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Good basic phone


May 26, 2005 by stu15

(1) Great basic phone!
(2) Excellent battery life
(3) Good reception
(4) Good user interface

(1) Very "hot" magnetically -- makes loud pops, hums, and chirps on any nearby speakers or land phones -- makes squiggles on nearby CRT monitors. Much more than TDMA phones, or old Siemens GSM phone.
(2) Display very hard to read -- this phone does NOT need a color display. I have to hold it up to the light to see if there's enough bars to make a call, or push a button to activate the back-light (then another button to cancel the first one!) Nokia: please think of ways of harvesting ambient light (non-imaging optics?) if you think you need to have a color display!

But I'd get it again.

nokia 6010


Jul 26, 2004 by fladude622

good easy-to-use phone, plenty of games and ringtones to keep you occupied.

PROS: Voice dialing, easy menu, poly ringtones, good reception, clear calls,games, pc sync

CONS: only 4096 screen, a little big, dark backlight

Good Phone


Dec 1, 2004 by Zone123

I got both of these Nokias and after two days of use these are mine comments:

1. Reception quality - it seems that they are both equal or the 6010 sometimes gets 1 bar better. Compared to my old Moto T720, Nokias HOLD connection better.

2. Ear piece volume - depending on connection the 6010 is slightly louder or WAY louder than 3120.

3. Sound quality - 6010 reproduces sound with different timbre (less bass). I prefer 6010 sound tone to 3120 which generates audible noise/hiss at max earpiece volume.

4. Phone size/shape - 3120 is too small for me. Because of its size, it is easy to accidentally cover the internal antenna area which could lead to worse reception/higher transmission levels (radiation). I also find the keys a little too small although I have no problems dialing.

5. SAR levels - lower to way lower for 6010.

6. Battery life - 3120 is better.

7. Finish quality - both look good although 3120 feels a little bit too plastic and fragile.

8. Rings are OK and VERY very loud. I wish Nokia would include more normal ringtones sounding like phones and not tons of those useless polyphonic sounds (phone is not a radio!).

The other features are meaningless for me but I will list them: 3120 has better display (less pixalation, fits more lines per screen, brighter; however this is not good enough for displaying pictures which look fuzzy at 4096 colors and the small resolution), 3120 has a speakerphone which is actually quite good but I don't see a use for it.

In conclusion, for somebody who needs a basic good phone, I would recommend 6010.



Oct 2, 2005 by tanner

I have had this phone for 2 months now and it is great! I just ended my contract with nextel and it sucked! i never had any service with nextel..i was on a family plan and i had NO features! ANd the nokia 6010 is LOADED with features and it amazes me cuz its so small! And the service is great! I looove the reward minutes! overall....its a great phone with great service at a low low price. THANK YOU NOKIA!!~

Great Phone!!!


Jul 10, 2005 by ChaosBleeds44

I have had this phone for a little over two weeks and I have charged it like three times!! I upgraded from a Sony Ericsson t237, and this phone is much better, except for not having a speaker phone.

Great size (Fits my face well)
Fast Responses to Key Presses
REALLY GOOD Reception (I have three to five bars in places where I got none!)
Interchangeable Faceplates
Great Sound Quality
Well Designed Menu Arrangements (For the most part)
Great Battery Life

No speaker phone
There is no Contacts menu listing, you have to go to the contacts screen from the main screen
When I sit my phone over the hard drive on my laptop it restarts (the laptop), which is just plain weird!

I'm really glad I got this phone! This phone is allot better than the Sony Ericsson.

Good, reliable phone!


Mar 9, 2005 by Puffy

I've used this phone for a while, and it's a very reliable phone in terms of reception! Under T-Mobile, I live in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs area and the reception is much better than the old Samsung R225 I have.

As an indirect dealer, I recommend this phone for entry level customers because it's fairly simple to use. The menu options are large enough to read and easy to navigate, even for most senior citizen customers I've sold it to.

Another good feature is the integrated Yahoo! mail. Some customers like being able to check their mail on the go, when a laptop or computer isn't readily available.

The numeric keypad has a unique bi-level-type feel, allowing for somewhat easy dialing when you're not looking at your phone. (PSA: But don't drive while using a cell phone!)

Unlike the Motorola C650, it's very fast and easy to lock and unlock the keypad (Menu, *). With the C650, you have to actually go through the menu options in order to lock the keypad.

The only pet peeve I have with this phone is the top two buttons used to navigate the phone (access the menu, go back to the previous screen, unlock the phone, etc.) are very small and so close to the Send and Hang-up buttons, that it can be difficult for some people with large fingers.

However, overall, good reliable phone!

Some people you cant please!


Jan 4, 2005 by Aaron930

I have had this phone now 6 months. Its a great phone. Lacking some features, yes, but is packed with alot of features most phones dont include.

1) Has AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo
2) Battery standby NICE. 10 days!
3) Able to customize EVERYTHING
4) Phonebook is EXCELLENT! Allowing more than 1
number per person!
5) Changeable Faceplates.
6) Great reception, never droped a call
7) Always have atleast 90% signal strength, if not 100%

1) Buttons are too close together.
2) Needs to have IR or Bluetooth

Some people just cant be pleased by anything! They dont realize what it takes to build a phone unless they actually try to do so. Yeah its easy to say I WANT I WANT I WANT. But when it gets down to doing it, its rather hard. They complain because they want a 900$ phone for 200$, they want bluetooth, ir, SD memmory card reader, extended battery, huge lcd, vibrate mode, speaker phone, but they complain because its over 4oz in weight. Come on people get real! The smaller the phone the more prone it is to being droped, lost or broken. Alot of the negatives on most phones are 100% lagetimate. however they complain "resolution sucks on camera" WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS ISNT A 5 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA THAT SELLS FOR 500$ INCLUDED IN THE PHONE!! If it were, the phone would be over 1000. phone + technology + 5 megapixel camera = about 1000$

I think its Good


Feb 2, 2006 by yjkaries

I live in an area where signal strength is weak and I can get usually at least 2-3 bars from inside my home whereas I had a more expensive phone and was lucky to get 2 bars...usually only 1.

The loudness is incredible... I can hear this phone ringing on the other side of the house!

The battery charge life is great... I usually don't have to charge for at least 2 weeks with moderate use.

The phone is very well made... I dropped it several times... my Samsung flip-phone cracked the first time I dropped it. This has been the case with all the Nokias I have had in the past... The casing is tough.

Drawback: The screen (when not in lit mode) is dark.

Otherwise... if you are looking for an inexpensive, not fancy, well built phone... I recommend this one 100%

Two Years and Still Going Strong


Jul 10, 2006 by rick9109

When I bought this phone, I planned on using it a few days and then trading up to a more expensive phone when I got my next paycheck.

Two years later, I'm still using this phone and it's still fits my actual needs (as opposed to wants) perfectly. Sure, sometimes I wish I had mp3 ring tones, or a camera or a better web browser and could play more advanced games. What I have though, is a good PHONE with lots of useful features.

The reception's good, the volume's good, the screen is clear and the menus are easy to navigate. I have an address book, easy to use text messages, instant messaging, a calculator, a currency converter, an event calendar and plenty more. The standard battery life is good. It has good talk time and great standby.

The thing seems indestructible. Despite being in my pocket for two years along with keys, change, other gadgets or whatever else I could fit, there's not a scratch on the screen. I used to go through a face plate every other month with other phones. I've dropped it, left it in a locked car in 110 degree weather, spilled water on it, etc and the thing is as good as new. The numbers are still on the buttons, which are all still in place.

The standard ring tones aren't that great, nor are the games. If you have some cheap webspace though, thanks to the browser, you can solve those problems yourself.

This isn't the phone for the person looking for the ultimate coolness. It is however, perfect for someone who wants great functionality at a fair price.

Nokia 6010 Reliable and true!


Jul 5, 2006 by I Work For STARBUCKS

Hearty hardcore phone that will get through the toughest abuse. The 6010 also is great for reliable signal and long lasting battery power.

Don't be fooled by the fact that this phone is low-end. Packed with games, as well as Instant Messaging through AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ this phone will provide some good entertainment during down time.

Also you can browse the internet and find new ringers, games, and graphics to suite your personality. Also this phone has numerous faceplates to make your phone look like you just bought a new phone!!!

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