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Cans and a string


Jun 24, 2004 by Keva13

I have had Samsung phones for the last 4 years or so and I have to say that this is the most horrible phone I have ever put my hands on. I love the ring tones, I love the texting, the mMode and all the techy stuff.. but the sound quality sucks, I am over modulated, no one can understand me because I am so loud, or they can hear what the people across the room are saying better than they can hear me, or they can hear nothing but freeway noise.. that is when the call holds for more than a minute. I would do better getting a few cans and giving them to my friends and family to talk to me that way. I would get a clearer call..



Jun 13, 2004 by ralysport

Cute and sweet but the reception is terrible... Just bought it 4-hours ago and my signal is all over the place... What good is a phone when you live in San Jose and can't use it...

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Near perfect for a lightweight


Jun 8, 2004 by ldmpsu

I've had this phone for about a day. I lost my Motorla V60 & was not going to spend $$ to replace it. The Samsung was cheap ($50) & appears to be excellent for everyday use, although it lacks some nice features that my V60 had, mainly voice dialing & an outer display window. On the positives, it is extra light & ergonomically well designed. My only real criticism are the ring tones included with the phone, which all sound like synthesized '80's new age disco polka: They may appeal to a 10 year old but I do not care for any of them, especially when in an office environment. I miss the conservative ring tones my V60 had & would like to obtain similar ones for free somehow.

Wonderful phone (even for a flip)...


May 27, 2004 by sven_kirk

I love this phone(x427). I absolutley hate flip phones, but this one I'll keep.
The sound is one one the best that I had ever had.

My only gripe is that every handsfree I used, had some type of problem with it. Anything from immeadiatly hanging up and redialing, until I took out the set, to sounding like I was in a cave.

To get a rating of 5 out of 5, It it something to get that out of somebody who (did) hate flip phones.

Samsung X426


May 18, 2004 by Jayce

Great phone, does the job. I was pleased. Great size too!

BTW - It's a software issue that is effecting the microphone piece. Contact Samsung if you are having problems with it, because as I'm aware you can turn send it to them and 2 days later get it back with the new software version. After the new software version is implanted (EDC1), I have heard 110% astounding reviews of this phone. Since everyone here has the dreaded microphone problem, I thought I'd share.

Great Phone


Apr 30, 2004 by dcallens

The Samsung SGH-X426 is a very good phone. My previous phone was a Motorola V60 color. I decided to switch over to the GSM side. Man it is great. The Samsung SGH-X426 is very clear and has great sound effects. This phone is very lite and easy to use. At the time I purchased the phone I also bought my wife a Nokia 3200. My wife has used Nokia for years. Needless to say she seem to like my Samsung better. Thanks to AT&T's 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I was able to exchange it for a Samsung. Now we both own the new Samsung SGH-X426 and we are very satisfied. Way to Go Samsung.


Best GSM Phone for AT&T, I plan to keep it!


Apr 24, 2004 by jeep88rc

This phone turned out to be a real surprise!

It receives a signal when other AT&T GSM phones will not. Perhaps this is a special phone but I am thinking this model just may have better reception.


-Nice screen, bright and colorful
-Easy to push buttons, great for texting with T9 predictive text
-Volume adjusts for quiet environments as well as noisy car rides
-Menu layout is excellent with a few exceptions (active folder = sound played each time phone is opened or closed, took forever to figure this out)
-Great battery life, given the size of the phone- its so small!
-Did I say the phone is small, it fits anywhere.

-Cannot vibrate and ring at the same time, it vibrates 3 times then starts ringing.
-Does not include any standard "phone" ring tones, most are songs

I recommend this phone, have had Nokia 320, 6200, Siemens S46, C61. The Samsung shines in overall ability to place calls, make address entries, send text messages, and expecting good service!

very good phone


Apr 19, 2004 by lagrandemain

I live in the rockies: Aspen.
Very bad location for most cell phones.
Not for the Samsung SGHX426.
Very loud waltz vibrating for a ring, very good reception.
So much better than the Nokia.
But customer service NOT up to par.
The menus are very simple, leading you easily to where you want to go.
I do all my business on this phone, and as long as I do not speak in the mike, conversations are very good.

Samung + Consumer = User Friendly !! : )


Apr 16, 2004 by Sir Text Alot

Samsung x427 is a great economic phone. The cost is great, the size of the phone and the features really bring out this product.

Very easy to use, ringer volume is loud, texting capability is a plus .

Nothin but smiles here!

Nice phone, but....


Mar 31, 2004 by Gerhard

The phone is a VERY nice little unit. compared to the Motorola V.60 TDMA I had with AT&T this sucker rocks.

It's got all of the features I was hoping for and it's free!

Pros: Feature packed
Easy to use
Well designed

Cons: You can't find a damn thing for it
from an aftermarket perspective.
(Headsets especially, which is an
an issue in states where they are
required by law!)

I compared this phone to the Motorola V60tc that my wife just upgraded to and there is no comparison. This phone is much nicer. I just wish you could actually get decent headsets for it.

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