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Jun 5, 2007 by legg

bad: you can barley hear on it!!!!lol there is no other memory slot,no camera(if your looking for one),the games suck and it broke my skin out!!!
good:the battery lasts a looong time,plenty of room to store names and sms...

Below Average Phone


Aug 16, 2006 by MrGooch

This is my work phone which I use instead of a desk phone. I have had this phone for about two years, first on ATT and now on Cingular, RF reception is poor, audio is very poor, people on the other end complain of static and distortion. Receiving end audio is slightly better, however it is worse then my LG and far, far worse then my Motorola, both of which are CDMA, people keep telling me GSM has superior audio to CDMA, I have yet to experience this.

- screen is bright and easy to read
- I really like the size
- good battery life

- poor audio
- poor RF
- poor construction, the hinge is cracking.
- I don't like the UI, it is not as intuitive as other phones I use
- much more susceptible to electronic interference then other phones I have used, can't be used in electronic labs

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Great Little Phone


Jul 24, 2006 by borisov

I've had this phone for about 3 years and I like it more and more each time I see someone with a new phone with all the bells and whistles and junk.

Pros: Compact and slick. Fantastic menu design. Terrific reception. Not overloaded with useless features. Decent battery life.

Cons: You will not hear the phone ring if you're out on a busy street or listening to music. Also, the speaker, when talking, is too quite. The phone will cannot ring and vibrate at the same time unless you are able to load a ring tone that vibrates to the music.

An "OK" Phone...


Jul 17, 2006 by provokedpoptart

I've had this phone for 3 years (I accidently extended my contract by adding another line, STUPID ME!), and I absolutely hate it! Being a teenager, I want a camera, mp3 player, or atleast SOMETHING more than just a regular phone to keep me occupied! Nowadays, you can get FREE phones with a camera! It's a nice phone if you just need a simple phone, but for someone who actually wants to get something done, it's terrible. The HiFi (voice and music) ring tones only last about 4-6 seconds, and it doesn't have the picture messaging feature. Also, I've come to notice that it sort of sounds like you're yelling to the person on the other end, and you can only control the receiving volume. Overall, I was completely bored with this phone, and basically only got it because it was a "flippy phone". Don't let looks deceive you!

Bright screen
Fairly long stand-by and talk time
Voice quality is mediocre
Nice design

Voice comes off as yelling
Very slow "internet", can't view many sites
Length of ringtones is very short, 4-6 sec.
When dropped, battery immediately falls out.
Easily scratched and chipped
Fits in pockets weirdly
No speakerphone
Key on side adjusts key volume, while ringer volume would be much more helpful
No camera! Boring..

This is a very good phone


Jun 9, 2006 by zc2

I have been using this phone for two and a half years and it works perfectly, although it fell down several times on a concrete floor.

Pros: Reliability. All the features are well thought-out and very handly.

Cons: No front display. Java is a little bit slow to play games. External paint is rubbed away after two years of using.



Jun 2, 2006 by dreamii777

When I got this phone, I thought it was the best thing ever. It was cute with a nice keypad. Actually, its a quite simple phone with no storage compacity. I could only download four extra ringtones and even then it ran a lil' slow. It has great reception. And i've never experienced not one drop-call.

Pros: Small, lightweight. Downloadable ringtones and graphics. Rings loud.

Cons: No speakerphone. Couldnt send and recieve pictures and sounds. Runs slow after downloading content. No speakerhone. Couldn't assign pictures and ringtones to individual contacts. Gets boring afterter your first few hours of having it.

Its a great phone for someone whoe only uses the phone to talk on. The elderly perhaps...

Samsung X427, decent phone.


Mar 20, 2006 by motorola1

+ Good reception/RF
+ Capable ring tone engine, made my own ring tones from MP3s on my PC.

- Takes FOREVER to turn on. 1.5 minutes. God forbid there was an emergency and the phone wasn't already on.
- So-so battery life
- There's a split-second delay between pressing a key and seeing the result. Going through menus was tough because sometimes I'd press an option twice, thinking it didn't get the first press.
- Passive matrix color screen shows smearing.

Works well, but I've had better Nokias.



Feb 11, 2006 by lilchild

I have this phone since 2002for Cingular service, let me tell you guys is one of the best phone i ever seen, why? here goes...

+Small size and look
+Battery time is awesome
+Ringtone and earpierce volume awesome
+Menu is easy to use
+Many options for customize (wallpapers,sounds,lights)
+Good reception
+Call quality
+Outside Service light(Tiny ^-^)
+Smooth keypad(blue light ^-^)
+Of course, its a SAMSUNG

-No outside screen :(
-No speaker
-No MP3 ringtones
-No voice recording (not a big deal for me)

As you can see CONS are nothing compared to PROS, i had this phone for like 3 years and it has scratches everywhere and all that stuff and you think is not working anymore? Hell no ;)... still working like if it is NEW. I recommend this phone to everyone who's looking for a durable phone, not a fancy phone with camera and all that stuff for girls, go for it ;).

Any question feel free to email me




Jan 18, 2006 by motoman12345

there is nothing good about this phone!!!!!

Illumination For Keypad Is Good


Nov 14, 2005 by davidharvey25

I started out having my cell phone plan in Cary, NC with AT&T Wireless. Then Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless and I had to upgrade my existing phone to a GSM compatible phone. Of the phone offered I selected this phone.

The keypad is very well illuminated and easy to read.
The display is very bright and works well for a mini-flash light when you walk in a dark room looking for the light switch.
There are a variety of ring tones to choose from.

Very poor construction. I did not have this phone 6 months before the led lens at the top right corner of the hinge was missing and the hinge itself broke. Also the LCD screen quit working. I sent the phone back to Samsung (there's no one local to repair it) in Texas to have it repaired with the understanding it would be repaired and back to me in two weeks. It took a month and a half to get the phone back from Samsung. Already the phone casing is breaking up again, and the plastic covering the hinge on the left side has broken off. The antenna plastic has broken and I recovered it with duct-tape. I guess you could call this the "MacGyver Phone" as mine is now mainly held together with duct-tape.
The microphone jack is poorly located behind the hinge making a headset difficult to use.

I would highly recommend avoiding this phone unless you'd just like to have a good min-flashlight held together with duct-tape. What really gripes me is that even with Cingular's promotion I still had to pay $25 for this phone. I would not pay $0.02 for this phone!!

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