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Got everything I wanted!! Almost.


Jan 20, 2006 by SoTotally


Great camera. Took pictures with it right next to the RAZR V3c. RAZR not even close. Up-to-3-min of video is great! And no menu swimming to switch between the two. YES! And you can add folders of your own. Nice.
Games. Comes with 5 games! 3 good ones.
Txt. I had the 6019i before this and the txting process makes more sense in this phone. They did away with some options and put in better ones. Plus the font you see is very clear.
Sound. Nice 'n loud. Clear even at it's loudest.
Display. Huge and clear.
Feature Packed! Bluetooth, Infrared, FM Radio, mp3 player, World clock, dictionary for anyone who wants to translate words between English, Spanish, French and Portugese.


Space: Only 8mb stock for this phone! I could fill that in ringtones alone. Now you NEED a memory card to even begin to use this as an mp3 player.
Form: What?! A bit too boxy, but it's growin' on me.
Battery: Same battery as was in my 6019i. So it sucks the life out about 30% faster than my 6019i it seems. Coulda used a bigger battery Nokia.
Side keys: They adjust your speaker volume instead of ringtone when not in a call.
Camera: No picture taking when closed! :P
Rings: Still can't put downloaded rings on individuals. Yuck!
Radio: Can't use radio without an 'enhancement connected'. AKA, plug in your earbud or headphones. Woulda been nice to just activate it with the speakerphone.
When you close the flip, it doesn't go to home screen but just leaves you there. Could be good, could be bad.

Not much else to rant I guess. I've had it for about a month with US Cellular in Southern Oregon. Service is fine.

Nokia 6256i....sharper than a RAZR!


Dec 7, 2005 by questor2k


I live in NJ and picked up mine this past weekend at Radio Shack. Radio Shack let me upgrade my phone AND gave a ridiculously cheap price on it- $59.99! No rebates or anything to mail in. STILL can't believe it, since I have mentioned this deal to a couple of friends and they were told different, much higher pricing by the same store I went to! Guess lady luck was on my shoulder that day. Anyway, about the phone:

- Great reception, even with fewer bars showing that my Moto normally would
- EXCELLENT call clarity. I always found the Motos to sound a little garbled and unclear- almost as if the other person was mumbling. The Nokia has much more defined, crisper sound quality.
- Bluetooth...UNCRIPPLED BY VERIZON! Haven't taken advantage of this functionality yet, but I just know it's supposed to be cool :) Can't wait to get my wireless headset.
- Screen- inside and outside displays. Resolution similar to the Moto E815.
-Good/large sized keys that just feel good on the fingers. The menu button is a bit small, but easy to get used to.

-The darn side volume keys are poorly designed! As you'll read in many other reviews, any attempt to open, close, grab, or even graze the phone often results in an unintentional volume adjustment to your earpiece volume or ringer volume (depending on whether the phone is open or closed). Very annoying! I hope they come up with some software upgrade that lets you disable these keys.
-Speakerphone- nothing to brag about. In fact, it's about the same or a tad worse than the Moto v265. Only good thing is you can use it with the phone closed.
-Bulky. It's similar in size and thickness to the v265, but since it's more squared-off it looks and feels like a brick. Definitely thikcer than your typical flip phone of today.
-Font settings. Haven't read the manual yet, but haven't found a way to adjust the font colors. So if you have a dark wallpaper selected you can barely read the black text on top of it.

Great All-in-One Phone


Jan 19, 2006 by boberthepker

This is my new phone, Mp3 player, FM radio, digital camera/camcorder, flashlight (via video flash), mobile web and gaming device (thanks to java), and I love it. I will never get another non-Nokia phone.

-Sound quality
-Signal strength
-VGA camera
-Java (J2ME) Apps/Games
-FM radio
-MP3/AAC player
-PC connectivity
-Dual color screens
-MMC expansion slot

-Bulky, very square, unsolid feel
-Backlighting only stays on for 15 seconds and cannot be changed
-Banner can only be changed via programing
-Font color cannot be changed
-Cannot set downloaded ringtones to a specific contact (can to a group though)

This is the best phone!


Jan 10, 2006 by durexc

-Good Reception (I use Metro PCS)
-Good Battery Life
-Speaker Phone pretty good
-MP3 Player (Love it F*** IPOD's) could play it on loud speaker also and sounds awesome like carrying around a boombox.
-MMC Memory Card Slot I use 1 GB =P thats enough however you can go for 2 but damn thats alot of music.
-FM Stereo could also play on loud speacker also and sounds great and good station reception but need to have earpiece plugged in.
-Bluetooth Technology always a plus
-Send and receive pictures, sounds, and all that other good stuff.
-Cool Games but never play it though
-Simple menus as usual for a nokia
-And whoever said you can't play MP3's as a ringtone YOU ARE WRONG YES YOU CAN BUDDY!
-Pretty good picture quality for a camera phone. Flash kind of sux.
-Can record videos and watch MPEGS.

-menu button in middle kind of small
-ugly look and cheap feeling
-need to plug in ear piece set for FM Radio
-Mini outside LCD Screen could be a little better
-Flash for camera kind of sux.


i am satisfied.


Oct 23, 2005 by unifiedfall

Just a little background info... I am extremely picky about my phones probably because i work in the wireless industry, take that into consideration.

- Gorgeous main display.
- Bluetooth is fully functional. (Awesome. Just Awesome.)
- Camera is very decent, flash is bright.
- MMC slot for memory expansion.
- Great reception.
- Great battery life.
- Excellent array of features.

- The phone is the ugliest thing since those Scion Xb milkbox things. I'm serious, this thing is just ugly.
- The external display could've been 65k colors as well. (I did pay $249.00 for the phone.)
- The hinge feels extremely cheap.
- Phone feels cheap in general, i am almost afraid to use it.
- Bluetooth transfer writes to built-in memory before letting you choose where you want to save said file. This poses a problem if you have upgraded to a 2gb MMC. Say you want to transfer a video clip that is 28mb, you can't because the built in memory is only 6mb, which means you can only transfer files that are under 6mb.
- Battery cover slips off easily.
- Nokia could've included a clip.
- You can't change the font color on the main display, the font stays black, so if you have a dark wallpaper set up on it, you can't see the time/date/banner.

Overall i think that Nokia slacked as far as design and quality go but, i think that the pros i have listed will keep you happy even if you find more cons than i have listed.

I hope that my review will help those of you looking to buy this phone. cheers.



Aug 17, 2005 by jeans94621

I always try to keep up with the latest phones and I have own a lot of different ones. This one is by far the best one I ever purchased. It has everything. A great camera, a great video recorder, fm radio, mp3, bluetooth, and with a storage card you can download a lot of things. So far I haven't find any problems with the phone. My service is metro pcs and even that is working out great. I have had the phone for a little over a month now, and I use it for my house phone and I have had only one dropped call. I talk on the phone all day. And with the bluetooth I can get a lot done. I am highly impressed with this phone and cannot think of one bad thing. If I just had to say something bad it would be that you can't assign everyone downloaded ring tones, and that the menu button is to small. But those are trivial things compared to what you get with this phone. I give it thumbs up and highly recommend anyone trying to make up their mind whether to buy it or not to go ahead. I paid 270.00 and I feel like it was more than worth the price.

Finally a great CDMA Nokia, and a flip phone, no less


Apr 24, 2005 by vectornut

This phone does all the things I really want a phone to do:

1. Ringtones - not only ringtones, but MP3 ringtones, and I would have been happy with the MIDI tones that suffice for everybody else.

2. Bluetooth - having used a couple of corded headsets, loving the headset, but hating the cord, I definitely wanted a phone that I could use a Bluetooth headset with.

3. Calendar - After having two successive PDAs stolen from me, I wanted a calendar in my phone. Not only does this phone have a calendar, but it syncs its calendar and contact list with MS Outlook. Entering via keyboard is also nice.

4. Games - If I was going to stop using a PDA, I also wanted something to replace the one other thing I actually used it for regularly, games. This phone comes with some cool ones and more are a download away.

5. Flip - As much as I wanted a Nokia phone, I also wanted a flip-phone. I've used a Motorola StarTAC since about 1997, and it served me well for YEARS. Well, the 6255i is a Nokia flip, and it looks sweet, to boot.

All that said, there are some things I don't actually like about this phone:

1. Inability to set Profile by calendar entry - it sure would be nice if I could put a meeting on the calendar and via the calendar set the profile to meeting so that when the meeting happened, the phone would automatically go into meeting mode and back to normal after the meeting was over.

2. Inability to set an MP3 ringtone for a specific Contact - I'd like to be able to select a song for specific people on my contact list, and I don't seem to have that ability.

3. Inability to filter out certain types of Outlook contacts - I use a pretty draconian spam filter, and have to white-list a lot of email addresses just to get mail from people I want to get mail from. I found a way around this by making subfolders in my Contacts folder, but it would have been easier if I could filter out my whole White-list category of Outlook contacts via the phone sync settings.

VZW Branded 6256i


Nov 10, 2005 by David L

Got a Nokia 6256i a week ago. Verizon branded in VZW box.

The center menu key is Way too small

Excellent analog and digital reception

Used D-Link Bluetooth USB device with Mac.

Phonedirector 1.0.7. (Mac shareware )for address book.
Mac Bluetooth and Vcard also work. MP3 music files are pretty slow over Bluetooth.

There seems NO WAY to get audio files too play as ringtones.

The big problem is... NO WAY to get the phone to play midi files downloaded into folders. Error messages.

Sent both pictures and MP3 files using Bluetooth.
MP3 sent to/from played in iTunes.

Bluetooth and the media functions work so well.
ALL user recorded files get an "invalid file" message when, "save as ringtone" is selected.

FM radio works well, .ctor WIRE IS THE ANTENNA. Plays from speaker phone too
Nokia can use FM station setting as ALARM CLOCK RINGER, as long as headset is hooked up. Required for reception!

An special OFF/ON headset button makes voice activated calls.
Speaker distorts over halfway. Ok with MP3.

Ringtone for each number.

Corded headset allows for call initiation/end from On/Off button.

ONLY 25 Voice dial locations. 1-9 one dial locations.
5 function Commands for Voice dial.

External antenna adapter on botom port.
Old Nokia chargers work!

I've _heard_ of people having problems downloading over 600mb (160 songs) onto a 1GB flash card. NO direct experience. Apparently the Ebay Topram 1 GB card works well, check the reviews.

Might check out Nokia PC Suite and a cable for PC.

NAM program *3001#12345#
Channel and RF test screen code 3101
Download Phonedirector and read complete revue at...

6255i, A Quality Phone


Oct 25, 2005 by john25a

I have owned my 6255i (w/ Midwest Wireless) for about a week now. It works extremely well as a phone. The reception is outstanding. My previous phone was a Moto V810. The 6255i gets much better reception than my V810 ever did in the same locations. I live and drive in a very rural area so this is very important to me. I was debating between the 6255i and the Moto V710, I am very happy I didn't fork over the extra $150!

I can not comment on the extra features like bluetooth, MP3 player, etc because I just ordered the extra equipment that I need to use them!

-Reception is great
-Camera quality is acceptable
-Easy to navigate menus and change settings
-Radio is a neat feature

-Size, it can get rather cumbersome in a pocket or in a case. However, it does feel nice in my hand.

I am a very satisfied customer, and look forward to using my phone!

Excellent Phone by Nokia


May 23, 2005 by logo123

here´s what i call a complete phone, the fact is that it has so many functios that you wont need any other thing to: play your mp3, alarm clock, digital fotographies, calendar, calculator. I mean its a very complete piece of equipment, you can even watch tv in it, now i was reading some reviews in this forum, and one called my attention, i think it was written by huger or something like that, he was complaining about not transferring the info to the MM Card via USB, well my friend thats not true, let me tell you why, in the phone you need to go the gallery function and rename the MMC whatever name you like in order for the bluetooth program you re runnig to recognize it, you see when you introduce the card in the phone it doesn´t have a name so the program in the computer cannot tell you or make up a name for the device, so i recomend to you, read the manual carefully , ive just downloaded a 17 mb MP3 to the card via bluetooth, so it can be done.

Continuing with the phone especifications i recomend highly this equipment, it sounds loud, can put 10 minutes long songs (real Mp3)as your ringtone, Multimedia messages, internet and the best part, Bluetooth it expands you to a whole new world of technology (it really works), the only thing about it im not too happy its that the camera its still a VGA 640x480, not like motorola v710 a 1 Mp camera, but still i think its superior to that phone because its more user friendly, and has more functions.

The battery its fairly normal can stand for 5 days with minimun use and 3 using the bluetooth, the incorporated FM radio and the camera, heavily use.

The posibilities of expansion for this phone r extremly big great equipment!!

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