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I am very disappointed with the V265!!


Nov 11, 2005 by TJM97306

I got one of these for my stepson as a birthday present in March and it stopped working after two weeks. It was replaced under warranty, and worked fine up until last week. Then, as my stepson was getting out of our van, it fell out of his pocket and landed in the gutter which was wet. Now, it turns on, and the battery charges, but it won't make or receive calls. Motorola says it may be irreparable, since whatever they could do might not be a permanent fix.
If I seem unreasonable about my expectations, we have three LG phones and a Nokia, and have had none of these problems with them. Is this just a lemon in the Motorola product line? I would expect it to be much more solid than this.
I have since replaced it with another LG, and will never try another Motorola. I expect my stepson will drop it, and it will keep on working!!

This phone sucks!


Oct 25, 2005 by Com024

I first got this phone (V265) about 4 months ago. A month ago, I took it in for a dead microphone, charging issues (Found this in EVERY Moto I've owned) and phone reseting when I went to a new text message. Here I am again, about to go to Verizon for charging and reset issues. Im done with this phone. Its worthless.


-Charging issues
-Reset issues
-No date on exterior screen
-No date displayed on interior screen

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Buyer Beware!


Sep 23, 2005 by qwerty77

I purchased 3 of the Motorola 265 phones in April of this year and all 3 of them had to be replaced by August. All 3 had to be replaced because the speakers went out. They all went out within days of one another.

We could be hear but could not be heard. There were also shorts in the phone that caused so much crackling that you could not carry on a conversation.

Out of the 3 replacement phones, 2 have had charge port issues causing the phones not to charge.

When this model is working, it's great but I see a lot of them come into our wireless location with the same issues that I have had.

I love this phone!


Aug 26, 2005 by gperk49839

I received my V276. I was pleasantly surprised because some posts on the V265 had me concerned. It's much cuter than anticipated, and much sturdier than anticipated. The reception is spectacular. It sounds better than my current Motorola. It's even better than my landline home phones. I was able to do most of what I wanted to do without reading the manual because it was just like my old phone really. I started watching the CD Rom it came with, but it was not telling me what I wanted to know.

I think the phone is very slick. I LOVE the voice recognition. It's pretty smart and gets most names right. When it does makes up names for me, like my boss' name is Lesia (it's pronouced "Lisa" but the phone calls her "Lesha") I can say "Lesha" or I can use "Digit Dialing" and just say the numbers. The speaker phone is also great. For me, the hands-free features and the reception were most important and they are great. I'm very pleased.

I took a picture of my dog for the wallpaper, and it appears to almost be black and white. It's not, but that how NOT good the picture is. It took less than two hours to fully charge for the very first time so I think it will charge quickly.

I'm sorry, the games, the text messaging and data are not important to me, so I have not tried them. I did go through the ringers and there is a decent selection of free ringers. I was just looking for "ring."

Again, I was pleasantly surprised. If it has a decent life span, I think it is a good phone. I am very pleased with it's features.

Motorola Does it Again!!


Aug 1, 2005 by florencetech

Wow. This has to be the worst phone I have ever seen.

*Poorest screen quality of any phone with color.
*95% of these phones were produced with (breathtakingly) bad speaker assemblies in them.
*Same menu system that does not seem to bother anyone other than those who have ever owned any other brand.
*Software so buggy it can only bear to be labeled a "Moto".
*Infamous charging port designed by the hardest working chimps in the industry.

Won't be on the market long.

Buy an LG or waste your money on a hammer to give yourself your own headache.

Review on V276/almost identical to V265


Aug 10, 2005 by alexboss1

This is great phone with many different features. I've read many reviews about V265, but I am giving review on V276 (same phone, I've heard that there is a little better picture quality from this integrated camera then on V265, but I didn't check that yet, since it's not very important for me, and if you compare V265 & V276, they are almost identical phones, 276 it's a newer model, and I think it has a little larger display, like tiny bit larger then V265) and a lot of people were not to happy about the camera. You MUST understand, you are buying cell phone & service to make and receive calls, so, all other toys are always secondary, but of course always a plus when all features work perfect, so if you are expecting to get a good quality digital pictures on ANY phone, my advise will be to buy a Video Camera by it self. I like some of the ring tones on this 276 and other features that this model offers.

First impression of the Motorola V265


Nov 15, 2004 by RC10018

I've had the phone for 3 days. This replaced the V60c that I had for 3 yrs. Overall I'm pleased.

-Excellent reception
-Loud earpiece volume
-Loud headset volume
-Loud ringer volume
-Loud, clear speakerphone
-Battery life is very good (On a full charge, I logged about 2 hrs of talk time and kept the screen on for quite some time while I played w/ the phone to learn all its features)
-Stylish looking phone and the build quality is not as bad as some have said (The Samsung A670 and LG VX-6100 are slightly better build quality)

-The screen is 1" by 1" square (small); it's CSTN instead of TFT, so the colors are duller and screen refresh is slower; you can increase the contrast to make it look slightly better; I find it usable
-Camera is very low quality
-The faceplate seems like it will scratch easily, but you could buy a replacement faceplate

I had the LG VX-6100 for a few days before exchanging it for this phone. The 6100 had a larger, sharper screen; a better camera; faster recharge time; lower radiation (0.96 max SAR versus 1.33 max SAR on the V265)

In my area (New York City), I found the 6100's reception to be worse than the V265. The 6100's signal strength bars kept going up and down and the sound was choppy at times. I also found it easier to remove the V265 from its holster than the 6100. The side buttons on the 6100 are easy to hit by accident due to their rocker switch design. The V265 side buttons don't have this problem (although the side buttons are kind of tiny, so some people with big hands may not like the design).

The 6100 also had a "volume bug": if you receive a call, for about 2 to 3 seconds the caller's voice is at low volume, and then returns to normal.

I 1) don't use the camera 2) don't care about the screen size/colors. I care more about reception, sound quality, battery life. So overall I like this phone. Other users may have different priorities, in which case the 6100 or A670 might be better.

Get real and look at the facts!


Dec 4, 2004 by hotpoint76

Good Phone. The last review is a bunch of carp. True it’s not the best phone ever made but for people that want a good phone with good build quality and great sound quality this is the one. Not all of us like the “me too” silver Korean flip phones that are out right now. True that the V265 dose not have a great camera or the very best display but not everyone needs or wants these things. What it dose have is a nice menu system, loud ringers, great single strength, and very functional voice commands. I can personally vouch for the last two, after having the Audiovox 9900, a nice phone with a excellent display but poor signal strength and no functional voice commands. The previous reviewer also said that the V265 display was “impossible to see” outside, this is just not true I can see mine just fine. The one main disadvantage is the lack of date, but this can be addressed by making the calendar a short cut (see forum).

Anyhow I like it and think it is a worthy replacement for the V60.

Great phone at first 4 verizon


Jan 16, 2006 by beddaman

This phone was good in the beginning but after about 6 months things changed. I started getting static like Ii was on a cingular phone and the phone would reset at anytime it wants. The people that like this phone haven't had it long.

Pros: signal great, speaker phone great, size perfect, & 60 incoming and 60 outgoing was the most i have ever seen a phone hold

Cons: the screen is not the best in anyway, the ring tones are bad but I put my own mp3 on it, the software lockouts you cannot do what you want to it even though you paid 4 it.

For the most part I likED the phone for 6 months

Motorola are you listening?


Nov 8, 2005 by seattlepilgrim

I bought 4 of these V265's about 8 months ago for my family. Mine had to be replaced at the 6 month point as the flip wiring failed. My wife's battery is dying quickly now and the backlight is not always turning off. The others, hardly used, have held up so far.

The speaker has a very narrow range to align your ear on. My old Samsung was much more forgiving.

And there have been some really poor choices in how Motorola has chosen to do the software:

1) When the phone is put on "silent", if the battery goes low, it starts beeping. This is terrible!!! Not a lot of fun when you are at a funeral and have your phone start making noise.

2) They allow the phone to be set on "analog network only" mode but do not allow a setting for "digital network only". I work in a building with a lot of computers and it goes into analog all the time. When that happens, it sucks the battery dry in a matter of a few hours. "Digital only" would be a nice feature.

3) When plugging the phone in, the ringer mode gets changed: if it was set to silent, it goes to loud. Didn't see how to change that.

4) Verizon cripples the ability to download pictures and ring tones back and forth to your PC.

5) The Motorola PhoneTools is sort of a joke: have had some sync issues and after spending $30 for it, I found that it was a lite version and they want me to pay more to upgrade to the deluxe version to include capabilites that I expected in the program I purchased originally.

Motorola, could you please send out a new upgrade and fix some of this stuff? Or has Verizon tied your hands?

Lastly, I tried to contact them to make some of the above product suggestions, but their web site has you call a number where you have to enter your info and then they will mail you stuff... hassle... hassle... hassle. Hey, we are doing their beta testing for them and they don't need to make it such a pain to try to help them.

Other than that, it's a nice phone.

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