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What are you guys complaining about?


Oct 27, 2004 by rip

Your all crazy!

I bought this phoen like a month ago and its the best phone ive ever had!

It has the best reception by far of any phone i have ever seen, and isnt that the whole purpose of a cell?

As for the features, i dotn see any problems, i saw you all complain about the camera, and yeah it sucks indoors, but with a good amount of lighting,its gfreat. The pics come out great when transfered to the computer. As for the bluetooth, the headset works perfectly, and i dont need the file transfer because the transflash card is just as good, and plus it stores more mp3.

Basicly, unless your super high tech and need every tiny little thing to be perfect, then this is the best phone out there right now!

good phone


Sep 30, 2004 by hunterx

like the v710 overall, there will be updates to the bluetooth issues and thats from motorola and vzw reps. IF YOU CAMERA feature send fuzzy pics you have a malfuntioning unit. only cons i see about the unit is sweat on the screen (like all moto flip phones) and the mp3 player not working wiht the bluetooth speakerphone and earpiece etc, and vzw needs more gin apps for this phone.

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Nice Comeback


Sep 22, 2004 by ronzzoni

After owning previous V-series Motorolas such as the V60 and V70, I, like many others, had my doubts about investing in another product from this manufacturer.
However, I went out on a limb and decided to purchase the V710. I arrived at this decision while "test driving" this phone along with the LG VX6000 and VX7000. Without question, I found that the V710 out performed the above models in several key categories, thus enabling me to arrive at my decision.

-Very majestic and professional look.
-Speaker phone is solid.
-Outstanding color display.
-Good quality ringers and tones.
-Oustanding reception (tri-mode).
-Very user friendly menu.
-MP3 playback and other media features keep me entertained.

-Keypad backlight could be better.
-Bluetooth features are limited (by the Service Provider, not the phone).
-External CID Display very generic, cannot change pictures (just colors).

In all, the V710 is a very nice comeback for Moto and has done a lot in restoring my faith and loyalties.

Great phone, will be better when flashed!


Sep 8, 2004 by hammer4995

Had to have bluetooth for my Acura TL. Took 1 minute to pair and works well with the exception that there is a slight delay after answering before the calling party can hear me. Also, the lack of signal strength indicator is a negative. The first phone had some software issues and Verizon exchanged it immediately. I'm glad because the new phone id definitely better. The speakerphone is awesome!. The earpiece volume is perfect since applying the opcode.

I am using the internet thru Yahoo with the info supplied by Coolminer, thanks, I will be able to use my Yahoo e-mail perfectly without paying the $5 to Verizon. It works perfectly!!!

I'm sure that the forthcoming flash will correct the reported problems, but for now I'm a happy camper and have a great phone with great reception.

A Worthy Replacement


Aug 27, 2004 by vistagrande

I can finally say that after own this phone for a week that I am happy with my purchase.
I was very skeptical of this phone after reading much of the comments on this site but I figured 15 days was enough for me to put it through its paces. I have owned a 270c for 3 years and it finally quit on me. I haven't upgraded because Verizon's phone selection has sucked during this time and nothing compared to the 270c's speakerphone.
I really wanted Bluetooth and a quality Speakerphone in any replacement.

-The reception is top notch
-the voice recognition on this phone is absolutely tremendous! can be used almost totally hands free while driving
-the speakerphone is as good as my 270 no need for the headset while driving
-The internal screen is beautiful
-battery life is decent considering the big color screen
-Motorola kept the data port the same so my old accessories still work
-fully customizable ringer templates for Loud, soft, silent and vibrate
-expandable memory via transflash
-The bluetooth dialup networking feature worked with my Apple G4 powerbook like a charm and was the deal sealer for me keeping the phone

-the keypad does lack a tactile feel but i rarely use it because the voice recognition is so good
-most of the other bluetooth functions are disabled
-switching speed dial numbers in the contact list deletes entries
-needed USB cable for iSync connection (but it did sync very easily with my contacts and calendar)

I consider the camera a throw in and have yet to try it.

I don't know what major complaints there are for this phone (and I am VERY critical of the lack of quality Verizon Phones). If the bluetooth becomes fully functional after an update then this phone will be everything I was hoping Verizon would offer in a phone. If it stays as it is then I still feel like I bought a device that makes my life a little easier. Isn't that what technology is supposed to do?

Lou (vistagrande)

It's cool


Aug 23, 2004 by joey301

First of all, I appologize for putting my opinion here and in the forum. I did not see this part since I have mostly been reading the forums.

I have had my v710 for five days, here is my 2 cents.

I think it's a nice phone overall. I have not had the problems or noticed them concerning quality that people have mentioned on this board. I think the phone is easy to use and with a little practice the features are easy to use and learn. It's a pretty phone, easy to carry and can replace a lot of PDA functions.

But...there are probably better phones. I will stay with Verizon now because my entire family is with them (allowing me to use IN calling) and because they have the best network - the phone even works here on the subway. I think Verizon came out with this phone before they were really ready to support it. The instruction book has no depth and a lot of the questions asked on this board should be addressed in the instruction book, but they are not. The instruction CD leads you to a site that is not functioning so Motorola has also released this phone before they are ready. They should have fixed the BT problem and they should have had the memory cards in stock or even available with the phone. I had TMobile before this and my Nokia 3650 had almost all of the features of this phone (except MP3). I could sync my Nokia with my laptop from day one, without buying any other parts. Also, Tmobile gave me more minutes for my money and only asked for a one year contract.
Still, the V710 is a cool phone and I have enjoyed learning about it during the last five days. I think when I get the transflash and the USB/Mobile Phones software I will have the features that I wanted with this phone.
I have also ordered the cables (from Gomadic) to link my Dell PDA and use the V710 as a modem. I will know how that works in a couple of days, I suppose.

V710 all it's cracked up to be and more


Aug 15, 2004 by Phon-gool

Expectations are met plus more.

We thought you wouldn't be able to write your own ringtones without going through GIN, that idea died along with the awesome transflash!

Expected full blue tooth capability next month is the icing on the cake. It works perfectly with my bluetooth headset.

Speakerphone is amazing and full duplex!
No one can tell I am on speakerphone.

Voice dial is awesome without having to train it the phone recognizes names very well. Much better than I thought it would.

Far and away the best offering for Verizon, and probably the best option well into next year. IMO LG or Samsung can't touch it.



Aug 12, 2004 by hyperspy24

This phone was way more than I expected. My previous phone was the VX6000, and wow, what an upgrade! signal quality is superb, well, it is verizon after all, and the speakerphone works great. I believe the (small amount of) people that rate this phone low are very impatient. The phone does have a few issues that a simple firmware upgrade will fix. Verizon will have updates, and its only a matter of time. Give it a couple weeks. I can't think of any phone i've had that was perfect when I got it(i bought all of mine when they first came out). It goes through a couple updates and it works great. Overall, an amazing phone.

One of the worst phones ever!


Oct 28, 2004 by rayhawkcorp

buyers beware, verizon should not be selling this phone - its is terrible.

large bright screen
good signal.
decent speaker phone

Bad battery life (I even got the extra bulky extend battery and it still dies before the end of the day).

Shows only 3 contacts at a time even though it has a huge screen. Enough of the fancy graphics guys, I am not a 2 year old, give me something I can use. I used to have a VX6000 with a much smaller screen: guess what it showed 6 contacts at a time

Bluetooth is Verizon specific, can't use it with standard bluetooth equipment. Thats because Verizon modified the BT on this phone to make you have to buy Verizon's peripherals. It seems like to me Verizon, is more concerned with profits at the expense of customers needs.

Voice Dialing has weak voice-recognition. It gets the number wrong and proves to be an impendment rather than at asset. After saying the number for the 5th time I get frustrated and want to throw the phone into a lake. Instead I end up finally taking my eyes of the road and dialing the number with my fingers.... a serious safety liability.

Mega-pixel Camera - WHATEVER! The phone proves that just because you are saving larger files does not mean they are quality images. The picture quality is not good at all. In fact I have seen camera phones with lower resolution that take better pictures. I guess the take home here is that Mega-pixel is just a marketing buzz word. More does not mean better image quality. I would love to see someone put a Canon Lens in a phone with a Canon CCD. Now that would deliver great photographs that are visual superior at any resolution.

User Interface - the LG VX6000 spoiled me with its in believable intuitive interface. The V710 interface feels clumsy. It lack intuitive design and solid information architecture.

I tried to return it, but Verizon said I had past my 15 days (was on my honeymoon). They said they would whe I bought it.

This phone rocks!!!!!!


Oct 23, 2004 by tomvern1

I love everything about this phone. I haven't found one thing about it that I don't like. I've heard a lot of negative things about it, these consumers I guess just don't have any taste.

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