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I really like my 6010.


Oct 1, 2005 by hereward

I got my 6010 about 3 weeks ago and so far I am very please with this phone. I upgraded to Cingular's all GSM network and can say it really works well. I'm a trucker from Minnesota and drive mainly out east. I've had only 2 dropped calls so far. This phone has great reception and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles. But to be fair it does have internet capabilities and downloadable games, wallpapers, rings and so forth. So you can have fun with it when you are idle or bored. But what I relly like is the loud ringers I can actually hear over my diesel engine and even my loud stereo! Another plus is I can hear who I am talking to via a rap around your head ear boom. I can adjust the volume on the headset and the phone for optimal clarity. To sum it all up, it is just a basic phone with no camera, bluetooth and all that stuff. But for it's main use as a phone and for the value i'll defenitely keep it for awhile.

Great little second phone...


Jul 31, 2005 by newjerseybrotha

I think this is a great second phone for me, at least that is what I think. My main phone is the Motorola Ravr V3 (limited black edition), but on my second line...I use this phone. I have to say that is very durable and reliable. I could throw this thing through a brick wall, and it will still work. ahahahah, this is a great little back up phone. It is good for your children as well, because it will last. I have been using Nokia phones for some time now, and they just keep getting better.

Great battery life
Great signal strength
Very loud ringtones
Very strong vibration, you can really feel

Good phone to have!!!

good starter phone


Jul 18, 2005 by bballboi881991

i think that this is a good phone to start out with it is my first phone and i am very satisfied

the only thing that i have noticed bout this phone is that the battery doesnt seem to last as long as i thought it would, and i didnt really like any of the wallpapers or ringtones cause i like the more regular ringtones and this phone doesnt have very many of those

OKaY Phone


Jul 17, 2005 by luckylilmama2008

Alright, i've had this phone for about a year and i have been DYING to upgrade to a better phone...don't get me wrong, if u are a regular joe jus looking for a phone to talk on and not to play on or show off this is just for you.....

Great for text messaging!
Easy access
Easy Menu
Colored screen
Easy phone book

numbers always accidentally called if not on key lock
screen is easily scratched
easy to notice if in pocket
takes space up like whoa

Why Not the 6010?


Jul 11, 2005 by degroat

I just bought my nokia 6010 from Wal- Mart with t-mobile to go prepaid service. I have used it so much in the past few days, it's unbelievable! The phone is great. I have no complaints... just one little... ... ... i dunno. The only problem is that sometimes the yahoo and msn messenger can take a while to sign in. Other than that, i suggest that if you are low on money but want/need a phone, the nokia 6010 is great.

About what I expected


Jul 9, 2005 by mikes63737

This phone was purchased a week ago because I temporarily lost my Samsung X475 (I found it now) and I can say that this is a pretty good basic phone.

*Very sturdy/rugged
*Great Battery Life
*Ringers are loud and there are enough so that everyone can find one that they like
*Menus are easy to navigate
*Vibrate Alert is pretty strong, and there is rubber on the back of the phone to keep it from sliding off of a desk when it vibrates
*Can ring and vibrate simultaneously.

*Screen is very low quality
*Buttons are too close together
*Some buttons stick

Other than those cons, this phone is excellent.

Another Nokia Small Wonder


Jun 21, 2005 by videoman49

Nokia does it again with the 6010. It is a price/performance winner that can't be beat!

An amazing array of features for a $10.00 phone through CINGULAR. No it doesn't have a camera, blue-tooth or a speaker, but as I stated it cost a mere $10.00. Not $300.00!

As far as I'm concerned, it has a boat-load more features than MOTO'S dismal V400. Like a true address book. Yes, you can actually put names, addresses, city, state, zip, e-mail, web site address and a note pad for EVERY name in your book!

Battery life seems just fine.

This is phone is great for the NON-TECHNOS or anyone needing an inexpensive phone with lots of features.

For ten bucks . . . . You'll be hard pressed to find more performance and features.

One can only imagine if this were a flip phone!

#1 Reception


May 24, 2005 by tyman

My Service Provider is: T-Mobile
Area of use: Kansas
I bought this phone because my other 2 tmobile phones(Motorola V300 and Samsung E715) had a difficult time getting reception in the building I work in. I purchased this phone at Walmart for $30 as a prepaid cell phone. However, I just took my SIM card out of my other phone and put it in the Nokia and it worked like a charm and even gets good signal in the building where I work.
STRENGTHS: Reception, Easy to use if your familiar with a Nokia, Sturdy, Battery Life, Loud Ringtones, Sound Quality, Predictive Text works well, the IM menu offers AIM, YAHOO, MSN, and ICQ (my other 2 phones don't offer MSN or ICQ). Fantastic phone for the price and probably my most reliable phone of the 3.
WEAKNESSES: It has a color screen but don't expect it to be the most vibrant, only 2 direction or quick keys instead of the typical 4, you can't download Hi-Fi Ringers for it only Megatones from Tmobile.
OVERALL: Very satisfied and happy with this phone. It does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Excellent value for what it is.


May 24, 2005 by saithkar

An entry-level GSM phone for the North American market, the 6010 should be analysed on that criteria only. Of course it doesn't have a camera or bluetooth, but what it is good for is MAKING AND RECIEVING CALLS, a feature of modern phones that sometimes gets ignored.

Battery life - although I only use the phone lightly, I have it on almost all the time, and I only need to charge it every 5 days odd.

Reception - I was hiking in the Rocky Mountains and still had signal, cracks me up when people in the hearts of cities only have 1 bar. Also I can go days without turning it off and still have great signal, where other phones need to be power-cycled several times daily or calls will drop.

Durability - I work in the cell phone industry and decided to prove to my coworkers that Nokia phones are more durable than their trendy flip phones. I did this by throwing the 6010 at the wall. The phone not damaged in the slightest, but had you tried that with a Samsung X426 or whatever, that would have been the end of it. Has been dropped other times since and still works perfectly.

Voice quality - Very good, and loud. Lacks speakerphone, but for those who don’t drive you never need the feature much anyway, so I don’t miss it.

Form and functionality - A little larger than what discriminating modern tastes demand, but not unmanageably so. Keypad is a comfortable and usable even for those with large fingers (text messaging is a dream on this phone). The only negative is the two soft keys are very small and pressed up against the call/end buttons, which can be a problem and is inexcusable considering the dimensions of everything else.

Display - Is small by current standards, but is crisp and bright and without a camera the 4096 colours is fine.

So lacking on the bells and whistles, but pretty much unparallel in the business of voice calling. I don’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone just looking for a reliable phone rather than a handheld multi-media device.



Apr 17, 2005 by tj15

this phone has mostly everything.it has four games,downloadable ringtones,etc.The only problem that it has is its speed.sometimes when i access t-zones it would take minutes(about 5-10)for a response.somtimes it wouldn't have no gateway reply which happens on most phones anyway.If you plan on buying this phone it great but sometimes slow on things.

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