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2 phones 2 different experiences


Jan 2, 2004 by pdtampabay

I got this phone for my wife on about Dec 23 to replace her 14 month old S/E T68i and both her and I loved the phone. I decided to buy another from letstalk.com for me.

Her phone performed well in most tests with respect to RF. Better than the Sony T68i it replaced, plus the ability to use the GSM 850 freq. when avail. The only problem I noticed (which has been brought up occasionally on a few forums) is that her microphone would pick up way too much background noise and her voice sounded like she was yelling even though she talks with a low voice. I could hear her car radio, her engine, her shifting, the heater... everything.. now that'sensitive!

I will live with that since she loves the phone (she is not a techie so it is nice to see her find it easy to use and 'cool')

My phone on the other hand was a totally different animal...
I could almost never hear the other party talking due to lost data (the voice was so choppy I would miss words or not even hear an entire sentence) and poor RF. This was NOT a signal or system issue. After a long week of research and drive testing I found there were other users who randomly had the same problem. It really seems lke there was a 'bad batch' of phones. Letstalk only has a 30 minute return policy so I was screwed there, tried ATT store with no luck, they wouldn't take it. After trying to explain several times to Samsung support, I finally got an RMA number and will send it back for repair/swap. Hopefully it will come back as a 'better' phone and then I will come back and say I like it alot. If not, you will hear me rant.

My pros and cons will be based on her phone:

Pros: Good loud clear sound quality earpiece, very nice screen and easy to use menu. Convenient size (not too small to use, but quite compact and light enough for purse/pocket)

Cons: none (except my phone)

Nice One Samsung!


Dec 2, 2003 by alessy

Bought it last weekend with cingular

Loud sound!
Crystalclear reception (San Juan, PR)
Nice graphic resolution
Extremely user friendly interface

Only 8 or so ringtones
No user assigned ringtone option
Can not restrict incoming calls in any way
No IR for transferring data
Consumes battery too fast
Poor support on Samsung web page

Conclusion: If you dont need too much features on a phone this is the one. This phone aint for power users! I thought it would have many more features like Nokia and SonyEriccson phones have.

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Best Phone Ever!!!


Nov 23, 2003 by tonya_h

I see im the first to talk about this phone but thats ok becuz i know once people start hearing about it, this things is gonna be full. ookay now for the review.....i just got this cell yesterday but im lovin it already!! i upgraded from a nokia so this is a change for the better no doubt. honestly i have no CONS except.... that i wish it had more ringtones and that u could assign them to certain people which is what i was used to with my nokia but ill get by, its no biggie. PROs include..... great reception (Cingular Charlotte, NC), color graphics, sound, features, size....everything is great about this phone. i recommend it to anyone thats with Cingular and im so glad i didnt get that Motorola t720....i heard too many bad things. So thats it, make sure u go out and get one!!!!!!!!!!!



Jun 22, 2004 by voxdesigner

I writing to let you know the X426 is not all is it cracked up to be. I am with ATT wireless and I have had many dropped calls and havent been able to use the mMode system properly with this phone. I first thought well one bad apple in the bunch so I contacted the warranty department and they sent me another phone. This phone was even worse than the first one! Also the sound quality isnt that great. Everyone I would talke to said I sounded way to loud and there is no way to turn down the outgoing volume. Another bad thing about this phone is there is not a real ringtone. They are all polyphonic which can be fun at times but sometimes I would just like my phone to ring and that was not availible with this phone. Overall I would have to say STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!! Most companies now are offering this phone for free they should have to pay you to use such a crappy phone!



Feb 23, 2004 by czahamme

I love this phone!!! The graphics are great!!!! Ring tones are nice and loud!!! I love the ALARM!!!

I don't like the fact that it does not have an external caller id. Also they have funny wording for some of the menu options. Like the Flip, its called "the active folder" it took me forever to try and figure out what that was.

Other then that I love this phone.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


Jul 16, 2005 by micolithe

I got this phone a few days ago for free from Cingular, and considering it was free it's actually a pretty good deal.

One problem that I can't figure out how to fix is that when I set up my AIM name to work with the phone, it receives the messages shortly after my PC does, but the phone just takes me to the login screen as opposed to the message. I'm still working on figuring it out and there's probably something obvious I'm overlooking.

Yes, you can have custom Ringtones on it. But they have to be mmf format, and under 32kb in size. You can upload images (128 by 128 or smaller) and mmf ringtones to your phone using the PIMS and File Manager program, which you can download for this phone here:
But you need to order a cable to connect it to your PC.

It's a very good phone for just the basics. It has no camera, speakerphone, or external screen, but if you don't need them then you won't really have a problem.



May 10, 2004 by RUFF1415

This phone has outdone all of my expecations. I actually bought this phone from AT&T with plans of exchanging it for the Motorola v600 within a few weeks. Within the first few hours of having this phone I knew there would be no need to exchange it. This phone has anything and everything that I could ask for in a non-camera phone.

This phone has a beautiful and bright screen. All wallpapers are animated and flawless. Extensive library of ringtones and a VAST volume range for ringtones, key presses, and earpiece. Very easy to hear. mMode is easily accessible and very fast. Menus are easily navigated and the phone is very customizable. The actual ergonomics of the phone are wonderful. Phone is a nice small size when closed and easy to hold. When open, is made to fit any hand and face comfortably. Looks wonderful inside and out. Buttons are easy to press and spaced perfectly. The overall look of this phone is great. The only thing that I could have asked for was an external caller ID display, but phone can be set to answer with one-key press and is just as easy as answering a call with just opening the phone.

Overall, Samsung has done a wonderful job with this phone. For anybody looking to buy a new phone from AT&T or Cingular, this phone takes the cake.


Like most Samsung phones...


Jun 28, 2009 by milatchi

The SGH-X427 is like most Samsung phones, in that they're good out of the box but after a couple of years become technologically stale (features & expandability) and undependable, yet still cling to life.

Good reception
Small size, but not too small
Ability to set monthly calender for the wallpaper -- I found this incredibly useful

Finite features & expandability
No camera
Randomly powers off after a couple of years of use, (see below)

I've observed a problem with 3 different people and this phone. After a couple of years the phone will begin to randomly power off and will have to be powered back on or have the battery pack re-seated and then power back on. I'm thinking this is an issue with the contacts for the battery or something inside the phone related to the battery's contacts.

God Created this phone


Aug 6, 2008 by Drunk

In the begining, God created the earth, then he took time and created the best phone in the world!
This phone is the best. It looks and feels like a toy, but it's so very delicious. I love it.

Cool games
Nice screen
Takes a SIM card
Is made with love
Has a great battery

No camera
No front screen
Low resoultion display
Battery is bad
Mic is too sensitive
Hard to hear on
Viewing texts are hard to get use to
Doesn't work well under water
Doesn't work well above water
No MP3
Speaker for rings is inside the phone so it's hard to hear. Always miss calls, which is ok because I would have to use a different phone to call them back because it's so hard to carry a conversation.
Have to carry a backup phone with you at all times.
Doesn't come with a case
No memory card slot

To be short, this phone is the best. I love it.

i love this phone


Oct 7, 2007 by ihearcatz

this phone is awesome!!!
all though it does not have a camera it is still a very useful phone. it is very plain and easy to use too.

good ring tones
screen is east to see at all times
very durable
good menu styles and settings

has antenna
paint comes off after time and writing smudges

this phone rox!!!!!

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