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Such a great phone


Aug 5, 2006 by lefteyeiu2006

The 3595. The GSM version of my beloved 3560. but not with all of the cool features I loved in the 3560, so I added them in with my GPRS wireless mobile internet. Great reception, love the buttons, and so reliable and hearty you could not believe it!


Phone or Blunt Weapon?


Apr 25, 2006 by Kurzer

The only phone I've like more than my 3595 is my old 3390. The 3595 has been thru so much I don't know where to start. It's been forgotten on the roof of my truck and ended up hitting the icey freeway at 50mph, it's been dropped in the toilet (clean water luckily), it's been thrown out a window and landed in a creek covered in mud it started on the first try. An amazing little brick! I've had a few other phones since from various manufactures, none have given me the feeling of freedom I have knowing that my little brick will never break and it will always pull a signal from somewhere, no matter where I am. This is a great phone and it's free... what more could you want.

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Best little phone ever!


Jan 25, 2006 by jen3

I've had this little phone for almost 2 years now, and I love it. I had 2 nokias prior to this one and have always had great luck with them. The 3595 is the best cell phone I've ever had. I've never lost a call, and it has an awesome battery life...sometimes I wished it had a lower battery life to get off the phone with people who talk forever! Anyway, I'm getting ready to upgrade to a new cell, and it's not a Nokia, and that worries me a little.

Call reception is excellent
long battery life
changing faceplates
caller profiles (and ringtone assigments for them)
silent setting
downloadable ringtones
sweet games
easy to navigate
durable - can't count how many times i've dropped it and it still works like new

can't think of any. BUT, I don't need cameras and high tech stuff...just a good, dependable little phone

Unbelievably reliable workhorse


Sep 22, 2005 by ShadowScorpion

I got this phone after my 3590 drank too much water when I got thrown by my friends in a pool. As a consolation prize of some sort, my friend gave me his old 3595.

Never have I seen such a reliable phone. Hell, I thought the 3590 was great, but the 3595 is even better! It has never, ever dropped a single call, and even after having been involuntarely roughed up through the years, it still works damn fine.

Yeah, of course, it doesen't have a camera, a mp3 player or that kind of gizmos, and if you're looking for these, then don't buy this phone. If, however, you're looking for a sturdy, reliable, basic phone that won't let you down, then the 3595 won't let you down. I have had it for many years, and it was certainly worth every penny I spent on it.



Sep 10, 2005 by whocares056

Hello. This phone is a great phone to have if your someone who isn't into all the mp3 ringtones and cameras and things like that. I try to be very precise in explaining this phone as good as I can.

This phone is rock solid! I have dropped it MANY times and it is still as good as new.

Overall design is cool. I like the little blue strips down the sides that light up. They keypad is neat too.

Many accessories.

Overall size. Feels good in your hand, not to small, not to big. Just perfect size.

Alot of features, voice dialing, caller grounps, etc.

Lots of memory! I have about 13 ringtones downloaded and then they have about 30 that come with the phone standard!

bold text so it is easy to read


No speakerphone

sometimes it vibrates too hard and the faceplate kind of rattles.

Other than that, this phone is perfect.

'Twas a good workhorse, but its time is over.


Jun 28, 2005 by one30six

I just upgraded from this phone to the new 6230 from Nokia. I had the 3595 for close to two years.

Good thing, I never had a problem with reception or malfunction. This phone is a workhorse, and does what it does very well. Being one of the first-generation color screen phones, the picture quality wasnt very good, and the lack of a camera or data connection orther than GPRS made it very difficult to actually GET custom images sent to the device. But I found a way.

Main beef with the phone was that 7 times out of 10 when I would go to the messages section to read or compose a simple text message, the phone would freak out and ask me to reinsert the SIM card. This wasnt a feature I used too often, but still, it was a nuisance.

--- Pro's ---

+ Very solid build. Dropped it numerous times and never had a glitch in operation - only scratches on the faceplate!

+ Excellent reception. Even going thru long tunnels, driving thru mountain ranges, and being outside the city, i rarely had a call drop on me. It was usually the other person's phone that would cut a conversation short.

+ Polyphonic ringtones.

+ Very strong vibration, and loud speaker. It can make any girl happy. lol

--- Con's ---

- Big and bulky. Thick, tall, and wide. You're always very conscious of the fact that it's there if you have it in your front pocket.

- Software s very slow. Feel like a retard waiting for the menu to catch up to your keystrokes.

- Buttons sometimes don't register as a result of the oddly designed button layout.

- Low resolution screen, with only 4096 colors. Crappy, but like I said, it was a 1st generation color screen phone, so take it for what it is.

- Rubber stopper on back of the phone fell off after about three months. I think everyone's fell off!!

So there you have it. Anyone getting this phone nowadays is probably getting it as a loaner or real cheap off an auction site as a temporary replacement, but hey, a late review doesn't mean a bad review!

Avoid at all costs


Mar 3, 2005 by mvx411

It is just horrible don't even think about buying one.

a great phone for free


Feb 26, 2005 by cellfone

This phone is great for people who are looking for something that they can relie on . The phone it is self is a avarage size which can easily fit into pockets or purses. The menu on the phone is easy to use. The ringtones are loud and clear and easy to hear. The phone is silent when it needs to be. You can download games and ringtones and also this phone can go on AIM which is awsome, i don't have this phone but from working with my friends ones i think its a great little thing. Also this phone has an internal anntena and you dont have to worry about breaking it..

not so good


Dec 22, 2004 by hottsauce184

pros... ummmm i cant really think of anything except the keys are easy to text on and thats about it

cons... there are a lot of these. the screen sucks, sound quality is terrible (muffled noise), no good backrounds, phone decides for itself when it wants to vibrate and when it doesn't.

if you're an adult and you want to piss of your kid, then buy this phone. otherwise don't waste your money

ok phone i guess


Nov 14, 2004 by carlbeaty33

These phone is O.K not the best phone in the world one thing i did like about it was the key layout i had these phone with cingular... and i think it was the phone not the provider but if u want a phone with not many features and just for a starter then go for it but if you want a phone with alot of features go with the v400 or v551 or anything else.. the 3595 not the best but a OK phone

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