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Seriously Sucks.....


Jan 27, 2008 by DatsDatDeuce

I should have located phonescoop.com a long time ago and maybe I would have read someone's user review and refrained from buying this phone. But I digress, initially, my first thought was, "This phone isn't quite as cute and as sleek as I like and it is a bit heavy..." At the time, however, it was one of the more reasonably priced Bluetooth enabled phones with my carrier, Ntelos. I bought it.

At present, I am in the process of waiting for a contract rollover to get rid of this tremendous waste of 200+ bucks! In fact, many times my patience almost failed me and I almost risked having to purchase another phone for retail just to get rid of it.

Although I was merely opening the phone for the purpose of dialing a number or looking up a contact (since I have my Bluetooth headset), it still managed to squeak as if it needed WD-40! How unattractive and embarrassing is that when your phone squeaks! Out of the blue, after a few months, my phone screen would begin going black every time I would close it.... I would literally dial a number, close the phone, and before my headset could pick up anything, I would look down and see that my screen was black and the phone was off. After paying attention to detail, I noticed there was a small crack on the left side of the hinge, just above the buttons. With further examination, I realized just under this crack was the "circuit board" or (that little green card that holds all electronic information). So I used my "ingenuity" and devised a plan to close my phone with utmost care (taking about an added 20seconds just to close the phone without worrying that it would cut off)!

I had NEVER purchased a Nokia phone and heard many people boasting about the durability of their phones. Well, this will be my first and last experience! I'll go back to Motorola til' something else good comes out!

I wish I could sue Nokia over this phone Two thumbs down


Dec 18, 2007 by jbucha01

Don't bother with this phone. Wait, let me guess you already did and are having problems with it? Right? That's how you found this website? Right? Me too. Learned the hard way. Had a Motorola Razr....good phone, but burned it out...used a non-oem phone charger and it burned it up. Now, this phone,....has a great battery/charge-time,etc.

After 1 year, phone looks like crap...cheap paint wears off. Antenna breaks easily, had to take back to repair shop for broken hinges every 3-4 months.

Now, it randomly shuts off during conversation. Bought a new battery, still randomly shuts off. Nokia shame on you.

Good Phone, Tough Phone


Aug 1, 2007 by mpwelk

Great Nokia choice from US Cellular in Madison. Unfortunately, US Cellular no longer offers Nokia products as of last week. I couldn't get them to disclose whether or not Nokia Products would return.

- Battery Life
- Reception (extending antenna)
- Learning Text
- Video Camera (clip length limited to memory capacity)
- LED "flash" also works as a flashlight
- Simple, customizable "Go To" menu lets you put the most-used functions in it for instant access (Alarm, games, calendar, etc)
- Bluetooth for PC access
- Standard Nokia charger - they're everywhere. Keep one at work, at home. This will enable you to charge only when battery is low, extending batter life.
- Old-fashioned headsets with TRRS jacks AND Nokia multipin connectors work great. You can even use one TRSS headset (on the side) at the same time as the multipin jack (on the bottom) so two people can talk on the phone with the caller. Very cool...
- Built like a tank compared to the rest
- Pinball game is addictive

- Bluetooth sucks battery dry if you leave it on after PC access operations. I've never used it for those ridiculous headsets, so that must be even more of a drain.
- Voice recorder button on side inadvertently starts rolling tape while it's in your pocket!
- PC software invades your computer - watch as it assigns all your mp3, wav, and other media files to Nokia. Quite a fight to watch between iTunes and Nokia. The software gets an "F".
- Videos won't play back on my computer - perhaps this is an issue with my video card.
- No Mac software support.
- Speaker phone sounds horrible.
- No AM radio (has FM).
- Radio won't play through speaker or the regular receiver if you just want to hear a quick sports score.
- The games besides pinball are boring.

Hope you found this review helpful - you won't be using it to get a NEW phone, but if you're in the market for a used one, I'd recommend it.

Not up to the V710


Apr 10, 2006 by samkatz

Here's the "Scoop" as my much maligned V710 poopoed out on me(can't hold a charge). I bought the 6256i for use on my second line until I can get a replacement for the moto.

Here's a comparison.....

Voice quality - Nokia louder, clearer than Moto
thru earpiece, bluetooth
Voice quality speaker...Moto much better. Nokia
tinny sounding at loud volumes
Reception... a Tie so far. no problems w/either
Form/Size/Weight A Tie..both are "big" about same size
Main Screen...Moto *much* better than Nokia. Nokia has poor resolution, very small considering size of the flip.

Outside screen..Nokia is clear, but you don't see a picture ID
User Interface: Moto winds by a wide margin. Noika has very few customizations. YOu cant change what appears on home screen, can change what the middle round key points to. Many stupid choices in Nokia

Camera: Much better on Nokia. Useable photos. Motos camera is a joke

Voice dialing... Moto is great, no need to record tags, Nokia...10 steps back. you need to record tags and only takes 25!!!

Why I bought this phone.....It's the only VZ phone currently that allows FULL BLUETOOTH profiles.. I can use it as a BT modem.

I give this phone high marks for voice quality. I actually like the looks. But the User interface is much inferior to the Moto and I can't wait to get my V710 replaced

Nokia 6256i out of the box


Jan 29, 2006 by WillTW

Just purchased online from Verizon my Nokia 6256i. Easy to activate, barebones without accessories. Has about everything one would need including handsfree speaker phone that I cannot turn on (no button, instructions vague but one of the key selling points).SUGGESTION: In the United States, how about an English Only manual and skip all the other crap? Enlarge the print and add pages to identify and locate each feature on the phone.....just because these phones are foreign made is no reason to skip on the instructions....My Sanyo was much easier to use and was better built....

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