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I do have a question not a comment....


Sep 13, 2004 by OSparxx

I have heard that you can not screen calls using this phone. Someone please let me know if this is true. From what I have been told is that when the phone rings, once you flip it open the call is answered. The message was related to me in the manner that there is no alternate setting option to turn off the auto-flip-answering. Please let me know. Thanx


dont EVER buy this phone


Aug 31, 2004 by porcupinehead15

When I first bought this phone it seemed like a good idea. It looks fairly nice, very easy to use and small. It seemed like a perfect entry-level phone. But after having it for 2 weeks I realized that i needed to switch. Anyway...

- Small, looks pretty nice.
- Easy to use.
- Fairly long battery life.

- Very flimsy.
- Very weak signal strength with Cingular in any hill type area.
- The phone has a mind of its own. It will turn off randomly, lose signal for no reason, will go into "Emergency Calls Only Zone" where you obviously have service but it wont let you call any where except 911.

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Aug 30, 2004 by 02gsxr600

JUNK! I used to work for a cellular company - not saying which one and sold these things all day long. At first I thought they were great - especially for the price and even bought one myself when it was first released. They're small, lightweight, affordable, and seemed pretty easy to use - what more could anyone want? right? That's what I thought until 80% of them were returned!! Not BSing I cant use my phone 90% of the time because I have absolutely no signal and the phone always says searching...



Aug 25, 2004 by lillea

the pros of this phone are as followed; love the cool colors; love the many different rings that it offers; love the size of the phone; love the different wallpapers it offers; love the fact that it is consumer friendly.

cons of this phone; this is the second phone that i have had and already i should send this phone back. it has a mind of its own, there are times when it will not ring, there are times when it will just shut off on its own, sometimes it will dail out and other times it will wait 2-3 minutes before it does anything, at times i can not hear. if i had my choice i would go with a different phone.

I love this phone!!!


Aug 20, 2004 by Gaea

I work for Cingular, and I have been through quite a few phones, and this is, by far, my favorite. I love how loud is is, and I love the different graphics that it comes with. Although I would love to have external caller id, I'm content with what I have been given with this phone. Love it love it love it!

Love Hate Relationship with X426


Jul 21, 2004 by sdeanlovergirl

I have had this phone now 4 months...fell in love with it immediately. It was over time that I noticed the quirks...

Pros...love the sleek size..easy to fit in jeans pocket..user friendly menu..and great mMode service...

Cons....I hate the ton of feed back I get when I am using the phone...I actuall hear myself speaking back at me...and like others I blow everyone away with all noise and sound except my own..and that is because I am hearing myself...wish there was someway to turn down the mouth piece mic..

seriously thinking about exchanging it...I love the phone so much in all other capacities..wonder if the other Samsung phones similar to this are like this..?



Jul 11, 2004 by Mark_S

Very good Samsung phone product.

1)Compact, user friendly design, vivid color screen, user friendly menus, decent but not great battery life. Not many bells and whistles and no external display or camera which makes the phone less complicated and therfore friendly to the entry user.


2)Ringer speaker is loud but sacrifices on the phone receiver speaker. Even on high volume, you have to line-up the earpiece just right to hear the other person well. X-427 con is that Cingular flashes out the network selection option and makes it totally automatic causing no option to search others first, only theirs. X-426 has that option which helps alot but with the Cingular acquisition, who knows what is going to happen.

All in all a great phone like the LG-G and C series, just from Samsung.

Casual User = Very good, Power User = Decent


Jul 5, 2004 by superdiz73

I bought four X426s from Houston's ATT Wireless store for a family plan. Each person in my family has a different level of comfort with technology, so each of us like the phone differently.

For casual users, the phone worked fine. It catches signal well and has a long battery life. The polyphonic ring tones are loud and catchy (except when the phone is lodged in a purse.. then you can't even hear the damn thing), and the display is clear and beautiful. The clamshell design allows the manufacturer to increase the space for the display and key placement making it a pleasure to use. My folks had no problem with the phone at all. They can go almost a week on a full charge. They love it.

My sister is a heavy user who love the color display and the long talktime. The girl would sit on the phone for hours on end until it runs out of battery. She likes the phone because it's so light and easy to use. She can put it in her jogging pants and go exercise without weighing her down. The phone catches weak signals and doesn't drop calls often. My sister complained about the headset having a lot of statics and not having enough ring tones. Aside from those minor complaints, I think she's happy with her phone.

I use the phone heavily as well. However, I like to explore every function offered. In doing this, I encountered sofware errors that causes the phone to freeze often. This was the reason I returned the phone to ATT and got myself a Nokia. Aside from the software freezing problem, I don't have any other complaints. Sure the Samsung X426 does not have all the bells and whistles like other upscale clamshells, but it works fine for an entry-level phone. The display is beautiful and the phone is easy to operate.

If you don't care about all the little technology tid-bits and want a free phones from ATT, then this is the one for you.

Great Phone bad service


Jul 2, 2004 by colo

I've had this phone for about two months now. It is almost identical to Sprints I660. The phone itself is great I love the sound effects you can add to almost anything your doing with the phone whether dialing or opening or closing it.

great display

GSM network sucks
no external display
ringtones aren't too loud

I guess you get what you pay for


Jun 24, 2004 by josh_reed

I am now on my third phone of this model and have decided to shell out some money to get away from this lame device.

I upgraded from AT&T TDMA to GSM (NeXT Generation is the proprietary name) a short while ago and got this phone for $25. It was the cheapest way to go. So i start to use it and everyone tells me that my voice sounds loud and distorted, and also having signal issues. I get a warranty exchange through AT&T and start to use the second one. The microphone still picks up loud, but its discernible now at least, and the signal is better. But one day the screen just goes out. So i get another warranty exchange. The third phone works fine for a while, then the antenna breaks off, not from poor treatment, but from poor quality. However, this is not covered in the warranty exchange program, so i call AT&T support to find out what to do. After an hour on the phone i find out some way to get another phone and take it.

Pros: Small, Intuitive, good battery life for a basic battery

Cons: Flimsy construction, limited phonebook features, quality problems, low volume of speaker, high volume of microphone, weak vibration, quiet rings, Vibration+Ring setting vibrates 3 times, then begins to ring, as the phone apparently cannot do both simultaneously.

I just wanted a basic phone i could trust, and now i'm finding out i have to pay a pretty penny for dependability.

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