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Excellent phone overall, but a bit quirky


Jan 7, 2005 by BLubak1

I've had quite a few Motorola phones in my day, including a C331t (TDMA), V60s (CDMA), i205, i530, & i830 (iDEN), and now that I'm back with Verizon once again, a V265 (CDMA). I had horrible luck with the last Motorola CDMA phone I owned before venturing into Nextel territory, and was iffy about trying another Motorola CDMA product, but the V265 has proved to be a good performer thus far.

The design of the V265 is very cool, and its build seems sturdier than that of my much more expensive i830. Amazingly, the glossy finish of this phone hasn't gotten a scratch on it so far, unlike the shiny silver of the i830, which looked "keyed" days later. The signal and sound quality, both through the earpiece and speakerphone, are much better than I had expected based on my past Motorola CDMA experience. In fact, the speakerphone on the V265 is much better than any of the Motorola iDEN products I've used. The user interface is logical and highly customizable (i.e., the home keys can be programmed to do whatever you want, menus can be reordered, etc.). T9 functionality on this phone is better than other T9-enabled phones I've used, making text entry quite easy. I love the MMS animations, too. Very cute. :o)

As far as the bad goes, there isn't much to mention. The biggest downers I've found with the V265 are the screen & camera. The screen is a bit small and not as vibrant as other phones I've used, but it's functional nonetheless. And as others have noted, the camera isn't worth writing home to Mom about -- but it's a phone, folks, not great photography equipment. :o) For picture messaging, I think it's fine. Strangely, this phone also doesn't display the date, but I solved this by linking a home key directly to the datebook (calendar). Lastly, nobody else has mentioned this, but the keypad lighting on my phone is a bit "random." Sometimes it'll go out even while I'm still keying text. Not a big deal and fixable with a software update, but quirky nonetheless. :o)

Get your information straght!


Dec 25, 2004 by freak_juice

Just because you spill soda or whatever on your phone and now the button is stuck dose not make it a design flaw! I'm sorry, but I have had this phone for 2 months now and it has not given me any problem. Also the camera. It is a good camera phone! It just has a not so great screen to view your pictures. But trust me, if you transfer your pictures to your computer they come out fine. Great for a 640X480! Reception is excllent! Way bettter then any of the junk "me too" silver Korean phone that the guy next to you has. LG stands for "lucky goldstar" if you really think that a company with that name make better products that a respected AMERICAN company like Motorola then you need help. The "lucky goldstar" 6100 is crap. Crap reception, crap speakerphone, crap software full of bugs, crap belt clip, crap batterylife.

But hay some people like crap so go for the "lucky goldstar."

One more thing. The screen is fine. That's right fine! I did not say it was the best but it is fine. If you can't see the display outside then instead of returning the phone I would go to the eye doctor!!!

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V265 - Perfection


Dec 7, 2004 by rxl77

The V265 is the best Motorola phone. I have owned the V60i, the Startac 7860, and the T720 - all on Verizon service in NY metropolitan area. I thought nothing could beat the V60i, but the V265 truly does. I also tried the VX6100 and the V710 due to the 15 day exchange satisfaction guaranteed for Verizon - the V265 tops both. The V710 has sound call quality problems, and the VX6100 has spotty reception, kept getting dropped calls where my V60i wouldn't. It also heated up quickly. The V265 is the answer - better speakerphone than both the V710 and VX6100 - and amazing batery life. I took the phone off the charger this past Saturday at 11am, it is now 3:30pm on Tuesday. It's gone about 80 hours (3.33 days) so far - not to mention I talked about 1.5 hours in the same 80 hours. The battery meter shows 2 out of 3 bars, or 4 out of 6 on the detailed battery meter. I bet it could push 5 days - but realistically it would be about 3 to 4 days with extensive talking. The battery life beats my V60i in battery life (was getting 3 days before it would go low battery, V265 has been 3 days and not even halfway done in battery), and I had the extended battery on the V60i too.

The speakerphone is really good - people can't tell - I even took a shower and talked to someone on speaker and it went well. They wouldn't know to this day if I didn't tell them I was showering. The camera quality is poor, but I have a digital camera anyway.

If you're deciding between the V710 / VX6100 / V265 - get the V265 - it's cheaper than V710 and better reception, call quality, speakerphone, battery life (you're really only getting a better screen and bluetooth - is $200 worth that ?). The VX6100 is just sucky, no offense - it was my first time and last time I'll try LG phones.

Get the V265 - it'll only get better with firmware updates. You won't regret it, I didn't.

This is a keeper


Dec 5, 2004 by DKstef

I have been looking for a replacement for my old Timeport 270 (verizon) for sometime. Have tried several Verizon phones, and until now have been unable to find one that would perform like the timeport. Read the rewievs on the Motorola V265 and decided that it might be one to try. Well the local Verizon store was out of the V265, sales person convinced me to try the LG 6100, dint like that one at all, kept dropping calls and had a very poor sound Quality. When I bought that one back, they had the V265 back in stock, got it, and what a great phone.
Great reception, even in fringe area's
ha-vent dropped a cal in the nearly 2 weeks
I have been using this phone
Good sound quality
Great battery life, not even sure if I need a extra capacity battery.
Easy to navigate menu.
Great feel and look

No date display. The local Verizon store told me that it will be fixed by a Software update in the near future.
Speaker phone volume could be better.
Camera about worthless, don't really need it anyway, have a digital if I want to take pictures!
Did have problems viewing the display, once I got rid of the wallpaper. Blank screen as background, I have no problems.

Today I was visiting friend's who lives in a area where I had difficulties making a call with my timeport, with the V265, I was able to make calls and had a decent signal!!
Great phone!! You will be impressed by this phone.

Numero Uno


Dec 4, 2004 by davo

I had the 265 for about a week and think overall it is a excellent phone. I can think of some improvements I would like to see (date displayed, metal covers, no camera) but compared to whats available it's the best. Previously I had a Moto V60i which was also a very good phone. In between I tested the LG vx6100. The 6100 was nice but had some serious drawbacks (poor reception, dropped calls, low vol for the first few seconds of a call, cheap plastic same as 265, poor battery life, no missed call reminder beep). After that I looked at the Samsung A670 but that fizzled fast because I needed tri-mode and it was all digital.

V265 Pros:
Best reception tested
good speaker phone
good voice recog
loud ring vol

V265 Cons:
Camera sucks
Cheap plastic construction (but then they all are now. I was spoiled by the V60i)
Waiting for software update to display date
Good battery life

Best of whats available


Nov 27, 2004 by mikey00

The phone isn't perfect but I rated it high because I feel it's the best of whats available. The only phone I would rather have is the Motorola Razr V3. It's only available from Cingular and costs $500. So it's out on 2 counts. The LG VX6100 was a close second but doesn't have the reception of the 265.
small, light
voice recog
speaker phone quality
loud ringer

camera barely ok
not heavy duty construction like my former V60i but ok compared to whats available

it's a kepper


Nov 24, 2004 by schildogg

Clarity & volume
Easy navigation
Great keypad
Stylish design
Compact & Sturdy
Eternal battery life
Low Cost

Can't see the screen outside in the sun hardly at all (b/c of the internal "light sensor")
Screen small and not very crisp
Camera sux but who really needs it?
No date display

If you're coming off an ultra-functional phone such as the Moto v60 series, this is a great phone to snag as it has many of the same features and still that same compact yet sturdy construction (not money metal but sturdy). Great new phone w/o all the cranks the blueTooth seems to be posing in other motorola models.



Nov 23, 2004 by taeeno

Purchased this phone for one reason which was to make cellular calls at which it is excellent. Reception and call quality are great. All other features are just perks.

Great Phone


Nov 16, 2004 by enraged

Best phone I ever used. Good price too good battery life

Great Phone


Nov 22, 2004 by BIGCEOO

I had to trade in my Star-teac which I had for 3 years.

1. It has color
2. Voice Command
3. Speaker phone is excellent
4. Recpetion in Chgo is great
5. Great for reading the web



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