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Terrible phone


Sep 1, 2003 by Chris Sogge

I tried to switch from TDMA (Nokia 6360) to GSM on att using the Nokia 3595. I had poor reception in my basement with the 6360. With the GSM/3595 I couldn't get ANY signal in my basement. Upstairs where the 6360 performed quite well the 3595 had only one bar and you couldn't carry on a conversation.

I know that this might have to do with towers in my area, but I was suprised at how poor the 3595 was for me. I live in the Baltimore area.

Great phone


May 21, 2005 by tnjladybug

The Nokia 3595 is a very strong phone. The PROS of this device are that there are many graphics and tones that can be downloaded to this device.
*Phone has great reception and battery life.
*Phone is easy to use
*I have dropped mine several times and no problems
CONS-Can't download real tones
*no camera
*little larger than most other phones

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Great phone...


May 14, 2005 by RobbMcNeil

Pros: Great reception
OK color screen
helpful features

Cons: lacks speakerphone

upgraded to a motorola v180 and am switching back to my nokia...

Solid phone


May 5, 2005 by MrSaturn1

This is the first cell phone I got, and I've now had it for two years. I've never really had any recurring problems with it, and it can do all the basic functions of a cell phone very well.

- Good reception and long battery life
- Very durable (I can't tell you how many times I dropped this thing, but it kept working very well)
- One piece, internal antenna makes a nice, small, compact phone that's easy to carry
- Menus easy to navigate
- Sound quality better than average

- Small rubber grip on the back came off within a couple weeks... poorly glued
- SIM Card glitch which can be annoying

The SIM Card problem occurs every once in a while when checking my text messages, when the phone will suddenly be unable to open, delete, save, do anything regarding text messages - I'll go back to the main screen and it will say "Insert SIM Card" even though I never moved it in the first place, and it will show no reception. This problem was easily solved by turning the phone off and on again, but it was still annoying, and happened probably about once every couple weeks.

As I said before, this phone is extremely durable. I dropped it many times, on tile, carpet, wood, etc. over two years. The final straw was last week: I was playing basketball and I forgot my phone was in my jacket pocket, and it fell right on the concrete. As a testament to its durability, while the display was cracked by the concrete and some LCD crystals shattered, meaning now only two corners of my screen are visible, the rest of the phone amazingly enough still works fine and I have been using it to make and receive calls since I dropped it! I am now upgrading to the Nokia 6010 only because of this accident, and because it is free with my plan.

Overall, this phone is excellent for someone who just wants a functional phone with very few problems.



Apr 17, 2005 by cokeacola644

I am giving this phone a 5 because this was the coolest thing before camera phones or MP3 ringtones hit the market. This is a very strong phone. I am human and have dropped it many times and still functions awesome!


nice color screen
many many ringtones (box is the best!!)
cool design (blue things on side light up)
keypad looks cool
many many accessories for it
strong vibration
cool games


kind of chunky (dont plan on losing it any time soon!)
little screen
vibration is almost too strong.
has a terrible echo when talking into it
(feels like i am talking to myself)

I hope this helped you on your decision!



Apr 14, 2005 by MarcusTremillo

This character may not be considered pretty in any state of the union but he gets the job done---sounds familiar doesnt it?

It is a classic case of function over form with this model and I believe that the sacrifice is worth it. I know it does not flip and the games are weak at best but I have never ever dropped a call and it survives a beating and keeps on reading (your sim card that is).The tones are useless but loud.

Sure I take the sim card out and put in my GSM flip phones when i want my phone to look pretty and that is what I like about this phone.

Oh ,he also can be dunked in water and if he is left to be dried out for a couple of days will survive that too.(not recommended)

Nokia 3595


Mar 21, 2005 by lefteyeiu2002

I had this phone one year and it served me well. However it did have a software problem. Whenever I checked my text messages, the phone would know out my signal and display "Insert SIM Card" on it. This occured daily, and was quite annoying. The sound quality was great, when I first got this phone from T-Mobile, (I had the Nokia 3560 from Cingular) everyone told me they could hear me a lot clearer. This phone did drop calls occasionally when I was in areas with poor signal. This phone was die hard, and I only dropped it a few times, but it survived and worked well. I give it a 3.

Reliable, inexpensive phone.


Nov 29, 2004 by MissDavis30

The Nokia 3595 is just an okay starter phone. You will most likely get it free or at a deep discount from T-Mobile.
*The reception is really good. However, you must hold the phone at a certain angle to be heard properly.
*Talk time is pretty good and you can usually get through two days on one overnight charge.
*Like most Nokia phones it is very durable. I have dropped it more than a few times and it still works like a champ.
*After you read a text message usually you get the message "Insert SIM card." This is very annoying because it take a few seconds to a few minutes to return to the normal mode.
*It will sometimes stay in the handsfree mode even after the jack has been taken out completely.



Nov 19, 2004 by kch889

This phone is not bad. It's a very basic phone and extremely dependable. This was my very first phone and all though when i got i was a little disappointed it began to grow on me. I loved this phone and it was the best it had very good signals most of the time i hardly ever roamed i thought it was to good to be true. But after awhile the quality began to fade i have had it almost a year. The phone quality is not as good as it once was but it's still better than nothing. It has very good battery strength and it rarley ever goes dead for any reason. If you have had a lot of phones i don't really recommend this for you as if yo are upgrading it's really good for young people but not someone who is very high up int he business. I would recommend him/her get another phone for there needing. But otherwise if this is your first phone you are getting then i think you should try the NOKIA 3595 it is very basic but it has games, you can change the faceplates a very good signal. You have polyphonic ringtones and everything else you would every need. The people i think that should try this phone or young people in school who just need a phone to talk to their friends and does not need to depend on it for other needs like the internet and all because it may not as clear. But over all i give it a three it is an extremely good phone and it did me well. I hope many of you have said the same.

Excellent Phone


Nov 9, 2004 by Glock22

I'm not going to sit here and write a long review of all the pro's and con's of this phone. I think the overall rating left by reviewers speaks for itself. It's well above average when compared to other phones in its league. Sure it may lack some higher features, but that's how it goes as cell phone technology progresses. Want more/better options, then upgrade... don't blame your outdated phone.

For what it was meant to do as an entry-level color phone (one of Nokia's first in the 3500 series), it gets the job done. Simple to use, reliable and sturdy. Frankly speaking, I prefer my 3595 to the trend of flip-phones most people use these days.

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