screen

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