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Apr 28, 2008 by kilroy75633

I,ve had this phone for a long time its indestructible.I was chased by a dog about a year ago, before he could bite me I threw the only thing I had at the time, You guessed it my phone.I hit him in the head and he ran off but it broke the antenna off, I super glued it back on and its still working.I get a little static but the thing stays charged up forever.I own Pantech c300, cingular 8125,samsung zx-10,Blackberry pearl, and motorola V3xx also a Voq A11 and a few more and this phone runs circles around them..Not a lot of frills, but it does the job if ya need it to make a call.

Finally something good......


Dec 19, 2003 by JoelMikel

I have been through virtually every phone in AT&T's GSM arsenal and this is the best functioning phone for my area.

The RF is very strong in areas where my T616, NEC 515, 525, MPX200, and even my Nokia 3595 were not.

What appears to be a phone specific problem rather than a model specific problem I have had perfectly clear calling on both ends of the line. The people I am talking to say that I sound clear, no static, echo or otherwise as some other reviews have alluded.

Battery life appears to be as good as any other phone I have had(with exception of T616)... I ran it up a full charge before using for the first time, talked on it for 90 mins, left it off the charge for the last 2 days and still show FULL charge on my meter. Others have complained about short battery life, again, appears to be phone specific or it could even possibly be the active screen savers which run the battery down quicker since it's constantly using processor controls. I have my screen saver turned off.

The customizable features of this phone are very few. The user menu is fairly quick like you would expect but some of the options don't appear to be logically placed. What is called "flip open to answer" on most phones is called "active folder" on this phone and it's buried in a very unlikely place.

The display is beautiful as you would expect from Samsung.
Ear piece volume could stand to be a little more powerful but it's sufficient.
The ring tones are very loud but the selection is not suitable for a professional adult.... the only non-obnoxious ringing songs are a meowing cat and a neeehing horse...there are no actual ringing tones.

I think this might just be the perfectly sized phone. It's very small and thin but still very usable.
The keys deliver quality feedback when pressed.
The Mmode key is poorly positioned right in the center of the directional keypad where you would expect to be able to press the center for [enter]...A very good phone for the money.

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newbie user only....please


Nov 7, 2005 by pimpbillisback84

not much to say but nice entry-level phone, cheap, easy to use small phone


cute girl-e factor (no offense)

simple to use

samsung (what else needs to be said)

small and pocketable

nice display (average size not really big but clear)


no speakerphone (even an entry-level should have it. it's not like it's bluetooth or something)

can get board with it really fast (that's why mines got returned)

sturdy but very breakable


nice entry-level phone that should only be sold to entry-level phone users

Good Celly


Jul 3, 2005 by Flash Knockdown

I think this is a pretty good cell phone. I compared it with the LG 1300 which was prepackaged crap. Mattel makes a better celly than the LG 1300.

Nevertheless. I do like that you can download ring tones and such for free. The three way calling is really nice. Also, you can very easily see the screen and it is FANTASTIC on battery life I kid you not.

Nice Phone!


Jun 24, 2005 by DaRev1

This is a pretty good entry-level phone from Samsung.


Reception is great
Nice small size
Ringtone volume is loud
Good battery life
Nice bright screen


No external caller ID
Memory for ringtones and graphics could be larger

Like I said before, it's a pretty good entry-level phone but hey, it's whatever floats your boat.

Bad reception not caused by phone but by carrier


Jun 12, 2005 by adh1982

I bought the x426 for AT&T and I couldn't talk on it for more than 5 minutes without it dropping the call. After the "merge" with Cingular I migrated over to Cingular and bought the Sony Ericsson Z500, which isn't a bad phone, just a little bulky. I still missed the smaller x426, so I had it unlocked. When I put my Cingular Sim card in, I could not believe the reception I had. I have been using it with Cingular for a month now and haven't had one dropped call. So if you think this phone sucks try swiching carriers and you might change your mind.

There is only one thing I don't like about this phone, the side key only adjusts the key volume and not the ring volume.

Good phone, very few gripes


Apr 28, 2005 by islandjim

> Good battery life (better than listed)
> Good sound quality, descent reception
> Great size and very light
> Free software from Samsung for PC sync which also allowed pict and ring downloads
> Connected to the Internet flawlessly
> Good bright (large) screen

> There is no external speaker. So when it is closed, it was difficult to hear the ringer no matter how loud the ringer was.
> No snooze on the alarms (Was spoiled with this function from Nokia)

Overall a great phone for being just a phone.

Not bad!


Apr 6, 2005 by mmcnier

I bought this phone to use with my GoPhone service, before i became a contracted user. I had to buy my phone for full price, which was $170.

Nice for, weight, shape
Color screen is good quality
MANY customizable settings
Sound schemes are a nice change of pace
Buttons have a nice feel
Accessories are easy to use
DURABLE! I dropped this phone alot & it only got scratched, never broke.

No external caller ID
People on the other end think you are yelling if you hold the phone to close to your mouth.
Memory for ringtones & graphics could be larger.
Voicetones aka HiFi ringers can only be 4 seconds.

Overall, I enjoyed this phone. It was extremely good to me.

Very solid.


Jul 15, 2005 by He-Man

I've got a Samsung x427m and find that the phone is excellent for making and receiving calls. Other than that, I've not been too pleased. Sure, a lot of people are only concerned if it will make great calls, but when I wanted to play a few games on it, I was greatly disappointed. All games are jerky and slow. Games that I tried to download that were available for the x426 or x427 did not work with my x427m. I found that kind of strange. Overall it is a VERY smooth, sleek and solid phone as well as being very thin and small. I certainly cannot take away from the phone for the issue with the games and speed, as it is not meant to be a multi-media phone like say, the LG8100, etc.

Good simple phone


Jun 2, 2005 by talkative

I was looking for a well designed light GSM phone supporting both 850 and 1900. Latter is important as in many places, having 850 gives substantially better coverage.

Anyway, I got 427 and I'm quite happy with it. For making calls, it's very functional and works well.

The microphone is indeed bit too sensitive, and I need to speak lower. That's not a bad thing as I talking softly is a big plus if in public. But sometimes, it gets annoying to the other end, if they don't have volume control.

The price is right and the phone works well. Good RF so far. I'm happy with this phone.

Samsung styling rocks!

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