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Great phone!


Oct 10, 2005 by brainfizzles

I've had this phone for a couple weeks now, and I'm very pleased with it. At first, I wasn't sure about the quality of the pictures, but it really does take great pictures. I was very impressed.

Pros: Battery Life, Speaker Phone, Quality, Reception and much more.

Cons: The screen could be larger.

Overall, an excellent phone. I'm very happy with it.

Buyer Beware - Poor Customer Service


Apr 20, 2005 by stevegotl

bought this phone in February, 2005 because the Motorola website indicated that with the new "BREW technology" I could download and use Mp3 ringtones. I had an LG5550 which had all the other features so I really only wanted the Mp3 ringtone capability. Wrong......The phone actually does not support Mp3 ringtones. After spending several hours on several days with Motorola tech support, they finally acknowledge that they had the wrong information on the website and in their literature. And they were not very apologetic about it. They really don't seem to know what they are doing. One person says one time and another says another. I guess if you're willing to settle for what you get and don't need to contact their tech support, you might be ok. On the other hand, if you believe their annoucements, buyer beware. I give them a "F" for customer service!

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Great Phone at a Great Price


Apr 1, 2005 by dequardo

GREAT RF-The single most important phone feature IMO. Best that VZW offers.

Solid construction. I know others differ but it is solid to me. No creaks, tight hinge, good secure closing and opening.

Good speakerphone. Better than most.

Good earpiece and ring tone volume.

Can be modded to upload pictures and .mp3s via MPT.

Great battery life

The screen of course. Small and dim. Usable but not much else. It's OK for me as I'm using it as a phone only.

Camera: Bad at best but I never use it so I don't care.

If you live in a marginal Verizon signal area and you want a reliable and inexpensive phone this is IT!

Great little phone!


Mar 24, 2005 by titanicb52

Well after seeing some of these reviews, you would think its a horrible phone. Well the reception is EXCELLENT! Good strong reception even in my office which is in a basement. Battery life is good, (I am used to charging daily as I use the phone ALOT). Size is awesome! Nice small and even a camera for a quick snapshot (don't think any phone camera is going to replace a real digital camera). Connectivity kit from VZ is really nice, can sync all my contacts from Outlook right into the phone and use it as a wireless modem when traveling.

After rebates it was free so cant complain on price either!

Excellent Choice


Jan 10, 2005 by ralph0722

I bought this phone at regular price since im still under contract. I had a LG VX6000 which is excellent and very reliable. But i wanted something new and fresh. Got the V710...HORRIBLE. I returned it and got the V265. I love it! In comparasion to the V710 and the LG V6000, the V265 screen is small and a bit dull. But the rest of the phone is excellent.

-RF excellent
-Quality construction
-Usual Motorola's UI
-Lots of features.
-Elegant design and color
-Quality keypad
-Can be handle with one hand, even open and close it.
-LOUD ringer.
-Good speakerphone
-Good baterry life

-Can't put the date anywere
-Dreaded Motorola charger conector port
-Sometimes it freezes, usual in Motorola
-No flash
-So So camera
-Can't Vibe and Sound at the same time, usual in Motorolas

Overall it have a solid A- because of the screen and doesnt shows the date on the screen. Other that that is a fune phone. I totally recomend it!!

There's a reason they ship it in bubble rap


Apr 21, 2005 by TrustMe

This phone is ok if your carfull with it.

-good batery life, in use and on standby
-small, lightweight, fits easily in your pocket
-nice speaker phone (could be a little louder)
-Nice button layout+lighting
-Easy to read outside screen
-perfect voice reconnition
-Great reception

-The camera was put there because basicly all other phones have one and it atracts people. Moto should've taken it away and made the screen bigger.
-The screen is just too small, its like moto didn't think people would notice it.
-doesn't play mp3 tones loud enough
-lousy antena
-Horrible amount of memory space

It feels like the phone is going to split in 2 everytime you open it.It makes noises when you turn down the ring volume and that sucks for when your in a movie. My screens both stopped working so i brought it into Verizon. They said moisture from the shower did it and showed my how a moister sensitive circle under the batery was red. The circle is a lame excuse for why the phone doesn't work right and after reasurching it many people have had complantes on Verizon blaming moisture when the phone never even got wet.

I'd wait for the next Motoralo phone with a bigger screen thats coming out. That phone should be good.

Most Basic Camera Phone


Nov 28, 2004 by coolihigh

This phone should be considered the offspring of the v710. It has a poorer resolution on the screen, but it is acceptable for my needs. If a camera on the phone is what the buyer is looking for, I would skip this product. It has a good clear speakerphone, and the sound quality is good on both ends in a call. If one is looking for a phone that is versatile in the ringtones and wallpapers area, this is a simple but effective choice. It can play fake midi files that are actually mp3's with the extension changed, but it, ironically, can't play midi files with more than 3 or 4 instruments in sync properly. I sent files that I verified as working fully on other phones and with music composer software, and it played it poorly. That is one that I could never understand. But, since I can make mp3 clips, rename the file extension, and e-mail them to the phone, it is an acceptable beginner-level phone. For better quality sound and pictures, I would suggest the v710 or the LG VX7000.

v260 and 265


Sep 27, 2005 by pcbarter

I loved the design and overall phone.
My family has 3.
Then 2 started giving a lot of static.
One was cleaned and 2 days later the problem was back and it seems they have a loose or faulty wire problem in the phone.
The other could not be fixed at the store so they replaced it with a V265.
After just a week it has problems.
When I bring it out of the holster it answers and disconnects. And If you slightly touch the front when closed it changes screens from Phone service to time etc.
It is intermittent with answering when I open it , sometimes it works others it doesn't.
I am a long time cell user and have had many phones over the years .
Love the looks etc of this on but it sure seems to be problematic.
I guess I'll have to make another trip to the cell store service center to get it fixed or replaced.

El' Cheapo programming


Sep 13, 2005 by Stormalert

Makes and receives calls well. When it comes to speakerphone, the sound quality is good, but you cannot raise or lower the volume. Cannot download ringtones. Cover broke 3 days after I got it.

The Charger- I plugged it into charge. Phone was off. Then it turned on (it's not supposed to) and did not charge. No joke, tried it 5 times and it never charged. Finally got it to after the 6th time. Battery life is crap. If you are going to sign up for a Verizon Wireless plan, get the Audiovox CDM 8910. It's free w/ a 2 year agreement.

Motorola V265- again this phone lacks customization, and the software actually freezes up sometimes. Voice recorder has terrible memory.

Customer service with Verizon is very good though.

Disappointing Phone


Mar 20, 2005 by jenjen2219

I was a quite disappointed after I bought this phone. I ended up returning it a week after I bought it since it seemed like the cost outweighed the benefits. One of my main problems was that whenever I held the phone up to my ear, even if I wasn't in a call, I could hear a light humming sound. Come to find out, the V262 and V265 all have problems with the speakers coming slightly unlodged that cause this. Huge annoyance.
If you think you want this phone, I suggest you test it out first in the store to see if you like it.

sleek black design
outer time display is silver on black for easier viewing
very good reception
ringtones are crisp and clear

very small screen
screen's colors for wallpapers don't show details well at all (look blotchy, even for the presets)
camera is the worse camera I've ever seen on a phone; reminds me of the quality of the first netcams over 4 years ago. yeesh
very flimsy to the point where I thought I was going to break it by holding it when talking
speaker dislodges easily (& not from a lot of jarring around, either)
can't take 4 centered icons off of top menu to view wallpaper better (they get in the way and are repeated below)

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