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A Lament for a Fallen Friend. . .


Apr 1, 2006 by japhy

O 3595!
First you were among my cellphones! With mighty signal of GSM, you came free from AT&T wireless! Long you served me, never once did your call drop! Simple you were, yet stout of heart, & sure of signal! Large & convenient were your keys,

Thrice were you cast to the ground, once in anger at my car, once in anger at my insurance company, and once as a demonstration of your fortitude. Well did you with stand each blow, suffering only a scratch.

Once did I knock you on a counter & you were refusing to turn on! How I wept!

I bought a Nokia 1100 as a cheap replacement for you, but before I even had it unlocked, you returned from the grave! I leapt for joy!

You were with me when I became a full fledged AT&T wirless employee, and got a plan for free. I sought a twin for you for my wife to use, and your younger brother, the 6010 came to my aid. You were a powerful & reliable pair.

Then the Great Orange came, forcing me to buy a cellphone. I unlocked you on my second try, and much did you teach me about unlocking & subsidy restrictions!

Of late, I have replaced you with a 6682, who looks upon you as a proud ancestor, but never will I forget you, first of my cell phones, O beloved 3595.

HATE to trade this one in...


Dec 21, 2005 by geewhiz123

I have had this phone for about 2 years (originally got it free with AT&T) and I've never had one single problem with it. The keypad has larger, easy-to-read-and-use buttons, it's totally user-friendly, LOVE the snooze feature on the alarm clock, sound quality is near perfect, and it's practically indestructible. Can't count how many times I've dropped it and nary a scratch on it. Only reason I'm trading up is because I want to download some nifty new ring tones (like Harry Potter stuff), and it doesn't have the capability to play the truer music tones (though there are lots to choose from already on the phone and it is capable of downloading the simpler ones).

If you just want a simple, easy-to-use phone with not a bunch of extra crap you won't use or don't need, I highly recommend this phone. It's been VERY good to me and I'll be sad to part with it. Nokia makes a darn fine phone.

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Solid RF performer!!!


Nov 22, 2005 by Spartan 104

First off, I bought this phone purely as a backup for the purpose of making/receiving calls only. No wap browsing or anything of the kind. The RF performance on this phone is amazing. Makes and holds onto calls where most of my phones would either drop the call or garble the conversation. Considering I purchased this phone used on ebay for only $10, I had to give it a 5/5.

*Excellent RF performance
*Typical Nokia quality
*Big fan of Nokia's UI
*Loud ringers

*A little large for my tastes
*Subpar color screen (to be expected from an older phone)

This is one hell of a workhorse


Oct 12, 2005 by opz

R.I.P. My nokia 3595 (7-30-2002 - 10-1-2005)

I finally had to put it to rest. It still works like the day I got it without one problem. The best free phone I ever had. I've used some of my friend's phones, and they lacked in everything compared to my 3595. reception, loudness of ringtones, customizable profiles, etc...) I can go on for hours. I never let the battery drain completely, so i recommend noone ever does. the battery still works like the day i first charged it up to use it. shit, the charger for it even works still. the faceplate is worn, cracked, deteriorated; the phone has been thrown, stepped on, left outside in the rain, dropped numerous times, dusty as hell in the inside, yet still works perfectly fine minus the * key which you sometimes have to slam on, and the one time which it displayed 00:00 for the ss time. people complained?!?!?!?! wtf is wrong with you complainers .. 99% of you got the damned thing for free, and it is one hell of a phone. i recommend you keep it if you got it for free you cheap..... anyways ... workhorse, workhorse, served it's purpose, and rest in piece nokia 3595 ***mitch***

A good, solid color screen phone


May 31, 2003 by Chinasaur

I just switched from the 3395 to the 3595 and am very happy with it.


The reception is better than the 3395. The software, ringers, sound quality, screen clarity and brightness are all top notch. It's clearly superior to less expensive phones but worth the extra cost. The speaker does not crackle under high volume and the ringers can be made very loud. When activated the phone is bright enough to light up a dark room due to the bright display and side panel lights. 6-bar signal/power display vs 4-bar.

The addition of SEND and END buttons extends the functionality of the phone making menu navigation easier. The END key also functions as a way to return you to the main screen without backing up via menu. The organizer gives you a months view with only three keystrokes. You don't have to reset the time and date when you pull the battery.

For people who want polyphonic/"light-up" flashing phones, this one will work right out of the box for you. Comes with wallpapers, tones and options for making folders for more you download and save.

The 3395 annoyed because it didn't have enough functionality, and I don't need a camera or radio. The 3595 give great functionality as a fully equipped phone without the extras. A good solid color screen phone you won't regret buying.


Still can't have the alarm repeat everyday ...needs turning on daily. It lacks a basic suite of simple, decent sounding ring tones, but the "Low" ringer has an echo effect that has grown on me so I'm using that one for now.

Best phone for the buck!


Sep 23, 2003 by Justin Christensen

The reception is great--the button are easy--the display is good--the sound quality is just as good as a home phone(in and out)--the price was free. It doesn't get any better than that. The only con I can see is trying to see the display in bright sunlight but put your hand over the display and your in business. I live in the Sumter, SC area. Enjoy

One of the Best Nokia's put out in a while...


Jun 16, 2003 by James Battle

Comparing this with the 3590, the 3595 is better in every way.

Color looks great.
Ringtones are LOUDER.
Vibration has a tighter "kick" feel to it.
Way more built in ringtones
More internet features
check your local retailers, you can find it for $49.99 with a $50.00 rebate for a one year contract.

It gets about half an hour to an hour less talk time and about 4-6 days less standby than the 3590 (due to the color screen obviously).

This phone has the basics down well, it has the features, and most importantly it has the best VALUE, of any of the phones I've seen in a long time.

So what if you don't like the buttons. Ever notice the 50,000 or so faceplates and button sets available. It's NOKIA for cryin' out loud. Besides, I like the buttons. A customer picked up the 3595 yesterday and I traded him my buttons on my standard 3590 phone. We were both happy.

Unbeatable in price and reliablity


Sep 14, 2005 by zeebo10

I've had this phone for nearly 2 long years. I finally traded it in, but I have decided to do a eulugy/review for it now that it is forever silent.
I'm not even going to put down pro's or con's just now that it was a workhorse that never let me down...thank you Nokia 3595....thank you.

Nokia 3595 IM for AT&T Wireless


May 28, 2004 by rexyblue

I got this phone as a freebie for adding a second line, and you know what? I like it so much I’m using it for my primary line instead! It isn’t as sexy and stylish as some others and it’s definitely light on the bells and whistles, but as a wireless voice phone it’s completely outstanding.

PROS (some of them)
--Excellent battery life
--Good reception
--Outstanding sound quality, both directions
--Earpiece volume (level 3 out of 10 is perfectly fine)
--Standard headset jack
--Voice dialing capability
--Excellent, easily-set alarm clock

--If you evaluate this phone purely for what it is, then there are no CONS. Some will complain about its larger size, the quality of the (somewhat) polyphonic ringtones, the less-than-vibrant color display or lack of Bluetooth and IR, etc.

For me, I like the size and the larger keypad. It’s still very slim and lightweight. I like the ringtones—they’re quite loud-and besides, if you want others you can download them. The color display isn’t vibrant, but it doesn’t purport to be VGA-quality. It doesn’t bother me.

Rating the 3595 IM purely as a voice phone with some basic added features, it really does deserve a 5. It won’t be the phone for everyone, granted, but for someone who wants a high-quality, low-cost, user-friendly wireless voice phone, you can’t go wrong here.

Very Good Phone for the money


Sep 3, 2003 by NEIL CAESAR

This is a very good phone. Not the greatest, but for the money, $50 after rebate it makes for a great value.

-Good sound quality
-Good reception most places (I have AT&T live in Boston area)
- Easy familiar Nokia menus
- mMode (AT&T data service) works pretty good
-Easy to navigate
-Relatively inexpensive
-Good size and weight

-Alarm sound is very weak, no options to change the sound either
-Can't sync with Outlook
-Limited applications on the phone (might be an AT&T thing)
-The data (internet) side of the phone has very good, but limited capabilities

All in all its a great phone for the money. I could not tell anyone "don't buy this phone."

If you're a "gadget man/woman" and like all types of neat stuff you'll get bored quickly and will be jealous of your friend's Samsung phone as I am. If you're a "just gimme a damn phone that works fine and doesn't cost me a lot" person, then this phone is for you.

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