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Decent phone


Jun 13, 2004 by mlhed

I switched from this to the LG4010. Seems much better in many aspects.

Decent reception, when available. (I live in southern Missouri, and GSM is still evolving)

EXCELLENT sound quality.

Good colors, many different wallpapers to download for it.

Buttons and screen light up real good.

Long battery life.

Lots of included ringtones.

Voice activated dialing.

Vibrating alert matches beat with the ringtones (kinda cool i think).

Nice speeds on gprs, however there is a con with the WAP browser I will explain.

Nifty games and diversions.

I use an application called my-cast from cingular...awesome on this phone for any weatherphiles out there. Great color radar, more live than the weather channel. It uses GPRS.

When using WAP browser, sometimes you can't highlight a link you want to go to, this is FRUSTRATING.

Doesn't stay lit up very long and you can not change this.

Locks up sometimes when using Java apps or on the web.

Plastic screen is FRAGILE and does not take much abuse, get a case.

GPRS needs motivating sometimes to get connected (could be cingular too, but i never had to restart GPRS on the LG4010), GPRS here works about 80-90%of the time.

Text messaging needs a clear all button.

In conclusion,
this is not a bad phone for anyone. It is durable for the most part, and if you do screw up your plastic screen, you can always replace it. Good for the hard of hearing, crank it up to 10, and you can hear it for miles.

Great Basic Phone


Mar 14, 2004 by Starr06

I got this phone through T-Mobile for free with a $50 rebate (which is cool). This is my first Nokia and bar-style phone. I am typically a flip fan.

-Great battery life
-Good polyphonic ringtone sounds
-Menu is easily understood
-Ringer profile settings (indoor, meeting, outdoor, etc)
-Good reception even in an elevator and underground

-Text messaging can improve by using a CLEAR ALL button for the screen instead of just clearing letter by letter (gets tedious)
-Rubber grip on the back of the phone easily comes off (weak glue)... I had to put a lil drop of crazy glue to keep it on
-Keypad is OK... a little different but you can get used to it I suppose.

Overall, its a nice basic non-camera phone. If you just need something sturdy enough to make calls and play games. Battery life is great... which I haven't seen in a lot of phones.

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Feb 12, 2004 by Jayce

The Nokia 3595 is an all around great phone. The color screen is nice, the volume is loud (geez I keep it at 1/10 and sometimes I have to hold the phone away from my head a bit) has great features for the price it is, etc.

Audio Quality: Nothing really to say here, it's just... great. My gf and I had an argument because she thought I was at home, but I was indeed on my cell. She argued with me saying I shouldn't lie to her, but I was actually on my way driving to work. The quality was so clear she thought I was on a home phone.

Screen: Color 4,096 screen, looks pretty much identicle to my 6200, aside from the fact the 3595 has a smaller resolution screen.

Reception: GREAT!

Size: Some people suggest this phone to be bulky, but I prefer a phone this size. As I said earlier I have a 6200, and the 6200's keypad is too darn small for me to securely hold it with one hand and dial a number. With the 3595, problem solved. Now I at least KNOW I have a good grip on my phone, and that I'm not going to drop it only to mess up my new skull and crossbones faceplate.

GREAT phone, whether you have it as a backup phone, primary, whatever the case may be, it's definitely not a bad choice.

very very strong phone!


Jan 12, 2004 by jaid

if your looking for a Strong phone, GET THIS!
i have honestly put this phone though sooooooo much hell its not even funny.
i just wished it have cooler features and stuff, and not to mention its kinda big and ugly. if looks don't mean anything to you and your strictly looking for a solid phone get this one.
list of stuff my phone has been through
1.fallen straight to my side from airing a 8' mini-ramp on my bike with my phone in my pocket.
2.fell off the second story of my house onto my wooden walkway
3.steped on it around 47 times while it was in my pants pocket
4.my dog got ahold of it (nuff said)
5.my friend was tossing it to me and it hit the wall from 15 feet away.

Great Fone


Oct 17, 2003 by bLaKe3595

This phone is excellent. The colors are amazing, the buttons are easy to press, the ring-tones are awesome, the call quality is very clear. The only con I could find is that the phone freezes sometimes if you do too many things at once, which is normal. This phone is FREE at any AT&T store.

Unlock Phone!


Oct 1, 2003 by macdaddypimpping

I got mine at www.jtintl.com with one year contract for FREE! They even unlock my phone for only $15. Just give them the IMEI and with payment then they will issue you an unlock code as simple as that.

By the way, this phone has pretty good reception with loud ringer. The color is great on this phone. For this price you can't really complain to much.

But, the color screen is kind of small compare to the mine 3395. Bigger phone with smaller screen. Hopefully they will integerated this big phone with a speaker built-in.



Sep 25, 2003 by czarina Hammett

while I enjoy the color screen and the great ring tones.

I cannot stand the size of the phone. I really cant deal with the fact that it powers off by itself all the time. Sometimes you have to press the button really hard in order to get a response. If anyone knows a great AT&T wireless GSM phone please respond. I really need a phone that Works!!!!

Excellent Phone


Aug 17, 2003 by DMoNeY18

This phone is the far most excellent phone that i have purchase. It has great reception and the speaker quality is excellent. I like the color screen and they could'hv gave more good looking wallpapers to the phone and a better screen saver instead of the clock scrrensaver that comes on when ur not using the phone. The battery is great. Games are excellent but could'hv had the color version of snake 2...lol...The only thing about the phone is that the power button is a little hard to push . This phone is a excellent phone and go with t-mobile b/c thats who I'm with and i recommend this phone to anybody who wants to buy or upgrade to a phone...

get what you pay for


Jan 21, 2004 by bigjoe18

The 3595 is a great phone for free i work in the cell phone industry and am a victim of contract but for 0$ the 3595 is a decent phone but with any phone you do get what you pay for and are pretty limited with this phone. but for basic use its a very good phone. in my opinon the battery is the best part

Good phone


Oct 13, 2003 by djkramtx

Good phone, have on Att Wireless. Games download into the apps folder. Phone can get stuck in speaker mode, screen res is low. Overall good phone for price. Dropped it and the case cracked but the phone is working and I can replace the case. Strong signal all over Austin, TX area up to Dallas. Never had a call drop. Even worked inside a building where Sprint service didn't work. I like the voice commands and brightness of the screen. Easy to use as well.

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