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good economical phone


Oct 18, 2004 by ab8285

Nokia does it again with this phone. from what I here this is just an updated 3595. But like the 3595 this phone does the job with out a lot of features. If your looking for something simple and easy to use, then this is phone for you. It's got a nice color display and from what I'm told tops on cingular network in signal strength. Like the 3595 I I get better reception than folks with much more expensive phones. This is the phone to buy for the low end user.

awesome entry level gsm


Oct 10, 2004 by janatwedt

We have just began selling this phone for SunCom in Savannah, GA. So far it is prooving to be a good little phone. This is a good phone to sell to a customer who uses their phone a lot, would like to use the GSM features at an entry level, and are on a budget. The price for this phone is very economical and would allow a customer the benefit of having internet without complicating menus. the nokia 3560 on tdma was an awesome phone with keypad problems. nokia corrected this problem with this nokia 6010. To me this is a sooped up 3560 with gsm data capabilities. once again, nokia has made a durable, great reception, good battery life, and easy menu phone.
i would recommend this model for tdma customers ready to step up to the GSM plate.

First Impressions


Aug 21, 2004 by xorcyst

Let me preface this by saying I have only had this phone for a week. I had been with Sprint for a little over 3 years. I finally got fed up with being on "analog roam" throughout my house and inside any building in my neighborhood.

In Sprint's defense, I had a 3-year old Samsung that was probably the culprit. The bottom line is that I now have strong reception (5-6 out of 7 bars depending on which room) INSIDE my home (Houston, TX -- Cingular). I also went to the nearby Lowe's where I had never received a signal with my old phone. I was able to call home (albeit with a little static) and consult with my wife about the paint color I was picking up.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the call clarity even though a little static creeps in with a weak signal (but this is probably also true of more expensive phones). For a free phone (with 2 year contract) I was happy with number of bells and whistles. I have not used the text messaging (and I don't plan to) so I can't speak to the phone's ease of use in that department, but if you just need a phone that works and not a camera or an MP3 player, I dare say this is the phone for you. I'll try to follow up this review after I've used the phone a bit longer...

What you need to know.


Jul 4, 2004 by whodatfever

I have been with T-mobile for 2 years now. In that time I have owned the following phones in this order.

Samsung R225
Sony T300
Samsung S105
Sony T610
Samsung E715

I love the software the Samsung phones use. It is very easily navigated and the screens on them are fantastic. I also like the alarm feature that wakes you up Mon-Fri and lets you sleep in on the weekends. Sony T300 was a novelty because of the camera. T610 had a marvelous screen but the software and phonebook features lacked so much I returned it. Also the reception stunk! That is where the Nokia 6010 comes in. I have never received a decent signal and most times no signal at all at my house. A VERY annoying thing to have to live with. I did a little research. The 6010 uses a frequency of 850 rather than 900. From my experience and what i've read, this frequency is better at penetrating buildings. For the first time in 2 years I can answer the phone at my house without having to say "hello" five times and then hang up. I gave up the E715, probably the best phone on T-mobile at this writing, for the 6010 and don't regret it for a second. Everywhere that has given me signal problems in the past has noticeably improved. As far as bells and whistles, well...it gets by with the minimum. There are snazzier phones on T-mobile. However, if you are faced with signal problems, I can't imagine you going with another phone. Also, battery life is so good it's almost retarded. Because the software and extras aren't going to blow you away I gave the phone 4 instead of 5. I've read that the 3595 is essentially the same phone but I have never owned it so I would rather not comment on it. I hope this helps some of you make up your mind.

Good Basic Phone with Excellent Reception


Apr 5, 2006 by mescpa53

I previously had two Samsung X495 phones with T-Mobile. I had just about given up on T-Mobile until I tried the Nokia 6010.

The Nokia 6010 has superb reception. (My Samsungs REALLY did not.)

Otherwise I find the 6010 to be a nice pleasant basic phone.

I work as a large aerospace company which does not allow camera phones. The Nokia 6010 is a good choice.

How a phone should be!


Feb 20, 2006 by 63296

Both my fiancee and I got this phone for free when we signed a contract with T-Mobile. We previously had the Samsung A620 with Sprint and we just wanted a phone that was simple and got service...

-GREAT service!! We live in rural Kansas so were were very relieved to get good service.
-Extremely durable! My fiancee has dropped his phone NUMEROUS times on various hard service (i.e. concrete, pavement) and it has not affected at all.
-A wide selection of ringtones
-If you are wanting a stylish phone, you should probably look elsewhere because it is a VERY plain and simple bar phone
-The keypad is a little hard to push, the menu buttons are too close together
-Screen resolution could be better
-Poor wallpapers

Again.. if you are wanting a phone that gets service and don't have to worry about breaking.. this is the one!!

I hate my phone


Jul 5, 2005 by ihatemyphone

you know this phone was good for me for about 2 weeks but as soon as the phone hit that 3 week mark it went to crap... i cant keep a signal i cant keep the battery charged and i cant keep the damn phone from freezing up and powering itself off i have had a few nokias and well the ALL DO IT and i cant take it anymore so yea theres my answer

Same horse, different color


Jun 7, 2004 by Mark_S

When I first tried out the 6010 at the T-Mobile store, I knew right away that Nokia got the message that the 3595 button layout was not very well received and they right-away improved on that. Everything practically the same as the 3595. I was told by many phone carriers that Nokia's phones are the way to go when you need that extra reception boost in out of the way areas and this phone performs like its predecessor the 3595. It pulls in great signal almost anywhere T-Mobile can reach. Earpiece is nice and loud, the ringers are great. Other than the blah 4,096 color screen, making it 65K color matrix would be better. Probably this would add more $$$ to the price of the phone, but a polished up version of the 3595 which this phone apparently is, you cannot get any better for an entry-level GSM phone..

the 6010


Feb 4, 2006 by mccgrad05

Out of all of the cell phones I have owned, the nokia 6010 has been one of my favorites. I like the size and the fact that it is "cingular blue". I should have thought about getting this phone when I went for an upgrade. I paid about $60 for it. This phone has the the best reception and you can hear well. Hopefully I can use this as a pre-paid when my contracts up. I will get it as a pre-paid if it isnt. Thank you cingular and tmobile.

Great Entry-Level Phone!


Jun 12, 2005 by cjg

I have the 6010 as a spare, back-up phone, but it's the one I reach for when going out to the sticks and needing great reception!


--Excellent reception
--Great voice quality
--Easy Nokia menus/interfaces
--Corrects the weird keypad of the 3595


--No speakerphone (but you can get an earbud, not a real biggie)
--Really no other cons!

Bottom line: You can't go wrong with this phone, whether you get it for back-up or as your primary phone.

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