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You'll either love it or hate it


Jul 24, 2005 by KyleLR

I've had many phones in the past, but this one by far takes the cake. It has its fare share of advantages and disadvantages, but if you're looking for a phone with outstanding reception in the most places, then this is your phone. It is like you are talking on a landline. I'm going to explain though why this phone is either a love it or hate it.

For example, I believe that if you are even THINKING about using the camera on this phone not to get it. It is worthless and I don't even see why it's there -- the quality is horrible. I don't ever use a phone cam so it makes no difference to me. If you buy this phone and expect even a below average camera, you'll be very disappointed.

This phone is not ideal for a lot of memory space either because the ringtones and graphics take up too much room. So, basically -- don't get it if you're a graphics/major huge ringtone person!

-EXCELLENT reception, far outweighs any cell phone in the world as far as I'm concerned.
-Ring volume is excellent as well
-Simple, lightweight
-LCD can be seen in most lighting without opening up the phone
-Great ways to organize phonebook
-Speakerphone works great, you can hear in the other room.

-Camera sucks
-Memory space
-Battery time is slightly below average, but it isn't horrible, and you can always get an extended battery.
-The phone isn't "sexy", it isn't your mother's cell phone, silver titanium, etc.
It's made of plastic and catches fingerprints easily (but not excessively) -- but to me that doesn't matter because it works! :-P
-The plates could be tightened a bit more, but this can be done at a store if it really bothers you.

Overall, I would highly recommend this phone for people who consider reception to be their #1 factor in purchasing a phone. It's the best choice for that.

Happy so far


Jun 19, 2005 by nokiaman1976

Just got my phone today didn't get it for the camera its cool but come on i wouldnt trade in my digital just yet. I got it for RF becuase the phone its replace is my nokia 3589i(retired) so the rf had to be good. This is the first motorola ive owned since the teletac series which was way before the startacs i even remember going from beepers to cell so i know phones and so far this one is pretty nice.

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EXCELLENT Phone...IF You Fix It


Apr 12, 2005 by sbrwlf89

there are a bunch of negative reviews and its not right. this is the BEST of the five phones I've had. Something a lot of people have mentioned is the bad camera and display.
This phone is well worth the money.

OWNERS: Scroll the Menu > Settings > Initial Setup > Contrast

The default contrast set is 3 which is WAY to dark. Change to 0 for a crisp, clean screen:)

Hope this helps!

A good choice


Apr 7, 2005 by crkeehn

The Motorola V265 is a bargain among cellular choices. We ordered our two during VZWs Camera phone promotion which got us one free with the main phone heavily discounted. The performance has been excellent and the battery life is at least what Motorola promises.

Excellent RF
Very Good Battery Life
small format, I carry mine in my pants pocket
excellent speaker phone
loud ringtones
both transmission and reception are very clear
external display is clear and easily read

interior display in intense light
camera (I think the "shutter speed" is fairly slow and that is a bit of the problem. If the phone is not held very still, the image blurs
the battery cover can creak.

Not Bad


Apr 6, 2005 by motoman82

I switched to this phone from the LG VX6100 I believe it was. I didnt like that phone at all the signal bounced like a rubber ball. This phone I believe has better reception and better things that matter in a phone than the LG VX6100. I am one of those people that dont understand why everyone needs everything and than some on their cell phone the more you have in your cell phone the more likely it will break. Somethings I learned about this phone the backlight option on this phone can be set for up to 50 seconds and there is a blue keylight display and it dont come on everytime you open the phone it has a censor in the phone and only comes in when its dark. I guess its a battery saving technique.

Battery Life
Sleek Design
Steady Signal
Battery Saving Options
Just a overall good phone a step up for Motorola

Where's The Date?
Camera (for whoever uses it)
I wish there was some metal to the outer shell
Voice Dial (I prefer the old style better)

Smaller screen

Great phone!


Mar 22, 2005 by imapirate05

best phone i have had in a long time! great sturdy design, and impressive look. the only thing i do not like is the small screen. but other than that great value for reliable phone.

My Alltel Moto v265 is solid


Mar 12, 2005 by purwater

I purchased and reviewed the Moto v262 a while back and I still stand by my good rating. I have my mom on my plan and she was due for a new phone and liked my 262 so I thought cool I'll give it to her since it's bout new and get the new v265 that Alltel was carrying. Well the v265 is very good. All the positives of the v262 and more.


Excellent reception
Clear call quality
Very good speaker phone
Loud earpiece volume. (even better than v262)
Decent battery life
Camera (good to have but a con as well)


Camera quality is not the best
Black shiny covering shows smudges and scratches
No soft touch covers that I've found

I put the camera in the pro and con list. The reason being that the quality of the camera isn't the best, but I have a nice digital camera for times when I want nice pics. The camera is a pro because there are times when out with friends that you see something that you want to remember or show someone. It's nice at those times to have a basic camera phone.

Overall I haven't found any negatives about the phone. A longer battery life would be great but I don't think I've ever had a battery last as long as I'd like. It is comparable to other phones I've used. One last thing is the date issue that people keep talking about. I'm not sure if it's a Verizon only problem but my v265 has the date right on the internal screen. It is right above the screen icons just like on my v262. Maybe this is a Verizon quirk or it has been fixed in more recent releases of the phone. Either way mine is showing it. Anyone in the market for a good phone with basic camera should give the v265 a look.

Very satisfied


Jan 31, 2005 by Patapsco Mike

This is my fifth Verizon phone. I've been through two Samsung's and an Audiovox Thera recently- the first one I got for free with the plans and I'm not sure what they were.

Where the other phones got a slight signal, I get perfectly clear calls. Where my old phones got no signal at all, I can still call (although not with a perfect signal). Reception blows away the old phone. I find the screen to be perfectly fine even in bright sun. I love the external time display.

LOUD ring tones and speakerphone
external time display
LOTS of programmable one-touch buttons
very easy to use program to sync with MS Outlook
battery life
automatic voice recognition of names!!

no date display (although setting up the calendar as a one-touch button works fine)

Awsome "PHONE"


Jan 31, 2005 by wade234

Notice I said a great phone not toy. The reception and battery life are great. I went from a StarTac to the LG4400 and now I am back to Motorola. I am on a family share plan so I have multiples of the same phones (helps to distinguish between a single bad phone and bad line). I have had consistently better results with the Motorola lines. Yes, the LG phones are flashier but if you are looking for a solid tri-mode phone stick with Motorola.

Verizon, Washington DC area

Battery Life

User interface

Pretty Cool


Jan 24, 2005 by NYSuzyq87

My very first phone is the Motorola V265. Aesthetically, it's great, but I have to admit there are some things I don't like.

~ VERY CLEAR Speaker-phone
~ Color Screen
~ High Clarity (Long Island, NY)
~ Sturdy Built

~ Screen is terrible for viewing pictures
~ Terrible battery life (maybe I got a faulty one)
~ Very few ring tones.


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