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Samsung SGH-X426 / SGH-X427


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Lots of issues


Feb 17, 2005 by ktimmons

The first problem that I noticed with this phone is the echo. It seems that 1 out of every 3 to 4 calls that I make have a very bad echo to them. Also, my husband has complained that he can hear EVERYTHING going on around me including the sound of my car (not the engine reving or anything, just road noise and the windows are all up). Since this is a company provided phone for work there really isn't anything I can do about it. They have already replaced my TDMA phone with an LG phone which I went through two of because of manufacturing issues and then this one. It is starting to fall apart (the top is very wobbly, covers are coming off of screws, and the antenna is loose) but, like I said before, it is a company phone and they will not replace again.

Pros: Long battery life

Cons: Poor construction, echo, sensitive mic and dropped calls with full signal.

Major Problem with Mouthpiece


Feb 8, 2005 by CaptainCaffeine

I got the x426 when I switched to ATT. While I got really good coverage, the mouthpiece volume has become intolerable. Calls to Samsung and ATT (now Cingular) did not resolve the problem, unless I migrate to Cingular (for a fee) and buy a new phone (for a fee).

PROS: Good connectivity, few line drops, very durable phone. Earpiece volume adjustable, and of good quality. It was free when I switched to ATT.

CONS: Poor mouthpiece volume. I no longer wish to use the phone, because too many people have complained to me about how loud I am and I cannot do anything to resolve it.

Summary: If a cell phone becomes too unpleasant to use, why bother owning it?

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shame on samsung!!


Feb 3, 2005 by blaise1015

this phone is so horrible even when i have full bars i cant hear the person. but dont let the price and the cool ring tones fool you

Payed to Much


Jan 21, 2005 by cellpro

I payed $213.99 for this phone with Cingular had it 2 months stepped on it an like whoo it turned brown in the screen. This phone is a good phone . I had to pay full retail price just to make it prepaid. i only had it two months andSamsung want fix it

Auesome Phone!


Jan 13, 2005 by cmanns

This phone rocks, but I really haven't seen a Samsung phone I didn't like. I sold phones for about a year, and couldn't wait to get the X427. I would recomend this phone to anyone looking for a really good phone.

Nice phone


Jan 13, 2005 by ulix

This is nice phone, not very friendly but nice.

Nice screen also, and with a lot of bright configurable levels. Very nitid colors, and good definition.

Not many funcions, but hey is a phone isn't it.

And once again, it is not friendly!

Trendy Value Phone


Jan 9, 2005 by sofakingcool

This phone is a great value if you consider performance versus cost. Easy to navigate the menus and good ergonomics. This phone has a bright crisp display and a sexy number pad which is well illuminated. The battery life is above average. This phone isn't for the cell phone affecendio but a good phone for the average user with a few frills. Cons: An outside dispay would have made this phone very good!

Worst reception of any phone I've ever used


Dec 18, 2004 by JTCS15

This phone flat out sucks. I am extremely dissatisfied with not only this phone but AT&T's service in my area (Columbus, Ohio and vicinity) People on the other end tell me I sound distorted and half the time the call cuts in and out and they can't even make out what I'm saying. Same goes for my end of the call, I can't even have a normal conversation with the people I talk to becasue I can't even hear them. The phone also has a tendency to freeze and black out and even just shut itself off completely at random times. I usually only receive one bar of service and in basements I usually go straight to roaming on Cingular's network which you think would be a good thing right? Wrong, the phone still sucks even on Cingular's service with full bars I'd hope I'd at least get some good reception. This just goes to show the phone is a all around piece of crap.

I will say one good thing about this phone though and that is that its compact size and easy to use menu features are a bonus. But thats not what you purchase a cell phone for. Buy the important stuff like call reception, roaming time, and reliability.

This is why I just switched over to the LG VX-7000 from Verizon Wireless. It has a external caller ID, Camera and Video capabilities, and I CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THE PERSON I"M TALKING TO. How nice is that?!?!

Verizon is infinitely better, stay away from this phone.

It could be much better...


Dec 15, 2004 by Motorolaman57

I owned this phone for a week. It may be lightweight and all but this phone could be way better. I gave it up, this is not the phone for me and probably not the one for you. Take this advice and stay away from it. This is why:

-Poor signal strength
-Shuts off w/o battery running low
-Good quality wallpaper but not good selection
-Scratches easily
-No external display
-Annoying key tones

I would suggest getting a Motorla v710 with camera!

I am not done with phones yet!

Pretty Good So Far


Dec 7, 2004 by SN

I just bought the phone. So far I am happy with it and the display is really nice.
My only complaint is that there aren't any normal ring tones. For professionals I don't feel that a song is appropriate for a ring. Does anyone know where I can download a normal ring??

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