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Lucky guy


Oct 19, 2004 by CyberMoto

Last guy that loves his V600 must be lucky guy. I've had 6 or 7 lost count. Same problems. Making call connecting. You have to power off phone to end call. Plus when click end call goes into main menu screen. Nice job Motorola. No wonder they no longer makes this phone.

V600 review


Oct 18, 2004 by attwsrep

I am an AT&T Wireless customer service rep. I've been using the Motorola V600 for 3 months now. I am a little bit confused by other reviews of this phone. I personally have not experienced the same problems as others. I do agree w/ some of the cons by others like the reverse send/end buttons. But overall, it is by far one of the top 3 phones currently being offered by AT&T Wireless.

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Strongest Love/Hate relationship I've had with a phone


Oct 8, 2004 by thatchman1

This phone is:

-has the best voice quality I've had in a phone
-phenomenal screen brightness and size

I have had 8 of this phone trying to eliminate a "lock up on text message receive" issue. The firmware 2FR and newer seems to not have the issue.

The most durable, desirable, stylish phone I've ever had, but also the most nuicence. I tried a new V220 but actually thought it felt like junk compared to the shell of this phone.

Of the 8 V600's I had, some of the flaws that some had:

-buttons didn't depress without trying twice
-some battery meters were inconsistent/poor while some were very accurate
-some would say "unable to charge"
-some had voice static

I have yet to find a better phone in the ATT lineup other than the V505-- no word yet on its "buggy level".

Why so many Cons?


Sep 25, 2004 by sk8rdc

I have no idea why so many people say this is a bad phone...

I got it for my (8th grade) graduation, and it is the best phone I have seen to date. I did get a chance to try the WAP browser, which was VERY good, only problem is doesn't support normal HTML, but not many phones do. I also tried MMS, which again, no problem. Got my message where it was supposed to go, and everything was great. Camera is good, but that is really a matter of luck. The camera is a little cheap, so some phones have a good camera, other no-so-good. The screen is VERY nice, though I think they should've made the external screen color, its still very good. I never got a chance to try Bluetooth, but I've heard it is great.

Now a brief overview of pros/cons:

-Best looking phone I've seen (opinion)
-MP3 Ringtones
-Good Speaker Phone
-Comes with nice ringtones
-Awsome pattern of light on the outside for events
-Semi-durable (scratches sortof easily, but you have to try to get it to stop working...)
-Good reception (quad-band)
-Customization is good
-Battery life not-so-good (3-4 days of usuall use)
-Scratches easily
-Camera quality could be better...
-No MP3 player (5mb isnt enough for that many songs...)
-Could be more customizable
-A bit cumbersome when you want to use speaker phone (have to wait until the call is in progress, then press the button, and wait untill it loads)

So, overall, it has more pros than cons, and is a VERY nice phone. I would highly recommend it.

I would like to say, however, that a better phone to get is the MPx220, which is comming VERY soon (well, if Motorola decides not to move the date again....)

If this makes a difference, I am using AT&T Wireless, and I am located in New Jersey.

Good so far!


Sep 21, 2004 by Mr_Alvarez

I've had the phone nearly 2 months with T-Mobile.

Only one thing that really bothers me about the phone, its laggy like my old v120. I'm more of a Nokia person but I havent seen Nokia flip phones here, also could've been a bit cheaper.

Speaker phone
polyphonic/real ringtones
nice style
no huge annoying antenna to extend
URL browser works pretty fast
USB connection
Good reception all over Chicago
plays videos

it lags like every other Motorola out there
cant seem to find tetris for v600 =(

I dont know why all these bad review, perhaps Cingular has a crappier version of the phone, 'cause 2 other friends have it and its excellent, with the exception of lag.



Sep 14, 2004 by Jenny88v

I just upgraded my trusty Samsung S105 this weekend to the Motorola V600,now this is my 3rd phone so far,and have never owned a Motorola.Never owning a Motorola made me a little weary when buying this phone so i asked around alot.Well when reading these past reviews it made me even more hesitant when buying this phone because the majority of them were negative,but i went through with the purchase and am happy to say that i am very satisfied with my decision...well in a nutshell...

-Speakerphone works very well,when listening and talking,and the only bieng able to use it after the call is connected,doesnt bother me at all,nothing big really.
-Camera is great,takes very crisp pictures..obviously not comparible to a digital cam,but for a cam phone,the quality is satisfing.
-Now im not sure if its the phone or the carrier that's responsible for it,but the reception on this phone is superb(I'm signed up with T-Mobile).
-Battery life is also very satisfying
-The ringing is also very loud and crisp,havnt really tested it in a car with radio,but so far its been very loud every where I have been

-One thing that bothered me with my last samsung,also bothers me with this Motorola.When you tell the phone to ring and vibrate at the same time,it vibrates for a couple of seconds AND THEN rings.Something i have gotten used to but still a tad bothersome.
-The side keys are a little touchy.doesnt bother me,but might bother others.

Well basically Im very in love with this phone so far,its a tad complicated but if you are very quick to get use to and become familiar with electronics,then you'll have no problems with this phone.

RECALL ON V600 V 600


Sep 7, 2004 by jakazz1023

these phones were recalled at Cingular in Michigan.

hopefully better after fixes.

nice but not perfect...


Aug 13, 2004 by dstructiv

well - I own the v600 since two days and my first impressions are split...
I use a Siemens S55 parallel and that phone has got some important functions I miss at the v600...

first of all the adress-book - couldn be more worse :-/
In the S55 I can make an entry for every Person and there I can store several Phonenumbers, adresses, birthdays and so on...
In the phonebook of my v600 i can only store one number in each entry, no adresses, no
Anothe problem is that I can rather Import more than one phonebook/adressbook-entry at the same time via BT nor I can send entrys via BT to other mobiles...

The second big failiure of Motorola with the v600 is the data-organisation...
In my S55 I can browse the directorys where my pictures, ringtones, screensavers and so on are stored and send them (each or all) via BT, Irda, MMS, Email...

But I didn't found only negative aspects...
The display is very good, the keypad is good to use and the quallity of the phone is quite well...
and if I had to much time I could give every phonenumber a single ringtone...

so, it's long time ago that I used a Motorola-Phone the last time (CD930) and in between only Siemens (S35, ME45, S55) but I suppose I will come along with it quite well...

PS: don't matter writing- or spelling mistakes - english is not my mothertongue...



Jun 26, 2004 by mdephillip

This is a nice phone, but it has all kinds of problems connecting via blue tooth to an apple computer. Check the macaddict discussion groups and you will see what I am talking about.

So, if syncing is your thing and you have an apple make sure you are willing to do ALOT of ground work to make the phone sync up.

(never mind apple invented blue tooth, technology.... way to go Motorola!

Excellent global cell phone


Jun 7, 2004 by u12ri08

I have either owned or tested the V600 phone for over a year and have been very pleased with its functionality. I've read almost all of the V600 reviews, and while I wholly agree with their cumlative assessment of the poor Phone List/Contact software, I believe the other complaints are either the result of a pre-production or problematic phone, poor GSM coverage (which you can not hold Motorola accountable for) or possibly a personal agenda. This is a great phone for the true "road warrior" that needs a phone with the best "global" coverage. If you want games, fancy tones or just don't know what you want ... then look at something else. If you need clear sound and global availabilty, then the V600 is the best phone currently available.

1. Crystal clear sound
2. Excellent coverage where GSM is
available (hey, it works in Aruba!)
3. Excellent graphics display
4. Compact, solid feel
5. Real attention getter
6. Nice camera
7. Camera has a flash (though not great, at least it has one)

1. Phone List/Contact software is really
poor (Motorola really needs to fix
this! Business travelers live and
breathe by their phones and personal
contact lists. The poor Contact
software on this phone is the only
reason that I did not rate it a 5)
2. Talk/send buttons reversed (if this will
be your only phone, then this is minor)

Bottom line: Like any technology purchase, make sure you understand your needs first, and then select the most appropriate solution. If you need a global cellular phone, you cannot do better than the V600!

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