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It works fine to me


Sep 29, 2004 by ShunAsa

I've had this phone for quite some time, and it works fine to me. I've downloaded alot of ringtones and I love the fact that I can assign a specific ringtone to my different groups of callers (i.e. Family, Boyfriends,
Friends, etc.) I downloaded a really cool screensaver of 100 dollar bills in stacks. I really pimped the phone out. I've NEVER had a problem with reception and I drive back and forth to Memphis from my hometown of Houston all the time. When ever anyone asks to see my phone the absolutely love the design. Out of every phone I've ever had this is my absolute favorite. So much so, that now I'm going with another carrier and a Motorola phone, but I still use my 3595 as my alarm clock every morning. I just don't want to part with it. It's all about the Benjamins Baby!

Worst Phone Ever


Sep 19, 2004 by phonedude

I have had this phone for about 2 years and it is the worst in the world.I can,t even download ringtones or anything i am switching to either cingular and get the new razr or to verizon to get the new v710.I can,t wait this is the worst i hate this phone.I am going to smash it to peices when i switch.

Good Reception

Everything but reception.

My advice don,t get this phone inless you are somebody that just calls nothing else.WORST PHONE EVER I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS TO ANYBODY.V710 All The Way!

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it suckss


Aug 4, 2004 by NiCoLeebLaNcAa

when i first got this phone i thought it was OK i started to download songs and they were pretty good quality but when i heard about these "Hifi" ringer i wanted them but didn't have them then why do they have them in the ztones for that phone its really stupid...any way it freezes alot when i play my games when i goto t zones or goto AOL instant messaging the keys are ugly and there confusing .. the glitches alot too signal is not that good but its getting better because i have t mobile . all the nokia phone are just practically the same i mean they should make more flip phones maybe camera . because nokia are the same shape and mostly sizes my dad has the old on i forgot but its the same size its not color and the keys are different but its ugly they should put more umph in there work

Benchmark open-face Nokia


Jul 21, 2004 by Mark_S

Does it's job simple and does it well. The ATTWS version keypad less quirky than the T-Mobile or Cingular version. Keys are not mixed with two numbers on one push. Internal antenna does well in the reception category. Just watch the software version you get. Original version loves to reboot the phone spontaneously.

To too bad.


May 29, 2004 by AznTonY

I got this phone a few weeks ago. Phone's a little slow here and there. The color screen it'nt all that great. The phone turns off out of no where. It takes like 5 mintues just for it to sign on AIM. When u do send msg's on AIM it goes real slow. The buttons tend to get annoying when using in the dark. Other than that this phone is crap.

The Best Entry Level Phone


Apr 27, 2004 by CainMarko

Let's get the only con out of the way...

The phone's alarm clock is TERRIBLE. I've noticed the same crappy alarm clock on the Nokia 3300 and others.

Believe it or not, that is the ONLY drawback of this entry level phone. It has a nice color screen, with better resolution than most other entry level phone. The 3595 also has mms capabilities allowing you to send and receive sound and picture files. The ring tones on this phone are LOUD and polyphonic to boot. The GPRS is quick and the standard games are pretty cool too. The keypad is actually quite clever and only took me 5 minutes of playing to get used to the odd looking keys. It's very easy to use, as most nokia's are, but this one is so easy both my mom and grandmother use the phone and like it. This little nokia also has the best battery life of any phone I've ever used or owned. It's no wonder that every GSM carrier in the U.S. carries this phone. You would honestly have to spend $100-$200 to get a better phone. Good job Nokia... just let me change my alarm tone to one of the regular ringers and let me change the volume.

Nokia 3595 "Insert SIM Error"


Feb 17, 2004 by hol2982

I have many 3595 Nokia cell phones and they are crap! I have "Insert SIM Error" all the time. Some of my phones do it constantly, while others do it once in a while. Beware! It maybe free from T-Mobile, but Free is what quality you get! This is the worst that Nokia has made yet! All other phones have been great from Nokia.

Att 3595 sucks!


Feb 6, 2004 by GinoA

The suposed 4096 colors looks like crap, the ring tones are ok not the best, the battery is pretty good but the recption is horrid. In my home I have never got a full signal bar. It drops calls left and right and is just a piece of crap. If you want a good solid phone dont go to att. Their GSM coverage is terrible. Especialy in Nevada. If you want a nice solid gsm phone go to tmobile or cingular and get a phone because att can not get their act up on improving their gsm coverage.

Excellent Phone For The Low Price Of...Nothing


Dec 13, 2003 by EHilderbrand

In all honesty, this phone is nothing short of fantastic, and for the longest time I despised Nokia.

I am using this phone as a temp phone to test the new service I am using(T-Mobile) and in the short time I have had it, needless to say, I love it! Although, I will not be keeping it. From what little experience I do have with this phone, those experiences are great. Call clarity is phenomenal, along with the reception.(T-Mobile, Pittsburgh, PA)

The color screen is a nice feature as well, and it is something I am not used to, but I am learning to love it. The simplicity of this phone is great, I have found the menu's to be simple to navigate and very user friendly. This is a good thing.

I only have one qualm about this phone, and that is that the keypad is a bit awkward. I would not recommend this phone for an older person, or a person with long finger nails. This can easily be replaced with a after-market keypad.

All in all, it is a great phone, I would recommend it, and I would keep it if I were not getting a Sony Ericsson T610.

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