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Worst Phone I Ever Had


Sep 10, 2007 by bcbloyd

I've used mobile phones since the mid-90s, and in all that time, the Nokia 6255i has been THE LEMON of the bunch. I don't dislike Nokia phones in general; the one I had before the 6255i was also a Nokia, and I liked it, which is why I chose to stick with Nokia when I upgraded to obtain a Bluetooth-compatible phone. In fact, my husband still uses my old Nokia flip-phone without trouble.

However, I've recently trashcanned my Nokia 6255i after my 4th trip to the repair shop inside of 18 months. Every time was for a broken hinge. (Keep in mind that I got the phone because I wanted Bluetooth capability, so I used my wireless headset to make/answer calls a majority of the time, but that didn't matter. I'd also bought a leather cover for the phone to "protect it", but often found it was the only thing keeping the flip-phones two pieces together!) The thin plastic hinge would crack with regular use of opening and closing it. The first 3 times I had to get it repaired, it was under warranty, so I was out only the cost of gas to drop off and pick up the phone. The fourth time, I'd just missed the window, and was told I'd have to pay $20 for repair costs or file a claim on my "phone insurance" (that costs me $5/month), but then that would also require I pay the deductible (which is $50) *SIGH*

Incidentally, a woman in line with me was there for the second time...for the same problem with the same phone! The repair guy told me "you have to be very gentle with the heavier flip-phones". Of course, my response was to tell him Nokia should've made a stronger hinge.

I found it was easier to just toss this lemon and get a new flip-phone; I did not go with Nokia this time around.

I give it a 0.5 rating only because it was Bluetooth compatible and played MP3s.

Good phone, decent camera, nice features


Feb 9, 2006 by polarpooch

I traded in my Motorola V710 for this phone out of pure frustration with the V710's bugs and awful camera. I miss some of the 710's features (mostly the voice dialing software), but overall, I'm glad I made the switch. It's a fun, multi-functional, easy to use phone!


Decent sound quality
Good reception (but not excellent, as promised)
Surprisingly good VGA camera
Solid, easy to use blue-tooth
MP3 player/expansion slot
Volume adjustments are great
Big, easy to use buttons
Easy to use data transfer software/cable

Cannot adjust back-light
Cannot read battery meter
Cannot assign hot buttons
Voice dial only by training the phone
Subpar screen
Feels a little less than solid in my hand
Annoying multi-button on front flip of phone

The camera takes surprisingly good shots. The flash is harsh, but you can use it effectively w/a little trial and error.

*Data transfer is a breeze w/Nokia software and data cable.

*The blue-tooth is rock solid. I use U.S. Cellular service, and have had no troubles at all.

*It's less of a business person's phone, than a young person's phone...but still the calender and organizer features are adequate.

*Voice training is a definite drawback, cannot access menu items, or number dial w/voice.

*I think it's a neat looking phone, uses standard Nokia accessories which is a definite plus.

*MMC cards hard to find here, had to order online, but love the expansion memory! It works like a charm.

*Am a little worried about these reports of stress cracks on the hinges, but the same was said of the 710, so I'll just be careful:)



Dec 15, 2005 by ottospeak

Solid phone. I waited for this phone for over a year, due to testing problems with US Cellular. Thus far it has lived up to the other reviews and my expectations of Nokia. This is day 3 of having the 6255. I switched from the V710 that I absolutely fell in love with. Some what disappointed because the HS 850 bluetooth I used with the 710 isn't working but the HS 810 does. Besides that I'll get into the Pros and Cons.

PROS: 1. Awesome reception with US Cellular, just as good as the 710 (one of the best in my opinion).

2. Camera is not bad for the VGA. Better than the 710 and that was a Mega pixel.

3. I love the radio and Mp3 feature!

4. Bluetooth worked great with 1.1 version.

5. I love the keys on this phone.

6. Perfect for business too. The organizer is exquisite, compared with other feature packed phones.

Cons: 1. BT didn't work with HS 850, however I learned that you can sync them with a additional device. Kind of annoying though.

2. The letters stay black, thus if you have a black wall paper the time, date, etc. don't show up.

3. The ergonomics of the phone aren't as nice as the 710 or Razr. Kinda bulky.

4. No voice recognition.

4. VGA Camera.

5. Screen is 16 bit and smaller than most higher end phones.

6. Ugly.

Overall I'd have to score this phone High for the functionality and the fact that's it so packed with features. Very very utilitarian. Whether for business or pleasure this is the phone for you. None of the bugs the 710 had.

Nokia 6256i for Verizon- Phone Done Proper


Nov 29, 2005 by SystemShock

Got my Nokia 6256i jus' 2 weeks ago & both it and the Verizon service have been real winners for me out here in Cali.


- VERY GOOD SOUND QUALITY through the earpiece. Better than any phone I've heard so far.
- VERY GOOD RECEPTION.. I don' drop calls, an' I grab calls an' hold 'em in places where a lotta my friends' phones have trouble (hint: do not buy Audiovoxes)
- EXTENDABLE ANTENNAE NOT JUST FOR SHOW. Some'll say that internal/stub looks better. But most times when I raise the extendable, I get another bar. An' reception beats style every time, player.
- FULL BLUETOOTH. Uncrippled BT on a Verizon phone.. a 1st! (but u still cant set BT-transferred files as 'tones, 'cus they want u to buy ringtones. Ugh.)
- LOTSA FEATURES. Its all here.. camera, video, speakerphone, mp3 player, radio, expandable memory, voice recorder, trimode, BT, infrared.. basically more s*** than you'll probably ever use, dig?
- NICE KEYPAD. BIG buttons, nice feel.
- *FAST* NOKIA UI. Fast, responsive menus/OS.
- FAST CHARGING. An hour forty. Nice.
- CAN ANSWER CALLS W/OUT OPENING THE FLIP. That's fly. 'nuff said.


- SPEAKERPHONE DISTORTS AT HIGHER VOLUMES. All speakerphones do, but this one does it too easily. An' even w/out distortion it only sounds ok.. a big diff from the earpiece, which sounds great.
- NOT SEXY. Great phone, but not great-lookin'. VERY brick-shaped, maybe a lil' big. Also feels too 'plasticky', a turn-off.
- 1.3 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA'D BE NICE. The VGA cam is decent w/quality set to High. But this phone deserves a 1.3 MP camera.
- 'OPEN' SPRING IS WEAK. Hold the phone dead vertical, an' kick the flip out to a 90 degree angle.. it won't open. The hinge itself is solid, but the spring is weaksauce.
- ANNOYING TO USE AS A WATCH. The side keys ALWAYS adjust the volume.. dumb. 1st press should only turn the backlight on, so u can read the time on the outside display w/out messin' up your volume. Software update please?

Good and Reliable


Sep 22, 2007 by Signal 47

Most people on here that write reviews don't really have the phone that long. They just get bugs in them same as a new car does on occasion. I have had this phone for at least a couple years and I've found it to be a great multipurpose phone.

Great pictures
Fast email of Pics or text
Well built/Has been dropped MANY times
Can upgrade the memory
Camera and Video capture have bright flash
Easy to text/well spaced
Good sounding MP3 player: speaker or earpiece
Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar w/reminder alarms that can be set
Bluetooth Capable or infared
Can set to ring, vibe, or both at once
LONG battery life
Small size flip phone. Goes easy in any pocket

About once every few months it will freeze

I Wanted the Nokia 6255i


Apr 13, 2007 by I Sell Phones

I wanted this phone so bad. But we took it off our shelf. Cheaper than the RAZR, but had just about all the same things the RAZR did and then some. Not to mention the difference in price. And the Nokia phones I've had were always at least half a step further than the Motorola phones I've owned.

-very clear picture and video camera(set to a 4 minute video record)
-am/fm built in radio
-mp3 downloadable with SD card slot
-excellent menu
-big external screen

-just a little bulky
-funky looking antenna

the best of new skool/old skool


Feb 26, 2007 by nlhatkanet

I don't like switching phones very often. This was my 4th phone in 11 years with Verizon. Previous phone: Motoroloa V60, the most durable phone I've ever had. It was 4 years old but beginning to go dead during calls, and since I could get the 6256 free through Circuit City, I upgraded after much research. In some Circuit Citys this phone is kept in the back, so you must ask for it. It was one of the few Verizon had left that has analog roaming, which I must have in rural areas. Reception is good, but dropouts are more prevalent than on my V60. Volume is poor, even with it turned all the way up, you must make sure the earpiece is centered dead-on to hear clearly.The speaker phone is very good.Voice dialing is simple. Verizon has disabled some features and since I have no time for phone hacking, this is a big disappointment. There are limited Get It Now programs, including mapping, news and VZ Navigator. I sat on the fence a long time before upgrading, because the VZN capable phones Verizon offers are cheaply made with few features compared to this one. I need a mapping or navigation utility, but this phone cannot receive any of them. Getting the pictures and videos out of it and shooting onto a memory card was tedious at first.Verizon charges to email the pictures,and there is no software utility that comes with the phone to transfer them. I bought a usb cable and program from MobileAction to sync with my laptop and results are good transferring files, to and from the phone. The music player is very basic, and no, I can't set my own mp3 ringtones, and I really don't care. Camera quality is very good, but videos are limited to 3 minutes at a time.I installed a 1gb MMC card, set it as default folder, with good results. Must use MMC as the phone can't "see" SD cards. Build quality is solid, but the earpiece is topheavy. Radio reception headset was hard to find, but once I found one on ebay, that feature is great.Size is about the same as my MotoV60,no complaints there.

6256i I Love It !!!


Dec 22, 2006 by VerizonFanGirl

This is the very first Nokia I've ever owned and I love it. It makes me want to take back what have I said about Nokia's in the past. I've had Motorala's, and Samsung's but this phone... it's out of league. The only Con I have is that is a little bulky (everyone have said that and I couldn't believe it until I had one. Hardly fits in any case, But the features and the Menu are so simple to use, the camera quality is better, Very Clear Pictures, the Speaker phone is loud and clear everyone can hear me so well and so can I. I'm with Verizon Wireless in Puerto Rico and the signal here is awesome, No Dropped calls so far, (I've owned this phone for a month now) It also has Bluetooth but I hardly use it. Anyway, I recommend this phone to anyone, Oh I almost forgot, the hinge of this phone doesn't squeak like old doors at least mine is very strong and it opens and closes very softly with no sounds. 6256i you're the best!! and so is Verizon!!



Nov 5, 2006 by Opentoe

Let me tell you...after all these new phones coming out on the market with Verizon they don't come close to all the features this phone has. Go ahead, do a side-by-side comparison. This phone has EVERYTHING and not one option is missing. This phone is just amazing as I've used it for about a year now or a little less. I've compared it to brand new phones out there and they just don't compare...not even close. Yea, big deal, some of them have better cameras and a higher LCD screen but I use it for a high contact phone EVERYDAY and it just works awesome. Pair it with the Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset and it's even better! You won't be disappointed with this model. Don't follow all the hype or that Moto junk out there.



Sep 27, 2006 by qwertyphone

I completely and utterly love this phone and this is the only phone I have ever seen that I would give a 5! I just love it! I dont know where to start because everything is sooo goood!

FM Radio
MP3 player
expandable memory
awesome ringtones
huge memory
perfect camera and camera location
long battery life
huge front color screen
great flash

a lil big
memory card in interesting spot!
small middle menu key!

Overall I love this phone! Get it on ebay, beg on the the street, do whatever to get this BETTER THSN RAZR!

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