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What was Nokia Thinking?


Aug 4, 2006 by Zambini

I never could have imagined giving a phone a 5. There's always something. Well, Nokia is no different. Call clarity, great signal, dependability are the usual hallmarks of Nokia. This time though there is something MORE, not LESS.

I look for a phone first for service, secondary are all the gadgets and buzzers. Not only are calls clear, reception great, and battery life great, but we were pleasantly surprised that the gizmos on the phone exceeded our already high expectations!

PROS: Reception, battery life, dependability, infrared, blue tooth, usb connections, fm radio (doesn't need special headset, just one included - uses it for an antenna), media, camera, video recorder, sound recorder, accepts multimedia card for more storage. I'm sure there is a toothbrush in it somewhere. Every time I use it I find one more thing I always wished my phone did - like tell me if the last number I dialed for a contact was their work, home or mobile phone.

CONS: The biggest con I've seen for flip phone reviews is side keys - well, this has two. One is completely out of the way, the other controls only volume - which you can adjust easily and hasn't been the usual side button annoyance. Other con, came with a regular earpiece instead of pop port earpiece, but has all the functionality of the pop port ones.

What was Nokia thinking discontinuing this phone? Well, they have a slider coming out that promises to be even better - I just happen to prefer a flip, so had our local dealer scrounge up two of these before they disappeared from sight. If you can, DO get this phone. Beg, barter, Ebay, whatever you need to (except steal).

Best CDMA Phone Out there


Apr 21, 2005 by kenan921

Just An Amazing Phone with an Amazing List of Features


Awesome Screen (External and Internal) 65k colors very sharp.

Fast and Robust OS (Very responsive menu system)

Great contact management (quasi PDA functions with notes, Free Outlook sync software, Calender, ETC.) Finally a CDMA phone that allows you to add Street Address, Email Address, Fax, and 4 phone numbers.

Best Camera I've ever used on a phone (Great clarity, includes a flash, and allows you to shoot video)

BLUETOOTH! (Allows you to transfer anything you want to or from the phone wirelessly)

Reception (Great quality, very clear)

Speakerphone (By far the best non-nextel speakerphone I've ever used)

ACTUAL MP3 PLAYER (plays mp3s off MMC which you install in the back. Memory cost $29 for 256mb at buy.com or $65 for 512)


Not the Smallest phone you can buy (a little thick)

External Telescopic Antenna (Surprised they still make these, but Reception is better than anything I've used in the past with this service so Maybe there's a reason for it)

I'm using MetroPCS as my service provider in Atlanta and I paid $249 for the phone which included a free FM/stereo headset.

Great Phone with all the bells and whisles


Dec 15, 2005 by manswin

I'm an agent for U.S. Cellular and I've been waiting for this phone out for like 6 months and I'm so glad i finally have it. I really wanted a Blue Tooth phone and U.S. Cellular was really limiting the options. I could have got the Motorola 710 but with the flimsy charging port i wasn't going to take the chance. Also a large percentage of the 710's we sold went for repair some more than once. other than that there wasn't any other Blue Tooth choices. But anyway the phone rocks so here are the pros and cons, but first I read everyone else's reviews saying the menu button was hard to press because it was so small. I don't know what kinda meat claw hands these people must have but I'm a big guy and I have no problems with it. I can even press it with gloves on. I'm thinking user error.

-Blue Tooth (all profiles)
-nicest looking camera I've ever seen on a phone
-Big screen
-Color outside display
-Radio (radio can work with speaker phone but still needs headset plugged in for an antenna)
-MMC card slot takes MMC and MMC-RS (but not an SD card which fits in fine but the phone cannot read it)
-Very clear without he headset)
-Best signal I've had so far

-Speaker phone was really an after though so its marginal not really a con (but compared to the LG 4750 its a con)
-The hinge the phone flips around is weak. Defiantly scared it'll break soon. It's even squeaked at me like an old door once or twice
-Flash on the camera doesn't work, least on mine, when it flashes it will white out the picture like I just took a photo of the sun or something, but whatever there is a night mode which works really well.

There you go, I fully endorse this product and/or service.

Finally! A CDMA phone with Bluetooth!


Jan 18, 2006 by wrelessb

On first glance, this phone looks kind of clunky. What it lacks in style it certainly makes up for in substance. Nokia has done their usual fantastic job with the menu items. Bluetooth is a very welcome addition to this model. The Bluetooth interface is also much easier to use than the Motorola or Kyocera models that I've used. The Nokia Connectivity Toolkit software that is available free from Nokia is definitely the standard that all other companies should judge their offerings by.

I wish that Nokia had done their voice dialing diffently as voice dials have to be trained individually. The speaker is also mono, so don't expect to play your MP3's in stereo without head phones. I was very happily surprised to find a MMC card slot which I quickly filled with a 1GB card.


Expandable Memory (MMC, Unfortunately SD would not work due to thickness)
Good Display
Video Capability
Great PC software

Hinge has stress cracks in about 20 of our test models after only 3 months
Clunky styling
Camera is lacking in quality

SO much better than I thought it would be!


Apr 13, 2006 by alex.s.moore

This phone can be deveicing at first. I thought it felt iffy... But after having it for a couple of weeks I can see that I was wrong. It is a great phone. I like the "heavyness" and "solidness" of it. It has absolutely incredible reception.... Absolutely incredible. I have it on Verizon Wireless. It's the only phone I've been able to get service on anywhere near my house. I usually lose Verizon converage about 15 miles before I get to my house, but this phone actually cuts it down to like 10 or 11!!! That's an incredible feat, especially since I live on the opposite side of a mountain range to where the closest tower is.

Great size and build quality. Excellent battery life, wonderful keypad and "button action". It makes TXT'ing very enjoyable. Awesome Nokia user interface, as always :)

All in all, a very good piece of equipment, and I highly recommend it!

Nokia Scores quality as usual!


Feb 28, 2006 by capathy21

I find this phone to be amazing! I previously used the Motorola V 551 through Cingular wirless. As usual the Motorola dropped more calls that it made, and alot of that had to do with Cingular. But now I want to tell you why the Nokia 6255i is amazing! I bought the phone through Alltel about 6 months ago and still get excited everytime I pick it up! at first glance I wanted the Razr, but after getting a custom to the 6255i, and after comparing the phone to my friends Razr, well there is no comparison. The Pros - This great phone features a large crystal display screen inside and out. Large buttons make for easy dialing and call clarity is amazing, haven't dropped a call yet. The phones menu is very easy to use and has soo much to offer. The MP3 player is the best, I can upload any album I want and listen to it through my bluetooth or through my Nokia headphones. The connectivity options include, Bluetooth, infarared or usb cable connector. It features a fast mobile web, (depending on the service provider). In other reviews I read that a con to the phone was that you couldnt assign a ringtone to just one caller. You can, all you do is go to contacts and settings. The phone is very unique looking and contrary to people saying it is ugly, I think it is very attractive and unique. The phone features a great video camera that takes 3 minute videos and the camera is head and shoulders above the Razr. I recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a solid phone that also offers any feature you could want.

Nokia Gets It Right With The 6255i


Apr 29, 2005 by HolyMoto

Display- the LCD screen is large and shows color brilliantly. One is able to change the wall paper of the internal and external display and toggle a screen saver on and off.

Bluetooth- all 7 profiles expected are found and able to be used with the 6255i. Pairing a device is easy and easy access to turning the discovery mode on and off. I have been able to transfer pictures and Mp3 between my laptop and phone and between 6255i’s.

Organizer- Alarm Clock, Calendar, Notes, To-do list, Calculator, countdown timer, Stopwatch, could they add anything more?

Camera- the VGA camera takes great quality photos. The video is defaulted to 15 second clips but can expand to 3 minutes, if enough space is available. The zoom has 3 levels, utilizes a self-timer, and use of the outside display for self portraits.

Media- the phone has a built in Mp3 player that you can listen to through the loudspeaker/speakerphone, headsets (1/16” stereo adapter required), or a headset. Only .mp3 files will be recognized. The radio is also able to be played through the loudspeaker, yet a headset is required to activate it. The Voice recorder allows for Voice tags for dialing or Voice memos for personal use. It is all topped off by an equalizer with 5 presets and 3 adjustable settings.

Expansion- Adding an MMC card makes this phone a completely different devise, I went 1GB and couldn’t be happier.

1. The menu key is a little small and is surrounded by the directional pad (insert your own expletives here).

2. The flip does not return phone to default. This is nice if you want to listen to music or the radio, but if you are used to opening the phone and going to where you need to, be sure you clear back to the default screen before closing. Be nice if this were an adjustable setting.

3. The volume level of the loudspeaker when listening to music is 3 levels rather than 10. I feel the lowest setting is too loud, but it comes in handy so you won’t miss calls.

Great phone - especially with Nokia PC Suite


Jan 5, 2006 by mjjm

Initial review after just a couple of days...

Background: My usage is primarily voice calls combined with the ability to view my Outlook calendar and share contacts between Outlook and my cell phone. (I don't need the full functionality of a PDA and don't want to carry two devices or a large smart phone.) This is the first and only Verizon phone that I found to combine a cell phone with Outlook synch in a form factor that fits in my pocket.

Also, I live near the coast in a hilly area so, strong reception is a big plus.

+ Nokia PC Suite synch between Outlook and 6256i worked like a charm
+ great reception - in an area that my LG 6100 does not get any reception, the Nokia 6256i gets two bars!
+ Nokia user interface is much more intuitive and useful than my LG

- Not a "looker" and a bit too heavy (but, much lighter than the combination of a PDA and phone)

I'll provide any new significant input after I use it more. (Next on my list is to try to use bluetooth between the phone and my auto.)

My father's phone rocks!


Dec 6, 2005 by Razr Freak

My dad just got this badboy through Alltel.This is without a doubt one of the best cells on the market and a Nokia at that ...that means awesome reliability and battery life!


-Awesome reception
-Clear calls
-Colorful displays
-Mp3 player
-FM headset
-Memory card slot
-Good VGA camera,works well in all light settings
-Video capture and playback
-Nice speakerphone


-Can't customize ringers with contacts,only groups!
-A little bulky
-Somewhat confusing menu

Nokia 6256i for Verizon - Excellent


Oct 31, 2005 by djl31065

Pros: Bright Internal Display, Bright External Display, Excellent tactile feel of the pushbuttons, Reception

Cons: Verizon removed the ability to store MP3 files as ringtones, Poor selection of ringtones from Nokia, Phone and Speakerphone volume can be louder.

I received my 6256i on Friday. Activated it on Verizon without any problem. The reception is EXCELLENT (no need to use the external antenna) - the internal antenna is more than sufficient. This phone provided excellent signal strength in areas where other phones would either not have reception, or would switch to analog due to low signal.

Calls can be answered without opening the flip. You can make calls when the flip is closed, once you add "voice tags" to your callers. You can also execute many commands without opening the flip (such as changing the profile from Normal ringer to Silent).

The call quality on the phone is excellent, though I have to maximize the volume on some calls (the volume is sufficient on its maximum setting). The speakerphone is decent, but I would prefer it to be a bit louder.

Verizon removed the ability to store MP3 files as ringtones, so you are forced to use Get-It-Now. Because this phone is so new, it will take a short time before Verizon adds this phone to its Get-It-Now services.

The camera works very well. I was able to send and receive images via infrared from a friend's Treo 650.

The overall fit and finish of the phone is very good. It has a quality feel to it. I am disappointed that Nokia and other cell phone manufacturers chose to not provide a holster for the unit.

I highly recommend this phone! Let's hope it is eventually offered in the Verizon Retail stores.

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