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Dec 26, 2004 by brandondl92

i just recently received this phone for Christmas.. and it has some great features but one thing i cannot seem to find is the polyphonic ring-tones.. i found 10 polyphonic ring-tones.. verizon told me there was 64!! someone help me find the ring-tones!!

V265 - Good Phone


Dec 22, 2004 by omsoft

I downgraded from V710 to V265, after suffering from disabled features on the former. This phone reminds me of T720 after a firmware update.

Pros -
Good call quality
Sturdy feel

Cons -
Camera is bad
Internal display too small
No date display
I have not been able to synchronize calendar and contacts using Motorola's MPT 3.0, it does not recognize the phone. Not sure yet if this is a problem with the phone or the software. Motorola has not yet responded back.

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Performance not Play


Jun 27, 2005 by geoff2007

If you are looking for a phone that you would use for a "Work Phone" i highly recommend it, but if you are a teen or teen at heart that loves the games, ringers, performence, etc. of a phone, i do not recommend it. I bought it as an impulse buy and i regret it. It must be treated with absolute care or it will start to loose the features that are actually useful such as speaker phone and the front display. The speaker phone worked fine for a week, but that week being in my pocket it decided it didn't want to work. The screen is the same way. It has a VGA camera, but it is there just for looks, it doesn't work as well as a VGA should work. It comes with these little animated pictures, but you cannot do anything with them and you cannot delete them, which leads to less memory. Many things i do not like about the phone besides its performance, and these are only a few of the above. I highly recommend against this phone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks!

Good and Bad


Apr 25, 2005 by Got Karma

I'll start by saying that mine broke within 2 weeks and I returned it. It slowly developed a static problem (some on my end, more for the person being called) that got so bad I returned it under Verizon's 15 day deal. I did a little research and found that the static problem was common in the 260/262/265 phones, so I didn't get another. I loved the PROS and hated the CONS, and there was little in between.

-Really great reception.
-Very customizable menus and soft keys.
-Voice dial doesn't require training.
-Outside display (somewhat) visible all the time.
-Can change to any of five ringer modes with out side buttons (not just "on" or "silent", but buttons aren't so sensitive as to change by themselves in your pocket.

-The worst inside display I've ever seen. Very small, very grainy, and useless in bright sun. So bad that even with all wallpaper turned off it is still hard to discern icons against a white background.
-I found the earpiece hard to use. It was fine if my ear was in just the right place, but almost inaudible with just a slight position shift. This problem alone was significant enough that I probably would have returned the phone even if it hadn't broken.

Overall this phone frustrated me because it was close to ideal, but at the same time almost un-useable. I would have truly loved it if it hadn't been ruined by the earpiece. It was a big enough problem for me that I would have returned the phone even if it hadn't had the static issues.

Not bad, but could do better!


Apr 18, 2005 by x325

I originally purchased this phone as an upgrade to the V60 by Motorola. I found that the V265 had a very similar interface, but the pro's really outweighed the cons, therefore i am looking to upgrade right now. I really liked the screen on the T720/T730 but didn't care for the problems known with that phone, and wanted something reliable like the v60, so I was hoping this phone would be the best of both worlds so to speak.

Many options
Small yet sleek
Okay reception (I have had several dropped calls; could be Verizon Wireless.)
Speakerphone works very well.

Very Small Screen. Smaller than the T720/T730.
Camera is terrible; but were rating a phone not a digital camera.
Battery life is poor.

Overall the phone is okay. This is more of a toy for kids, not a functional phone for those who demand and need a solid phone. If you're looking for a phone that has all the little "fun" features at a low price, this is your phone. If you're looking functionality and a solid phone, look elsewhere.

Verizon V265


Feb 17, 2005 by David L


Great menu customization.

Voice dial for the entire address book, sweet!

No hunting for a ear piece "sweet" spot.

Very good, clear audio, incoming and outgoing.

Ability to hold a signal without dropping


Small Screen hard on older eyes after extended viewing.

No "digital only" setting.

Extreme reluctance for phone to acquire an available Sprint signal. No way to force it.

The biggest complaint, after _lots_ of fringe area testing and comparison with other Verizon phones, the Motorola seemed to switch to analog too easily and stay stuck there. The lack of a "digital only" setting is a _MAJOR_ flaw, for fringe area use, and doesn't allow phones to easily roam on Sprint (where PRL permitted).
Since I was able to make 2 Sprint calls on the Motorola it is certain that Sprint roaming is still allowed in my area. The inability to "force" Sprint, and the preference for analog, deprives the user of a whole other digital network, as an option to analog.

At least a choice for "Digital Only" in "network" set up mode, would be very useful to keep the phone from entering the battery draining, easily eavesdropped "Analog" mode.
After checking my old v60i network setup, I discovered it is _exactly_ the same.

The challenging to view screen, no "digital only" setting and inability to get on SPCS and the increasing number of bugs were reasons the v265 was returned...

For those with good vision, and no allowed SPCS roaming, v265 would make a fine choice.

I'll miss the great voice dial set up, but there seemed to be more and more worrisome, in use, bugs popping up and then an unexplained major reduction of volume a couple of times. The ringer stuck on until I pulled the battery, once:(
The limited network selection menu appears to be a long standing Motorola set up. So, I see little chance a "digital only" setting or even less chance for "force PCS" setting to ever appear in a sw update.



Jan 18, 2005 by CELLPHONEADDICT33

OK, I admit that I never wanted to give in to the camera phone fad. That having been said, this is an amazing phone that I did not buy for the camera. The call quality on this phone is amazing and it's ability to keep the signal strength going strong is unbelievable. I got this phone last week on my new every two program with verizon, which means it cost me nothing. However, I would pay whatever the going rate on ebay is for this phone. I am a heavy user of my cell phone. I use it for personal and business use. I am very pleased with this phone. I live in southeastern MA.

PROS: great size, great looks, decent battery, excellent call quality, wonderful promotional price with verizon, external display, normal ring tones.

CONS: none that I can find yet. However, the date is not displayed on the phone. Not a big deal, but if there had to be a con so far, that is the only one I can find.

If you are looking for a new phone with verizon, this is it. I have had a lot of phones and this is the best.

Can't sync w/ USB Mobile Phone Tools


Jan 9, 2005 by killaeecs

I like the phone. It would be nicer if the antenna wasn't so fragile. Something like the MPX220's antenna design so that I can accidentally bump into a door or wall, or something.

I've been trying to find a way to use the motorola Mobile Phone Tools to sync my calendar and contacts list. It's not working because I can't find the USB drivers for the damn phone.

Anyone know where to find them? I can't, after 2 hours of searching.

Pro's: Nice external screen, Nice finish
Con's: Cheap feel, external antenna, no syncing solutions, no free games included.

BAD design!


Dec 22, 2004 by kinso

This phone has a very bad design. At the joint (wher it flips open and closed) there is a small button that gets pushed when the phone is closed to turn it off. This button doesn't work after a few weeks. It gets stuck and the phone always thinks that it's open... even when it's not.

Can't even return the phone... now I'm stuck with it. I'll NEVER buy Motorola again, and I'll tell everyone I know not to buy also.


Extremely Disappointed with v265!!!


Dec 19, 2004 by introvert

I'm a longtime Moto fan and this phone just flat out didn't live up to the hype. I used it for a week and tested all of its capabilities to the fullest extent and came to the conclusion that it was a piece of junk, here's why:

1. Horrible screens. Can't see screens in daylight. Horrible resolution. Way too small, why so small on such a HUGE phone?

2. Worthless camera. Nuff said.

3. Battery cover had too much play.. i.e. it slides back and forth even when it's securely attached. Thought this might've just been a problem with my phone, but no, exchanged it for another and had the same problem.

4. Plastic junk. Buttons squeak when pushed, just horrible. Can't type a text message without the phone feeling like it's going to fall apart.

5. Too big. No need for this phone to be so big when the screen in so small.

6. Cheap antenna. I could see this breaking in no time.

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