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got and love it.


Sep 6, 2009 by narn3049

i got it because my a870 by samsung broke. nothing really was bad on the samsung but both screens broke and i found this for cheap. i love it...... the only 2 cons are that the battery dies fast, ordering a new one from ebay and it should be here soon and when plugged in the phone says changed style loud and changed style vibe & ring and i loose my ringtone. good phone otherwise

What were they thinking!?


May 8, 2008 by zeboss2

This is the first cell phone I ever purchased (V276). It started out fine, but the flaws became more apparent as time went on. Here's a list of the good, the bad, and utterly intolerable.

1) It's a pretty tough phone, the back plate comes off a little too easily but this phone took some knocks back in the day.
2) I think it has a decent interface.
3) Awesome voice dialing, superb speaker phone.

1) The worst problem with this phone is the fact that after a year and one month, the damn thing wouldn't charge. I'd have to stick the prong charger into the socket on the phone and wedge it against something really hard to get it to charge at all because the contacts wouldn't touch unless you did that. Jesus.
2) The camera. What the hell? There's no contrast at all, it's all shades of gray and the resolution is absolutelly awful.
3) It liked to just turn itself off sometimes. No reason. Sometimes in the middle of a call.
4) The battery life. Just before I broke down and bought a new phone at full price (I was a month out of my warranty before I came to my senses), I was averaging about eighteen minutes of talk time on a full charge before it died. I mean honestly...
5) This thing had a beautiful, beautiful silvery finish when I bought it. A month later it looked like I'd scraped it against concrete or something.

In the end this was a bad phone. It had good points, but this was a half baked piece of crap that Motorola should have spent more time developing before they pushed it onto the market as a cheapo. It has the potential to be a bangin' basic usage phone, it has a good look. The fact is, this phone just isn't practical. You wanna just use your phone calling people, no texting or pictures? Well, I hope you talk fast because you don't have very long until the battery dies on you and I hope you have alot of patience when you try to charge it up. Better yet, just get something else, preferably not a Motorola.

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This phone is really great!


Apr 9, 2008 by phonelover13

I love this phone especially for me because I have unlimited messaging. The urban chic and sophisticated design of the V265 is sure to attract refined consumers. With the flip closed, it's black finish and uncluttered exterior is simple yet elegant. On the front, the external gray scale screen displays basic information such as time, network status, and battery strength. And a lens for the integrated VGA camera sits above it, able to snap images of up to 640 x 480 px. I would never choose another phone over this one I love it so much!

#1 Phone


Nov 16, 2007 by Motov265

I love this phone sooo much i went from a Nokia 6215I even though its newer i like this won tons more


Decent size screen

Good Signal


Tough phone


Hard to Text

Crashes at some points

The worst phone I've ever owned


Nov 8, 2007 by genistas17

Pros: When it worked, the signal and sound quality were great. Good speakerphone.

Cons: OK, here we go. TERRIBLE battery life. Even when new I wouldn't get through a day without it dying, and I'm not a heavy talker. I had to have this phone replaced 3 times because of the 3 following problems: the screen kept shutting off while scrolling through menus, the phone completely lost the ability to communicate with towers (no reception whatsoever), and the phone randomly shut itself off. Add to this the list of quirky little bugs I don't even have time to mention and it adds up to a bad phone. It completely died last week (won't even turn on.)

By the way, Motorola introduced the V276 to fix many of these bugs, however Verizon Wireless refused to give me one even after my V265 had already been replaced twice. They had some silly explaination for this (The first time it was replaced it was in warranty and the second and third times it was too close to the end of the warranty.) Definitely bad mark for Verizon too.



Sep 18, 2007 by Kubs

I had this phone for two years and could not wait for my "New Every Two" discount from Verizon to come. At first this was a great phone. For the first couple months it worked awesome with no dropped calls and it looked cool too. I got it for free with rebates and soon found out that I overpaid for it. It now drops calls all the time (no matter how many bars you have) and even doesnt ring a lot of the time. It misses voicemail and doesnt alert you. After time the battery decides not to charge, or you have to spend a good 15-20 min. playing with the charger in the phone so that it starts charging. The battery life is pitiful the ringtones are boring. The speaker is not very loud and can't be heard most of the time so I just kept in on vibrate which worked really well. The camera is not great but its better than other phones I've seen. I just upgraded to the RAZR Ve Maxx so I will let you all know the difference after I spend more time with it.

WORST cell phone ever


Jun 8, 2007 by fransou19

Con: I will not recommend that phone to nobody even if some of is features are good.That cell phone make me really mad after I purchase it I had to replace it.It was my first cell and it's a really bad experience.The first v266 used to drop since day 3,and drop calls.I change it afther 3 months.The new one,the volume is no good,it drop drop drop drop drop the calls.I missed so many important calls with this cell phone,It limited on the alarm clock and voice record.The memory is bad the way it range the pic for example.The pic are not good quality.No date on inside or outside screen,the charger is pretty fragile.Battery run real quick,make noise mark no service for nothing, sometimes it shut it own self and open again,no reception in walmart specialy.

pro: It have a solid plastic,
speakerphone really good
show missing calls or beep.

This is a low quality cell sorry.I went crazy this few month going out with the charger at every place.I will not recommend it.It make me not trusting motorola.

Decent cheapie fouled by some handicaps


May 17, 2007 by nyisles

I doubt anyone's buying one of these nowadays, but after spending 2+ years with a V265 (or more specifically three of them), I have plenty to say about it. When I first got it back in early 2005, it seemed adequate for its time - no Bluetooth or anything, but a reasonable amount of features for a $10 phone. That said, the phone was ruined by some mind-numbingly stupid defects and lousy build quality that made me wonder if there's any sort of quality control at Motorola, or anyone on their R&D team who isn't in a persistent vegetative state.


* Good reception and voice quality
* Could be fooled into using mp3 ringtones by encoding a certain way and naming them with a .mid extension (suck it, Verizon)
* Nice, straightforward messaging interface (with one glaring exception - see below)
* One of the three I owned had good battery life


* The goddamn "LOW BATTERY" WARNING! Easily one of the most thoughtless "features" ever put into a cellphone. Motorola's line of thinking here must have been "let's not only make a warning that the user cannot disable or silence, but also give it the most annoying sound ever AND make it come on even though the battery has hours worth of battery life left!" I will be hearing that idiotic noise in my nightmares for eternity.
* This phone doesn't bother prompting you if you accidentally hit the End button while texting, another insanely thoughtless oversight that resulted in me having many a long text message vanish into the ether.
* Possibly the most fragile phone on Earth. As mentioned I went through three in a two-year period, the first one's mic dying and both of the displays on the second one dying. The third one's outer display was also dead for a couple of months before I retired it.
* Terrible battery life in two of the ones I had
* Lousy external speaker

Hopefully Motorola has improved their user interface and reliability a bit since 2005, but I'll never know since the V265 is the last Moto I'll ever own.

Malfunctioning Junk!


May 6, 2007 by cbb1430

I am at the end of a 2 year contract on this phone and this last month is killing me!

There is very little "good" to say:

*multiple entries per name.
*Accurate voice dial.
*Decent speaker phone.
*Apparently durable--dropped in water and it survived last week (dang it)and I've thrown it across a warehouse out of frustration and it didn't even scratch it when it hit the concrete. Hubby dropped his from a 90ft bucket truck onto dirt and it survived.

*Will only play midi ringtones unless you buy truetones through Verizon. (I refuse!And there are no modifications to enable it)
*Crappy battery life (I'm down to about 45 minutes talk time and have never had that happen on any phone before!)
*Phone "reboots" randomly--even in active calls!
*poor camera quality
*sometimes it won't send out txt & pic messages until hours later ( that could be the network though)
*phone doesn't look like the pics they advertized--thought the front was a lot darker than it is.
*Did I mention crappy battery?
*drops network at random
*hard to put on charger--have to work it around to make contact.

Verizon has been less than helpful with the problems, and even less sympathetic. When I took it in to the tech, they wanted to charge me $20 to temporarily reactivate my old phone for the day (I have a special needs child and cannot be without a phone and these are also our home phones.)

Needless to say, my phone hasn't been checked by a tech... a somewhat functioning phone is better than none at all.

I won't be getting another motorolla and very likely not staying with Verizon because of the poor customer service! (Who ever heard of taking a number and waiting 30 minutes after than in an empty store?)

Motorola V276


Mar 29, 2007 by jennyjenjen

I had 5 phones before this one, I had never encountered as many problems with all those phones put together as much as I did with this one. The battery life on it was horrible! It takes forever to load, it freezes like theres no tomorrow, it is a pain to even try to charge it as I've found with a lot of the earlier model Motorola phones. The only good thing about this phone is its ruggedness, I dropped it a few times, one of the hinges broke and I dropped it in water and it could still make phone calls. Overall though, this phone has to be one of the worst!!

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