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Are you kidding!?!?


Oct 15, 2006 by berlin

wow, for the first 5 months this phone was pretty nice, then my charger broke and had to get a new one. From there on it was just a joke! It would freeze up so I'd have to restart it and it would display "No Service" then finally it would snap back to reality. The Internet would never run. The battery compartment stretched somehow, causing a short circuit in the battery so if I would bump into something or close the flip too hard, it would shut off and turn back on, which gets really annoying!!! So then my second charger broke (the little metal prongs got stuck inside the charger) and i bought a third then my phone completely broke 3 days later! It would randomly shut off and I'd have to turn it on, but it wouldn't power back on anymore, it just sat there and flashed at me, trying to decide if it should turn on or not. Very disappointing for someone who practically lives on their phone!! I only had it for 10 months! Junk!! So with that:

Pros: pretty good ringtones, good battery life, loud speaker phone, easy touch keys, mp3 ringtone capable, overall good reception.

Cons: loud muffled speaker (takes getting used to), bad camera, not very attractive, bigger than most phones, confusing menus, annoying contact entry style, its a motorola....enough said!

V276 absolutely blows chunks!


Oct 12, 2006 by bigbusa

I can't even give this phone a 1/2 rating because it sucks so bad!

You can't just plug the charger in and walk away. You have to coax it into charging. You have to wiggle the wire, unplug it and replug it in a few times, maybe remove the battery... all this just to get the damn thing charged?! Makes me really mad.

This is my 2nd v276. The 1st one absolutely would not charge no matter how much a screwed with it. I think the 2nd phone they gave me is refurbished.

I plugged it in all night and unplugged it. As soon as I unplugged it the frigging low battery BEEP started beeping! WTF>>>>????

The people I called on my old sanyo scp-8100-s always commented on the phones great sound quality. They said it sounded like I was right next door! With this POS V276 they all tell me I sound like I'm sitting in an empty tiled bathroom and ask if I'm holding the phone 3 feet from my mouth.

The color screen sucks. I take a picture and look at it on the screen... it's so small and washed out that I can hardly see the pic.

The camera pic quality absolutely sucks! I used to take lots of pics with my sanyo and send them to people via their email addresses wich I had stored in the phone. With the v276 I don't even bother now.


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Motorola V265


Oct 6, 2006 by mrgross

I have had 3 of these phones through Verizon Wireless in the past 24 months!!! They repeatedly have a problem with the charger connecting to the bottom of the phone. Regardless of which type of adapter (AC or vehicle) you attempt to use, it often doesn't charge at all or very little. Verizon Wireless has been wonderful however, as each time I've gone into a service center, they have given me a new phone (even without a service contract on the phone).

The battery life is also rather short. If you text very much, you see drastically shorter battery life.

Phone also seems prone to shorting out after a few months of flipping open and shut. Phone #2 would only stay on if I pinched the top portion of the phone by the speaker.

Just got phone #3 this week (10/04/06) after I could no longer get #2 to charge. 5 different folks I work with also have a Motorola product with this type charger and have the same problem.

Highly disappointed with this Motorola product.


Cannot think of any!


Charger is a poor design
Battery life short
Camera fair

this phone sucks


Jan 23, 2006 by rattlesnakevy2j

horrible camera, Terrible reception, flimsy,Small screen, You cant see the screen in daylight, speaker sucks...

If u just bought this phone bring it back they lied to you in the store its not good..

I had this phone for about 3 months I snapped it in half n got a 710 but thats another review..

This phone Rocks


Nov 28, 2005 by Quench

One of like the best phones ever!!!

Nice look
Nice feel
Small and lightweight
Great sounding ringtones and speaker

OK Camera (it's a phone, not a studio!)
Buttons are a bit hard to push

Not a bad phone at all


Nov 4, 2005 by bob1049

The Motorola V265 is one of the cheapest camera phones out there. It's great if you want a cheap phone that has all the extra "bells and wistles"

*Nice External LCD Screen (you can see it direct sunlight)
*Crisp clear fresh speakerphone
*Battery life is decent. However, if you talk consantly on your cell phone this may not be the right phone for you.
*Just the right size- not to small, not to bulky
*Has voice recognition
*Has a nice keyboard layout (a little cramped but not as bad as others)
*Side keys are designed so they will not be pushed when in someones pocket
*Overall a good layout

*Screen- the most dissapointing part of the phone. Not only is it quite small, but rather washed out as well. Still, its not that bad (there are phones with MUCH worse screens).
*Camera is not of the best quality. However, I think it is just as good as other cheap camera phones such as the Sony Ericson Z500a. Still, not the best around but it gtes the job done.
*The only part about the black design I don't like is the fact that it shows dust and fingerprints real easy.

This is acually my second V265. My first one the microphone stoped working within two months so nobody could hear me. This seems to be a problem with a few peoples phones. However, I heard a rumor that Motorola fixed the problem. I have had my second V265 for about 6 months now and had no problems with it.



Nov 1, 2005 by cadillacman1986

This is a great phone for basics and for the price I got it at. I would never pay over $30 for it though. I picked it up for $30 at Radioshack instead of $75 at the Verizon Store. The 265's were discontinued for too many problems. I work for Verizon and I know this. That's why I passed on the 265 at Radioshack. The 265 had a worse screen and major issues with the equipment, hence the discontinuation of them. The 276 sounds great on most of my calls, and gets a great signal with only 1 bar. I have had only 2 dropped calls since September 11th when I bought it new. No problems with it so far, and I am confident with its ability to serve me well for the next two years. If not, then I'll know not to buy a cheap Motorola.

Improved screen
Shiny chrome faceplate looks good
Ease of use (It uses the same Moto OS as all)
Missed calls and call history show repeated calls, not just one, so you know how many times someone called (This is an over the previous Motos that just showed the # once.
Can play games while talking to someone on speakerphone.

Speaker level could be higher at times.

V276's Main Menu does display DATE


Sep 18, 2005 by oldfart

V276's main menu does display DATE, But its over written by VERIZON WIRELESS or Speaker phone ON. I saw the phone, at the store, before activation, and the date was there, in the upper left corner. Then after activation VW text. On power on, you can see the date for a split second. I replaced the web icon with the calendar icon, for easy access.

ALL I need and want is a phone to work as a good phone. This does. Great sound and great signal strength. I have fallen in love with the voice dial, IT REALLY WORKS!! I tried SPRINT'S VI-125 & PM-225. Only 50% of names would work, "HOME" never work. I tries the VW LG 8100, voice dial, also poor. The LG8100 had very low sound on the playback name.

I love this phone. I tried to get my wife one, she wanted the E815, which had issues, finally got her V710.

The metal front cover scratches easy and blinds me in the sun when trying to read the time.

CAMERA-don't care.



Jul 26, 2005 by victor28

this phones camra sux.VERIZON IS GOOD THOE

This Phone is AWESOME!


Jul 25, 2005 by xbrunettebabex

I have had this phone for awhile now and i have not had one problem with it. Most people say that the camera is awful and i really don't think that it is that bad and that the phone screen is small well...its big enough for me to see it. I have had great experience with this phone and i would not trade it in for any other phone. The reception is great, it had GREAT ringtones and you can download. I would suggest this phone to anybody who is looking for one.

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