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Great, easy to use phone, low cost!


Oct 21, 2003 by ebubman

Have used many phones over 15+ years of cellular service. Recently changed from TDMA to GSM ATTWS service. The Nokia 3595 was a seamless transition from previous Nokia phones. Very similar menus & functionality. Plus factors include: color screen, Li-Ion battery, great GSM sound with strong, clear volume. Poly-tones sound good. 3595 is a very lightweight phone; Size is good----easy to hold & dial as opposed to some miniature phones available (smaller is not always better). Also, some accessories (land & car chargers, headsets, etc) are compatible with previous Nokia models---hence, no need to spend addt'l $$ on accessories. The only downside, and this is a Nokia oddity is that the screensaver sometimes shows 0:00 instead of the correct time even thought phone does have the correct time set. Overall, this is an outstanding value which does what a basic phone should do. Phone should be available for very low cost if not free with upgrade. Hopefully the durability is on par w/ other Nokias which have proven bullet-proof over the years.

one of the best


May 18, 2003 by victor perez

This is a good phone. Its better than Sony Ericsson T68i. Its got numerous of options exept for a camara, you can't hook one up.Other than that the colors are beautyful.It has a great reception in the Chicago area(ATT). the bowling game is great, most of the melodies are cool too.The graphics could have use a little more work and the no camara hook up is kinda dumb.But who can complaint when you get it free (after rebate from nokia).So if you're considering getting it ,get it .Its a very good phone.

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Great Little Phone


Jan 27, 2004 by pmcafee

This is a great little phone. I use it on Cingular in eastern Long Island. It gets better reception than my previous phone. Sound clarity is excellent, and the battery life is phenomenal at one week on standby. There are no glitches that I can find with this phone. I recommend this to anyone.

Good in concept, but fails again in execution


Jun 23, 2003 by AtomicMonkey

I have little to add to any of the other comments. I agree that the features of this phone are excellent.

My only con (and it's a big one) is that the phone likes to crash and reboot regularly. On a day of full usage (playing games, editting contacts), I will crash AT LEAST once. More the more times I need to go through the menus. Sometimes it will also crash by unlocking the keypad. In addition to crashing, sometimes the screensaver forgets what time it is. It just reports 0:00.

Good Phone, Good Price!!


Sep 14, 2003 by Lukecha Jackson-Lay

I have had my 3595 for 3 months now and I have to say, it isn't the fanciest phone on the market, but you can bet on great reception. Which for someone like myself, who has better things to do besides take pictures when I have more than enough cameras at home to do that, who just wants a good looking phone that's going to work when I need it to. This phone has the color screen which is a little blurry because it doesn't have a really high pixel count, but I can see it okay in the sunlight. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone that needs mobility and dependability and a budget. The screen can get smudged somewhat easily, if you're not carefull. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. My next step would be the T616 by Sony-Ericcson, because it looks very sexy and the service, as I understand it, is great!!

Great Basic Phone


Jul 22, 2005 by gulickgurl

This is the first cell phone I have owned in 3 years. I love the phone. It does have it's limits but if you are looking for something basic with a little bit of special features this is the phone for you.

I live in the south central area of Kansas and my carrier is Cingular. I am on their nationwide plan and I travel for business. I have found that I have maybe had a phone call dropped 3 times in a year and a half and the signal is always better than my coworkers' which have sprint and verizon.

The only thing that I personally don't like about it are the keys. I have since seen the newer versions (6010 for example) and I love the buttons on that model much more than mine. At first the keys are neat but they do become a little tiresome to search for.

The standard ringtones and graphics do get a little boring, but you can download anything you want off of the internet.

If you are willing to go with some minimums but good performance this is the phone to go with when paired with Cingular service.

I have enjoyed this phone thoroughly. There is always room for some improvement on ANY phone.

Good phone... for free


Jan 2, 2004 by blindsk8chick

I've had this phone for about a month now, and for being a free phone, it's a good piece of equipment. I like the color screen, the easy to navigate menu, and I also like the polyphonic ring tones and the volume on the phone. The only bad thing about the phone is that when I text message (which I do a lot of) my phone will display "insert sim card" which means the sim slot is loose on the phone. Other than that, the phone works really well. I would recommend the phone to people, if they do not do a lot of text messaging.

Was a very cool phone


Sep 22, 2009 by narn3049

Keep in mind in 2003-04 I would have given it a 5.0 but after like 4 years I've really forgotten what I really loved and what I disliked

I did like the phone's games. I haven't played the bowling, the skydiving app in such a long time until I got my hands on a Nokia 3588i which I really do, and still love.

I could imaging this phone was very tough however one time I dropped it in the store and the on switch covering came off, it became harder then ever to turn the phone on and if the power went off, I would have to stick a key, a pen etc, down there to get the phone working, in case you might want to know the onswitch was lost when I dropped the phone, so i couldn't reconnect it.

One day I stuck the pen down to turn my phone on after it was dead and was done charging, this time the onswitch completely broke off, and went down inside the phone, I had to use some Sony ericsson phone after that but I really loved this phone.

I didn't like the keypad but got used to it, the reason I didn't like it was because I was big on texting, coming from Nokia 6340i and this keypad just seemed hard to work on, until i finally got used to it.

Bottom line:
Really you should get this phone, it is really durable, and I don't see phones be out there that are as durable as this phone, I even got the phone wet once, and all that red off the side of the white with all of the numbers (the indicator came off) and for like a day it had a black screen but was soon into action. Basically I suggest this phone to someone that has a kid, (if on this network) they abuse phones and desperately need a new one.

The call quality was great. I never had a dropped call while owning this device.

Really old phone, but fantastic performance nontheless!


Mar 9, 2008 by phonesRmyOBSESSION

Even though it is missing a lot of modern app's and features it is still such a good phone that i just can't not give it a 4.0 [just giving it that rating because of the not so modern features]

::surprisingly i love the keys
::FANTASTIC games [includes: Bowling [yeah!], glider, backgammon and on more game that i dont remember]
::Alarm clock is great [a must have for me]
::sound is great! and even though their polyphonic and default ringtones you just can't help but just break out and dance!


::it's an older phone
::missing modern features
::no camera
but hey im getting a new phone in april so i can't complain!

Above all

::Nokia! whatever ya'll did when ya made this phone you knew what you were doing!
I HIGHLY recommend this phone!

Not a bad phone


Oct 14, 2006 by Vikki1806

I got this phone about 2 years ago. I've never had a problem with it and the only reason I'm getting a new phone is because I'm changing over to Verizon.

The only problem I've ever had with it is when I go visit my friend in a rual area, the reception is awful.

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