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Samsung SGH-X426 / SGH-X427


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Awful phone


Nov 15, 2004 by nanook

Nice shiny screen.
Decent reception (though not on ATT network)

Bad ringers
Awful volume problems
microphone is way to sensitive
constant echos
bad backgrounds

Phone Works Great


Nov 12, 2004 by phonegod

I sell these phones and have had great reviews from all of my customers. It has very versitile software and accepts reprogramming well. The RF could be a little better however on the GSM Network it works great.

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The Truth About The X426


Oct 27, 2004 by jannyj69

I own an X426, and i use it at the moment, but ordering a different phone 2morrow, I love AT&T's new GSM network, great voice Transfer, and signal strength in my hometown here in Fort Payne, AL, my phone is terrible though, everyone complains about how i "sound" way too loud when i'm talking to them, but then i can barely even here them!!! especially with something making any remote noice what-so-ever in the background, when i plug in the headset, i get an awful humming noise in my ear!! so when i'm driving i have to hold it in my hand instead of using a safe headset!! the screen is nice and pretty and BRIGHT, i think thats really the only effort they put into the phone, the polyphonic ringers are all music, and thats not very nice especially while i'm at work, the menu is iffy, like to answer the phone when you open the shell, the option for that is called active folder, and its hidden away like its unimportant, the size of the phone is nice, very compact, not heavy, fits in even the smallest pockets. i went to North Carolina with it, there was only a few small spots where i didn't have a signal, but i imagine thats AT&T's fault not the phone, i dont think i've ever had a dropped call with it. if i did must of only happened once because i dont remember it....the thing that bothers me most is i cant use it in NY where i'm from while driving because its now state law that you have to have a headset when driving, but like i said, i'm getting a completely different phone tomorrow. My grandmother's AT&T GSM phone is great though, shes got a NOKIA 3595, its a lot better than the Samsung i have, i think i'll try an LG phone this time

This phone could be replaced with dixie cups and string


Oct 22, 2004 by badsamsung

I have never had a phone or service this bad. Ever since I got this phone there is a constant echo whenever I call someone on another cell phone regardless of their carrier. People tell me my voice sounds way too loud. God forbid it is windy or my car radio is on.

This is the worst phone I have ever used and I cant wait to get rid of it. I think I will hit it with a hammer when I finally sign up for Verizon and get rid of AT&T GSM which might be the all time worst network ever created.

If you buy this phone you are insane. If someone gives it to you, give it back. If they give you a $100 to use it, turn it down.

ps Samsung customer service knows this phone sucks and will tell you that when you call in for repair info!

So close to being perfect, but.....


Oct 21, 2004 by DJMasters

I got rid of my X426 for one reason, lousy/intermittent reception. I totally loved this phone, but I just couldn't deal with the constant dropped calls. I would literally drop a call and still have 5 bars. Honest, I had ZERO bars once sitting at a traffic light, roller ONE FOOT and got 5 bars. I would get these funky "network key" errors from time to time.

Other than that, I loved the phone. Worked awesome as a GPRS modem on my laptop. Compact, light, neatly organized phone book.

Wasn't too bad.....


Oct 19, 2004 by hollyb

I only had the phone for 5.5 months when it literally broke in half. A small piece got chipped right at the hinge & a few days later after getting more & more loose, it broke in half. That wouldn't have been so bad if the warranty covered it but they told me they wouldn't cover "physical damage", which I was upset about. Overall though, the phone itself was OK, maybe a little too light & flimsy though. I did like the ringtones & graphics a lot. I think I am going to try the LG 1300 now since I have to buy a new one anyway.

I should have known...


Oct 12, 2004 by dgirl424

Samsung phones suck-- period!

I received my phone from AT&T last week. I thought it was wonderful-- had a bunch of new bells & whistles etc. However ever since I received it, people have been having problems calling me; translation: when they call, they get an error that sounds like a dial tone.

I contacted AT&T today and found out some interesting information... apparently their stock is running low on this phone model-- and they are not replenishing the dwindling stock. Hmmm, could it perhaps be that they know their phone sucks, and are deciding to make something of better quality...?

PIECE OF SH@T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am a wireless dealer & Tech for 8 years now and the Samsung X-426 is indeed a piece of crap!!!

Drops Calls.
Constant Ear Piece "Echo's" Problems.
Poorly Built.
SIM Card Rack Too Loose.

I have a old brick phone that can do better then the X-426!

Wish Everybody Luck

Pretty Good Phone


Oct 7, 2004 by Nova504

Well I have had this phone for actually 8 months. So I know the phone in and out. I always loved samsung phones, so that is why I bought it. Anyway the display is very good, and the quality of the phone is outstanding, I have dropped it so many times, and no problems, even the battery does not fall out. It is extremly light, sometimes I forget I have it. the menu is easy to navigate. And the ringtones are loud. But it comes with cheesy ringtones, and fruity wallpaper. The battery life on it is ok, about 2 days on a single charge, with average talking and texting. The signal is annoying though, Sometimes you can have 3 bars,and then you will had no bars. I don't know if that is just AT&T wireless or the phone. But it only does that in my house, it has dropped calls, a few times. But you can't expect a phone to be perfect. Also wish it had a external caller Id sometimes, but I knew that when I bought it so, that is not really a complait.

Samsungs always gorgeous looks
Good quality
Easy Menu
Nice games

Weird Signal sometimes
Microphone is too sentive
Cheesy ringers and wallpaper

Power Punch From a Little Phone


Oct 5, 2004 by JJMcClain

This phone can about do it all. You CAN set this phone so you have to actually answer a call instead of it answering when you flip it open. On the new x427m with Cingular they add the multimedia message option (so you can send and receive pictures). No camera, no blue tooth, no external caller id, no photo caller id... But for a free phone (with 2 year contract) not an all around bad deal. Working for Cingular I have tried most of the phones in their current line up and this one packs a punch for sure.

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