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I love this phone


Mar 1, 2007 by cnvanoy

I went through quite a few phones before I found this one. I really like this phone a lot. I have NEVER been anywhere that I didnt get great service. The only thing I dont like is that you cant assign each contact their own ringtone. That and the cheap looking plastic housing the reason I give this phone a 4 out of 5.

Pros.....EXCELLENT coverage, even in deep rural areas. Easy menu. Camera takes great pics. Bright clear screens. Charges fast and holds a charge a long time.

Cons....cant assign each contact thier own ringtone. Cheap looking plastic housing.

Best ever owned


Jul 21, 2006 by mdeligny

Let me say the only reason I don't give this phone a 5.0 perfect rating is because it's just a little tad big then what I think is a perfect phone. Not a real good pocket phone. Now, if you like to keep your phone on a clip then it is perfect. But finding a clip for this phone is also impossible. :)

Anyway, this phone has it all. Anything and everything. Dump a high capacity SD card in and you have it all. The screen is just right, the battery life is awesone and the buttons are real nice. While some other phones concentrate only on being a music player and a game machine, this phone is a GOOD phone. If you want an alternative to the RAZR phone which is really a gimmick, you have to try this one.

Also, I have to mention. I use this phone with Verizon Wireless and guess what? NO Bluetooth profiles/functions are disabled. I can transfer via bluetooth files/contacts, anything I want. Since Verizon didn't get their greedy hands on this phone all Bluetooth functions are available, which I really like. Because yea, I want to be able to just copy and move stuff between my phone and computer. Specially making backups of my large contact list.

So, if you want a good quality, great reception phone with awesome battery life this is a great phone to buy and it's priced pretty good!

6255 from metro


Jun 2, 2006 by TVP125

I love this phone it has everything the razr has just a little bigger. it can take a beating mine has been to hell and back and it still works great.

battery life
big screen
call quality

just the size it is a bit bulky

I would recommend this phone to anyone it is a good phone and well worth the $280 I payed for it. everything is better when you have unlimited minutes

Finally a fully featured Nokia on VZW!


Nov 16, 2005 by sdgmcdon

I finally picked this up at Best Buy the other day...After using it a bit I find the call quality to be good, reception to be good but the looks of it will not win any fashion awards and the menu's as well as customization ability is a little disappointing. But I am just glad to finally be able to have a real phone on VZW with bluetooth etc

-Bluetooth (not crippled on VZW - yea!!!)
-Solid Feel/Design

-Speakerphone - same as everyone elses, it sucks
-Can't mess with menu's/home screen much
-Top screens portion is really thick, makes phones balance a little hard to get use to
-Though this has yet to be a problem, reception "bars" are lower than my v710 or sig others LG on average. Of course that's not a good measure of reception anyway, but just thought I would mention it
-Camera - it has one...yuck...

Overall it's a pretty solid phone and is what I would expect from Nokia. It's definetely behind the times when it comes to looks and size (it ain't small) but what I consider to be a good thing is that it's also behind the times in regards to gimmicky crap that a lot of the phones have these days (aside from the camera).

If you just want a solid CELL PHONE that works and has BT this would be a great phone.

Best CDMA phone out there


Jul 22, 2005 by phoneguy05

I use this phone on Alltel and I love it, though there are some minor quirks.

First, the PROs:
* Great reception and excellent sound quality on incoming and outgoing calls.
* Good build quality; feels sturdy, perhaps at the cost of being a bit heavier.
* Lots of options; everything is very customizable.
* Alltel has not locked out the Bluetooth file transfer, so I can transfer my own MP3 ringtones and images to/from the phone for free. My brother has the same phone, and I like being able to send my pics or ringtones to him using Bluetooth.
* Simplicity of Nokia's menu interface. If you've used one Nokia phone you know how this one works. If you haven't, you can figure it out in no time. And you CAN use menu shortcuts (i.e. menu 8 gets you into your organizer, etc.).
* Camera is pretty good--for a phone.
* Internal screen is bright and clear; external screen is just OK.
* Battery life is pretty good unless you are using bluetooth, then you need to charge more often.
* If you're using the speakerphone or a headset, you can close the flip and not disconnect the call.

* Say you're scrolling through your phone book, or changing an option in the menu, and you close the flip... you would expect that to clear the internal screen, but it doesn't. When you open the flip back up, you're right where you were.
* If there's something on the screen when you closed the flip, you can't change your profile (i.e. Normal, Silent, Outdoor) using the external power button. You have to open up the flip and hit END to bring the phone back to the default state.
* You have to have a headset attached in order to listen to the FM radio, because the phone uses the headset wire as the FM antenna.
* The 'look.' Personally, I bought the phone because of the excellent feature set and reception quality, but if you just want a stylish phone, keep looking.

Don't let the cons discourage you, they are extremely minor issues. This is a great phone and I would highly recommend it!

Best CDMA Phone...Period


Jun 3, 2005 by alaher2

I currently work in the wireless industry, and it is my job to provide background information to all of my clients. Therefore, I get to play a lot with the phones. This phone has blown me away.

*Bluetooth native, (hard to find with CDMA)
*MP3 player option works really well with a MMC card, easy to manage
*Great Reception (duh...it's Nokia)
*Great Battery Life (duh...it's Nokia)
*It is a Nokia

*Wish the camera was a 1.2 MB camera
*Can't listen to MP3's with bluetooth headset
*Wish the phone came out three months ago

This has been "hands down" the greatest phone I have ever had the chance to play with. The pros can go on forever, while the cons are limited to a few. The video camera works well, as well as the mp3 player. The camera however could be a little bit better, maybe a 1.2 MB camera. However, after owning this phone for a few weeks, it is safe to say that this is the Best CDMA Phone...Period.

Its' not "All That " but it is "Something Else''


Jan 3, 2006 by experiment626

I've used the Nokia 6256i for VZW since buying it for myself during the "Black Friday"supersale at Radio Shack.My last phone was a 3yr.old bar-style phone which had a fraction of the features my new Nokia has.Is the 6256i perfect?Far from it.For one I find the earpiece is REALLY finicky.Move it an inch the wrong way and its very hard to hear.Maybe its just me because I've never used a flip-style phone before.But my older bar phones sounded far better.I find my speakerphone works alot better. On the plus side,people say they hear me far clearer on the 6256i so the mic must be better.I love the Nokia menus.If you've had Nokias in the past then you will find your way around the phones features fairly easily.I like the camera/video features.For a VGA camera phone it takes nice pics.The flash is useless but there is a "night mode" which works great in low light enviroments.The RF has been great,I haven't dropped a call or had any problem making or recieving calls.There have been complaints about the hinge cracking,mainly with the older 6255s that were released first.However,the phone "feels" more fragile than earlier Nokias.I am worried how it would take a drop on a hard surface.The support from VZW's GIN download service is WAY below the what is offered other phones(Moto,LG,etc.)If you want to do a lot of customizing with GIN you will have to wait and hope Verizon gets around to supporting this phone more.Plus VZW removed the ability to use home downloaded mp3s as ringtones.Grrr.. Also Verizon removed the mp3 player from the 6256i.The 6255i has it and I cannot think of one good reason why the 6256i should be more nuetered than it already is.More Grrr.. At least they kept the radio.It is a nice feature to have but I wish it would work without having to use a corded headset.You can also use the standard Nokia chargers/ headsets this phone plus high speed charger that comes with it.Overall I really like the 6256i and most of its shorcomings can be blamed on VZW not Nokia.

God among phones...


Sep 16, 2005 by Starszero

Honestly this is the best phone I think Ive ever laid eyes opon. I started out with an LG VX4400, moved up to an LG VX6000, then up to the VX6100, out of the bunch the best one was the 4400. This phone blew all else out of the water. Managed to unlock this Nokia and use on Verizon, fan-freakin-tastic.

PROS: (This is just some of the major features)
-RS-MMC SLOT for memory expansion
-EXTERNAL COLOR LCD SCREEN with customizable backgrounds
-RECEPTION is outstanding
-EASY ANSWER BUTTON without opening the phone

-OK/SELECT key is a little small but takes some getting use to
-Cant customize contacts ringers only contact groups
-Cant use camera closed

God like phone, would recommend to anyone!!

I can't believe VZW let this one uncrippled!!!


Feb 8, 2006 by adilus

I just bought the phone last nite at Circuit City. It was full retail, expecting to be about 380 bucks... turns out it was only 233 after tax... less than the other Nokia and Moto v325 I went there to look at.

At first I thought it didn't have the mmc slot, but its there just under the battery.


This phone is loaded,

Great Reception
MP3 Player
Great Camera for a phone, nice and bright
Nokia UI, not the new VZW UI
Full Bluetooth
Excellent build quality (it is a Nokia)
So many little features like calenders, notes, games,etc

The only con is the buttons... they are hard and its easy for your fingers to slide off the buttons.

Given the content of the phone I can't believe VZW hasn't hacked the crap out of this phone. On a price per feature, price per quality, this is simply the best phone out there.

this phone kicks ass


Jan 27, 2006 by dean_stalk

The 6255 hasn't disapointed me yet. It does almost everything that the cingular rokr or walkman do, fm radio , mp3 player. Its badass. I have yet to see a better picture to be taken from any other phone. (besides the kyocera slider remix). Also the quality of the ringtone kicks ass. And another thing thats cool is that you can just plug in your headphones and listen to your music continuosly just like the ipod, adnd if your smart enough you can download videos to your phone to.! I am 100% satisfied with the nokia 6255. (then again i went to alltel from nextel.)

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