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Best phone ever, the good 6010


May 20, 2005 by bottleofliquor

The Nokia 6010 is the GREATEST PHONE EVER!!! I don't care what anybody tells me.

I use my phone with cingular.I live in rockland county NY. my previous phone was the LG 4010. some phone that was.It used to cut out on me alot and the reception was horrible.

Anyway a friend of mine recommended the NOKIA 6010. This is the best phone I EVER used. This phone is ultra clear, has a very good antenna range, and is easy to use. My friends tell me I sound like I am on a house phone. When I had my LG 4010 phone, I could NEVER use the phone in rural areas. With this phone I never have a problem. It is like a Home phone.

However, the phone is not a radio, doesn't have a camera, and is not a flip phone. however these features are not important on a phone. The most important thing on a phone is the quality of the call (Isnt that the reason people buy a phone in the first place!!!???)



May 9, 2005 by Ace2525

overall this is an excellent entry level phone...i purchased this one mint condition on ebay for $22+shipping, what a deal...

vibe & ring
ui easy to use
voice dialing
reception! much better then my moto v300 or an VXXX series at that...i get no service in my basement w/ my moto and i get 2 bars in my basement w/ the nokia!

screen res w/ wallpapers
no high end features (no big deal for basic users)

i would defineltly recommend this phone to anyone who does not need speakerphone or a camera or any of that extras

A "just OK" GSM Phone


Mar 8, 2005 by zerotsm

I got this phone shortly after the AT&T/Cingular merger. My trusty 6360 would not do GSM and I got the 6010 free with the two year contract with Cingular.

The AT&T/Cingular merger was a good thing for the Wilkes Barre/Scranton market. The dead spot on Route 11 between Naticoke and Berwick is GONE! Overall, the receiver seems a bit more sensitive than the old phone, and thanks to GSM technology, people no longer sound like Darth Vader when calling from cellphone to cellphone.

Rugged single piece shape with built in antenna. Those flip phones with the stub sticking out always seem to me like breakage waiting to happen.

The auto keyboard lock is a nice feature.

Quality control seems good, has been working for three months without a hitch.

Buttons are not distinct and individual like my old phone, too easy to hit two buttons at once. Very annoying.

Don't like the ring tones. I like a simple plain tone. My old phone had a setting like a British telephone ringback. Nice. The closest on this phone is "Signal" which is a bit too loud for me, I often leave the phone in "silent" mode and I hear the vibrate fine, even if the phone is not on my person.

I don't care for the color display, too grainy. I have the wallpaper turned off.

Will not work with a "Flipjack" for doing radio broadcast remotes. I suspect I could make it work by hardware hacking a Nokia headset. To be fair, I had to buy a "pop port" adapter to get my old Nokia phone to work with the Flipjack.

Bottom Line:
I'm going to pick up an used 6340i cheap since it is more like my old 6360 and see if I like it better.



Feb 17, 2005 by phoneswitcher

Ok.. this phone is actually a really nice phone, especially if it is one of your first phones. However, if you have a flip phone and are looking to by a new phone, don't go from a flip phone to a regular phone. That's what kept me from enjoying the phone. I wanted my flip phone. Ha.. so I sent it back and I will be getting a different flip phone at a later date. Again... this is a very nice phone, it is very customizable and very easy to learn how to use, if you're one that doesn't like to take the time to read user guides. Very nice phone. just don't go from a flip to a standard model phone.

excellente phone!!


Nov 13, 2004 by mariersteve

i'd had this phone for about 2 mouths and so far it's an excellente phone..only cons is that it's a bit big.. and the display only last''s only 15 secondes ( when it lights up ) and to re-light it well you gotta press another button...
like exemple i press 2 and it stay's lighted up for 15 secondes unless i press another button..to keep it lighted up..

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Can't get destroyed!


May 9, 2021 by VHORocks

Nice nice phone. Very similar to the Motorola Droid Turbo 2, which is also destruction proof. This phone is also destruction proof.

No camera.

Everything else.

Durable as a rock!


Dec 5, 2011 by AceMcCrank

I have lived in several different cities over the United States since I first got my Nokia 6010 back in 2004. I'll admit, I went for the LG chocolate as a new phone, but after disappointment over reception and durability, I headed straight back for this indestructible little guy on my prepaid T-Mobile account.
I've dropped this thing out of third-story windows, it's been run over several times, even managed a swim in a pool, two toilets, and a bathtub. I digress, the battery life is no longer the week and a half it used to be. Now I'm lucky to get a day. But, a new battery is less than $10 with shipping. Which is less than getting a new phone still.

ӢCheap battery replacement
ӢExtreme durability
ӢI've had ONE dropped call since I purchased this phone. So great reception.
ӢSimple to use
Ӣquick to recharge
ӢGreat call volume
ӢGreat ringtone volume
ӢExcellent battery life for texters (pure texting, I can still manage up to 4 days without needing a recharge!)
Ӣ3-channel headsets are hard to find
ӢInternet is obscenely slow, and no longer needed on this phone anyway. There's no downloads for it anymore.
ӢNo speakerphone

Now, if they were to build a smartphone with this durability and reliability, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

They don't make phones like they used to...


Aug 2, 2009 by ATnT Nokia

I recently purchased a 6010 from Ebay since I have been having so many problems with AT&T's shady network. This phone gets the best reception out of any of AT&T's current models!

Battery life cannot be beat, it goes for days without needing a charge. The phone is very durable, and it does not feel too cheap unlike today's models in which you pay too much for only to get flimsy housing and construction.

The Nokia 6010 is built tough, and I am sure I'll get years outta this phone.

Amazing device, I wish they still made them.

It is a good basic phone.


Oct 22, 2008 by The New ATnT Wireless

The Nokia 6010 is a good basic phone, and certainly the last of the great Nokias from the 2000-2006 era.

The current basic Nokias that are offered today are very buggy, whereas classics like the 6010 are super fast, even though they lack much desired features like a top quality color screen.

But if you want a phone for talking and sending the occasional text message, then by golly, the 6010 will work for you.

You can get them on ebay.

??? Well...


Dec 20, 2007 by Kellis1

This phone is a good bottom of the line cheap phone. the kind you give to your employees to destroy on the job. It serves its purpose, those it could have been made a bit more durable. The 2 of these phones I went through both had the same trouble within the first 3 months. The keys would stick or just completely stop working. On both of my 6010s the three button and the pound button both quit working. This was really annoying. other then this the phone has been a good phone.

PROS: ??? not really any
CONS: Durability

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