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motorola v265-not pleased


Jul 26, 2005 by andiepandiecottoncandie

The phone initially seemed like it would be durable and sustain good battery life and last me the full year.
I purchased this phone on March 3rd, 2005 and 4.5 months later it needs replacement.

Very Good Reception, never had a dropped call
Excellent Speaker Phone
Predictive Text Easy to use
Simple Navigation
Clear and quality ringtones

Camera-very poor quality photos-not that i did not expect it
battery life-HORRIBLE
charging port-home charger no longer will charge, and car charger works sparatically

Coincidentally after purchasing this phone everyone i have spoken to who has owned a motorola said that their charger stopped working. My dad got the same phone and he had to replace it after a month because no one could hear him in his phone calls.

Now i am faced with replacing it with phone insurance or buying a different phone outright. I don't know if i could olerate using this phone anymore!

Really crappy model, from what I can see.


Jun 9, 2005 by Chevelle

I work for a Verizon indirect agent in the Western region, and I can't even begin to tell you how sick I am of the Motorola 265.
Every person that comes in my store and has owned this phone for more than 6 months is having problems with it. The biggest complaint is the ear piece. After a few months, it crackles so badly that talking on the phone and hearing the other person is impossible.

-It is a fairly affordable camera phone. Something for people without the $$ to spend on a really great one, but still have the camera feature so many folks are looking for.
-Nice looking phone.

-In my experience we have had problems with it picking up signal.
-Ear piece crackles, usually at about the 4-6 month mark.
-Mediocre camera.
-Built fairly flimsy.

Basically you get what you pay for. It is a cheap camera phone, with the important word there being CHEAP. The savings is not worth the hassle that comes with this phone, in my opinion.

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OMG!What a horrible phone


Jan 23, 2005 by XxDennis11xX

I got this phone and withen 3 days when I closed the flip the phone thought it wwas still on. And I return it and got a new one. The screen is so so so very small and color is very dull. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE FOR THE CAMERA. It's the worsr camera phone. By reading some of these reviews one person said it should't even have been color the screen is so dull. And I agree 100% of the way. The only good thing about this phone is a nice seletion of ringers and is compact.

v265 review


Dec 31, 2004 by wjkmlux

I agree with nearly the entire review by DMBand0026. It is an excellent phone that seems to do most things well. Internal screen is small, but it's bright and displays lots of colors. Camera isn't anything special, but not a big deal to me. I've downloaded lots of mp3 ringtones to my phone that work well... check howardforums.com for instructions. One thing mentioned by DMBand0026 is that the phone can't display more than one number per contact. That's incorrect... you can assign multiple numbers to a contact (home, work, mobile, fax etc.) I travel backroads in relatively remote areas of Utah during my commute, and this thing gets a great signal!

Wonderful Phone


Dec 31, 2004 by DMBand0026

I've had the V265 for about a month now and I haven't ever been more satisfied with a phone before. Granted, I've always had the free phones that come with the basic plans before this Moto.

Great voice quality
Incredible reception
Above average battery life
Power save mode (a light sensor in the phone chooses whether or not to light the keypad based on ambient light conditions, works extremely well)
Speakerphone works well
Menus are nice, but not perfect
Buttons on the side make it easy to change ring style, change volume, or activate the speakerphone. They're also just the right firmness to make them not easy to accidentally push, but easy enough to push if you want to.
Ringers are loud.
External display is great
Stores up to 60 recently received/dialed calls

Voice activated dialing is supposed to work without the user "training" the phone, it does not.
Only one number per contact
Camera sucks, although that's not really a problem because if I wanted a camera I would have bought a camera.
Crappy selection of ringers, VZW wants you to buy more.
No bluetooth, VZW seems to want to lag behind in phone technology sometimes. Too bad, they have the best network.
External display doesn't show date.

Overall, it's a wonderful phone. If you're considering it, just get it and you won't regret it. Great price, good features, and with Verizon Wireless, you really can't go wrong.

Great overall phone


Nov 27, 2004 by ryanthegr8

I upgraded from my old 720 to the v265 a few days ago and am extremely satisfied with it's overall functionality. This phone gets a strong signal in places I was used to getting one bar on extended network or no signal at all. Besides the awesome reception, the phones software setup, layout of keys and style make it a great decision on my part.

-reception clarity is outstanding
-nice speakerphone
-voice command is cool
-keys are very responsive
-screens color quality is very nice
-camera has zoom
-external display has some extras

-camera is downright nasty
-the picture gallery is not laid out well

When you get down to it the phone is almost perfect, but the camera holds it back. DO NOT get this phone for the camera feature. All in all it does everything a good solid cell phone should do, just doesn't have all the bells and whistles.

mixed bag


May 21, 2005 by davisca22

This phone works very well for me with the exception of the earpiece and the battery. The earpiece is too quiet and does not fit snuggly against the ear. The battery is just slightly below average but acceptable.

Reception is good and speakerphone works well - overall a good basic phone.

Camera is not great but I could care less.

Great Phone, but...


Dec 30, 2004 by KOneal

This is a great phone. I bought it as a replacement to my aging T720 and am extremely satisfied. I have had a few problems with this though mainly from the camera. When I select the camera function the phone simply freezes. I know this is a manufacturing problem and am going to get it replaced through amazon. Other than that the phone is awesome!

V265 will match Sanyo


Nov 28, 2004 by billrnot

This has to be the best Motorola phone that Verizon has had in a long time! Just wish it had the titanium covers that the V60 series has! I've used many phones with both SprintPCS and Verizon Wireless. the Sanyo phones that Sprint offers are some of the best performers I've ever owned! Until this weekend, I have been using the LG 6100 with good results in fring areas, but my new V265 is out performing it hands down, except for the camera!

Much like everyone else is stating!

Poor camera, but that is really unimportant to me!
Not bullet proof like the V60!

Verizon and Motorola have FINALLY come out with a GREAT user phone!

It's definitely a KEEPER!


Good call quality on otherwise mediocre phone


Nov 24, 2004 by RichardM

I may be spoiled by some of the very solid, stylish phones I've had in the past, in particular the old Moto V60i, and the Samsung A670. Those were both sleek, solid, beautiful phones. The V265 is not.
This is not one of Motorola's better accomplishments in style or quality. I'm generally a Motorola fan, having used the V60i and T730. The color display is a joke. It's awful. It's a disgrace to Motorola that they would even put their name on a phone with a display and style like this. The camera is useless. Motorola is capable of so much more.

The call quality is very good. That IS the most important quality for a cell phone, which is why I didn't rate this phone lower.

This is a good phone for people who want an inexpensive phone with good call quality and reception, and are willing to put up with the poor display and design.

1) Good call quality and reception. Even with headset, sound is loud and clear.
2) Has speakerphone which you can turn on before you even place the call.
3) Voice dialing "Obey Moto" good

1) The color display is horrible. They have a few wallpaper selections, but none of them look any good with the display. Even "get it now" wallpaper would look bad.
2) Camera is awful
3) Very hard to set up contacts. The "soft" keys are hard to get to and use. As far as I can tell so far, you can only set up one phone number per name.
4) Not easy to put the battery in, and snap the battery cover.
5) It's hard to avoid hitting the side keys while holding the phone.
6) The phone doesn't feel that comfortable when holding it during a call.
7) The build quality is nothing like the V60i series. Those phones were very solid; the V265 is not.
8) I'm not too crazy about the style and color. Compare this to any of the other current Samsung A670, or the LG phones---built more solidly, displays are much better, and style nicer.

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