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It's an ok phone, but better than some.


Oct 2, 2003 by Walter Arevalo

The Nokia 3595 isn't a bad, but it's not a great phone. I liked it better than the Siemens s46. The ringers are much stronger. I would have to give a slight edge to the Nokia 3595 when it comes to reception. The one area that the 3595 couldn't compare to the Siemens s46 is getting good reception in the Lincoln Tunnel. The 3595 tend to cut off in the tunnel. While with the Siemens s46, I was able to have conversations all the way thru the tunnel. Other than that, the 3595 is easier to use and I really enjoyed the color screen and the games. A couple of things I didn't like about the phone is the faceplate. If you want the 3595 to have a much nicer look, try installing the faceplate of a Nokia 3590. It will compliment the 3595 and you'll get a kick out seeing the keypads just light up brightly. Especially in a dark room. Other annoying issues with this phone is the power button and the mMode capabilities. The ringtones could use some work. The on-line feature of the phone is so limited. AT&T should really look into this. But for the money ($49 or free), it's worth it. Take care everyone.

Nice phone!


Jan 26, 2004 by laurie

Nice little phone, wish it would set its own time and date!

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Great Entry-Level Phone


Jun 9, 2005 by Panther4255

Good display and backlighting.
Great reception everywhere I go (Cingular Orange Customer).
Very loud ringtones.
Cool keypad design.
Quality polyphonic speaker.
Loud handset speaker and headset.
Fully customizable with covers, graphics, and ringtones.
Survives everything (I drop it all the time, once on ceramic tiles from atleast five feet up and nothing broke...well except for my cover that I had on it at the time, but the phone is still completely functional).

The obvious lack of what are now "essential" features such as camera, Bluetooth, loud speaker, etc. However, once you judge this phone on what it is instead of what it isn't, you see its a great phone.

All-in-all I would recommend this phone to anyone that is looking for a basic entry-level phone and doesn't care about cameras, Bluetooth, and all the other bells and whistles.

A Great First Phone


Jul 10, 2004 by cherule4

i've used many other phones but this is the first one i've bought, and so far i love the color screen, the loudness of the ringtones, the polyphonic ringtones, the reception i get, and the battery life. Originaly i bought it cuz it was cheap and looked great for my first phone, but with all the cool features i might just keep it around for a little longer than i thought.

My only con about it is the alarm. i set it one morning and i woke up 45min late due to the lack of volume(that cannot be changed)

i'm very impressed, only paying $100 for a rogers/at&t pay as you go phone!!!

i would definatly recomend it for anyones first phone.

-Cheryl,16, kelowna, bc, canada

Impressive for the price


Nov 21, 2003 by mprice

I have used several of the new different GSM phones for Cingular and this phone's reception is great. For the cost it has alot of great features, such as the calender and ability for MMS. In the Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma area this is a great choice for sound quality and cost. The only con I can think of maybe the battery life is not as good as the Sony Ericsson T226, a comparable phone for about the same price. This is a great choice for an entry level phone from Nokia.

Cool Phone, Needs Better Keypad


May 7, 2003 by Lukecha Jackson-Lay

Nokia has always been a very dependable brand of wireless phone that I sell to many customers. However, I have long fingernails, and the keypad to this phone is hard to use. I wouldn't sell this phone to any elderly customer if they begged me. However, the signal is awesome inside my house, which is impossible for every other model I've had. Overall, it's cool, you'll like it! Peace!

Nice Entry-Level Phone!


Jun 12, 2005 by cjg

This is good for basic users or for a back-up phone.


--Reception is great.
--Easy-to-use Nokia menus.
--Loud ringtones.
--All around good phone


--Voice quality can be a bit muffled, but it's OK.
--No speakerphone (not a huge deal, can get an earbud)
--Cheesy ringtones, why can't they put more normal rings on these phones (not just Nokia, but other manufacturers as well)

Overall, a good buy, I'd recommend it for a good lower-end phone.

Nokia 3595 a deathtrap.


Mar 19, 2004 by elevenspades

My service provider is AT&T and I've owned this phone since November, 2003. Before its brief trip to the pool in January, the phone still had issues.

- Good sound quality
- Nice display
- A lot of preset ringtones, more than previous models.
- WAP and text messaging included, which is a plus for any teenager.
- A growing number of faceplates and other accessories.

- Poor reception. This phone seems to have issues with recovering from signal loss... you may even have to shut your device off and back on before the signal returns to normal strength.
- Alert noise for voicemail and text messages sometimes does not stop playing (if a ringtone).
- Poor voice quality, sometimes an echo is repeated to the user and the voice from the other end is not very clear (though the latter probably depends on your signal strength)
- Polyphonic ringtone capability is mediocre. There are many better choices if you really want good sounding polyphonic ringtones.
- Button layout is difficult to adjust to from other phones, but is not impossible to use and does not completely hinder the phone's use.

This has been said before but I shall reiterate: this phone is a good choice for someone looking into a phone simply for purposes of making and receiving phone calls. This phone does not have amazing features and can even suffice for the casual techie. Warning for technology gurus or anyone with a lot of wireless phone experience: You will get bored easily.

Some glitches noticed during usage:
- After the battery goes below its pinnacle which lasts a long time, it quickly falls to nothing and dies. In other words, not a very accurate calculation of battery life.
- Sometimes it can take 5-10 keystrokes to press a button.
- Goes into "Phone restricted" mode sometimes and locks up.
- After reading text messages, "Insert SIM card" will appear on the screen.
- Not friendly with AOL and AIM's new option of IM forwarding.

phone great! reception junk! my opinion!


Jun 20, 2003 by Melissa Samura

When contemplating cellular service, the first thing you should consider is "reception". Don't get side tracked by incentives on new phones currently on the market that include great features and "cool" looking phones - no matter what the customer service representative says. Go in knowing what you want! That will save you from wasting time in trying out a new phone, with unanticipated reception difficulties.

GREAT little phone!


Jan 2, 2004 by bizkitsngravy

I have had two of these nifty little phones one with cingular and one with T-Mobile. I am very pleased with them from the sound quality to the ringones, games, and internet. I love it to death! If it cound improve on one thing it would only be that it is limited to 1900mhz which limits it to US gsm carriers only...but thats ok. For those who are skeptical about the style of the keypad, you get used to it, it's kinda cool, I think...something different...but to those who are still weary, the 3590 faceplates fir it just fine, which is a normal standard keypad configuration. Great phone for the buck (or in some cases, free!) Won't be dissapointed if you get it!

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