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Nokia 6010 great phone for low price


Feb 8, 2005 by JoeCingular

I work for Cingular Wireless and have had the Nokia 3100, Nokia 3120, Motorola V220, and then now the Nokia 6010. Believe it or not the best phone out of these all has been the Nokia 6010. Sure the Motorola V220 has a camera and all the jazz a person could really want just short of Bluetooth but the V220 speakerphone didn't work all the time and you couldn't hear it. The Nokia 6010 is a great phone with reception and it's as close to the old dependable Nokia 5165 as you can get. Overall i love the nokia 6010

Nokia 6010: Excellent reception, good features


Jan 13, 2005 by jragsdale1

Location: Southeastern Wisconsin / Northern Illinois

Carrier: Cingular Wireless

PROs: Easy Nokia interface, lightweight, good battery life, acceptable color screen, excellent reception, everywhere carries accessories that fit, comes with four games

CONs: Instant messaging interface stinks, aftermarket faceplates never fit correctly, no data port, no speakerphone

Overall if this were a flip form factor phone it would get much better reviews. Awesome reception (never drops calls), swift test messaging, very durable, very loud ringer, good volume, and more.

Its not the end all be all of phones but does extremely well. Worth considering when purchasing a phone.

nice phone


Jul 17, 2005 by sweetiexkel

this is a nice phone, i get good signals.. but i hate that its a prepaid phone now! urgh! i pay 50 bucks a month and cheapos get it for prepaid..



Aug 1, 2004 by robz98lude

This phone is a definate improvement over the Nokia 3595. I like the fact that it is a little larger (fits my face better). Also, the reception is allot better. If you are using a GSM network in the U.S.A. this phone is perfect. It incorporates Nokia's easy to use features & their well known durability. I have no complaints whatsoever about this model. Other phones I have used are: NOKIA 5165, 3600, 3620, 3200, 3595, & 3100; MOTOROLA V400 & MOTOROLA TALKABOUT, SONY T226 & T306; SANYO 4900 & X426; & MANY SAMSUNGS...

6010 Pay As You Go


Sep 18, 2005 by TeleSalesRep

I've got to say, this phone isn't what I expected it to be when I was learning about it in my training class. This phone ranks among the "Basic" brands of phones, but with some better features than you would find with other carriers. For instance, other carriers most inexpensive phones are Monochrome, not color. The Nokia 6010 is pretty good about viewing wallpaper. I have made some personal wallpaper for the phone and it isn't too bad at all.

It has a small screen, measuring in at 96x65 pixels, but it's not all bad. The ringtones, on the other hand, are not as good as say the Samsung E105 or the Moto V265 I had before I sold it. The polyphony count is only 4, which doesn't leave much to the imagination when it comes to good ringtones.

Still, the phone has great features that deter it away from those CONS. As stated in another comment, the buttons are nice and big to provide people with "Fat Fingers Syndrome", like myself, a better way to use the phone. Anyways, the phone is pretty nice, aside from it's obvious "lack of features" in certain areas.

All in all, it may not be a great, full-featured, comes with bells and whistles phone, but it gets the job done, especially if you just need to make and recieve phone calls.


Not bad, but not great!


Sep 1, 2005 by DARYLB

I guess everyone has their favorites. I have a Motorola V188 and V505 as personal phones. I actually purchased these on recommendations from Phone Scoop and I am pleased with both.

I recently received a Nokia 6010 from work. I have tried it out, but I find it large and awkward in comparison to my Motorolas. I do not see it being attached to my belt. It is 1/3 larger than my V188. In addition, when calling I never seem to be able to get the phone in the right position on my ear, so I am constantly moving it around until I get the ear piece aligned so I can hear the other party. Plus the directions tell you not to put your hand on the back top of the phone because it interferes with the antenna. Holding it properly is alone a challenge.

It may be very reliable, but I use my cellphone a lot and it must be user friendly. This phone does not meet those expectations. I believe there are a lot better phones out there for a few bucks more.

awesome phone


Aug 14, 2005 by anthony1831

This was my first phone and was very easy to use!

The pros,
- Good design fits in hand
- Fast menu search.
- Changeable faceplates
- Great reception, I had at least 3 bars at the mojave desert in CA with cingular's service!!!

The cons,
- No speaker phone
- Only 4,096 color screen
- It would be nice if it had a supertone speaker, not a 4 chord polyphonic speaker!!!

In all, the phone is good for someone who wants a phone that only makes and places calls W/out alot of features!

Decent phone


Jul 26, 2005 by motorola1

This is a fairly good 'entry-level' phone, but is practical for anyone looking for an inexpensive phone.

It takes several minutes for the phonebook and SMS service to load after the phone has been turned on; it's hard to see the screen in direct sunlight; and the phone's reception where I live is not up to par.
Other than that, this is a reliable, sturdy*, easy-to-use cell phone.

* I have dropped it many times from a variety of heights onto a variety of surfaces AND I have accedentally soaked it in water overnight. Even after all this, it still worked (up until recently).

Changed opinion of Nokia


Jul 17, 2005 by rickp315

This is a decent phone. What impressed me is the fact that it performs better than my Samsung x105. It was in a pre-paid package, I just slipped my old SIM inside and it became a contract phone (try THAT Verizon!).

Loud ringers.
Clear calls.
Decent screen (better w/o wallpapers).

Non HiFi ringers (no biggy).
Buttons too close together.

I tried a Nokia a couiple years ago, and it was awful. But this model has changed my opinion. Got mine at Wal-Mart.

great phone


Nov 11, 2004 by dallyman

I know this phone does not have all the features of many other phones, but it is a great phone.


Great reception (I can actually use this in many areas where t-mobile is inaccessible such as many areas in Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota)

Great clarity on both ends.

Tones vibrate and ring at the same time vary efficiently

great battery life. I don't need to charge it every day, and I use the phone quite a bit.

easy to use menu


It has a very sensitive microphone. It will pick up back ground noise (I haven't had a problem with it, but many other users have found it to be an annoyance)

You may want to buy a new faceplate for it ... the standard keys are often hard to push on the top two buttons.

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