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Motorola V600


Mar 30, 2004 by Markrny

I have two of these. One is unbranded, the other is a Votaphone. I'm on the cinguar network and the reception is by far the best on any phone I've ever had. As a 15 year cell user, I've had them all. Mostly Motorola. Just came off V60's.
The bluetooth option alone is worth the price of this phone. The web connection is very fast, and the speaker phone is load and CLEAR.
This IS the phone to own.

Latest Garbage by Motorola


Feb 27, 2004 by Bambam42

Great looks and style...pathetic performance.Phone has not been released by my carrier yet but is an unlocked version with no branded carrier.Terribly poor reception even when compared to the T720.The only thing I like about this phone is the camera and Blue-tooth. That being said I own a Nikon digital camera so this phone is totally useless to me since its main purpose would be to converse with others

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Not Test Phones


Mar 11, 2004 by aavetikov

They didn't use test phones, the phone was out in other markets. The phone is good but Many weird quirks came with, it could have been, much better.

this is the worst


Nov 3, 2004 by mellymai

I just recently let a friend talk me into switching over from a Sanyo 8100 because Sprint didn't use a sim card, and I would be freer to choose my options by using an unlocked phone. What a huge mistake! The Sanyo phone may have held me captive to an antiquated network, but unlike the V600, the speakerphone could be activated while the phone was still dialing.

The pros of the V600 thus far:
1) Customizable face plates (though the new colors of the Sanyo were cuter without this).
2) Nice feel to the keypad.
3) Nice standard battery life.

The cons, however:
1) Yep, the phone book truly rots.
2) See "speakerphone", above...
3) Delay in connection even w/o speakerphone: "hello? hello?"
4) I have yet to send even one successful text message with this phone. With the Sprint phone, you didn't need to consult a manual, it was pretty simple. I assume that if I set aside an afternoon to learn how to navigate these cloying features on the Motorola that I will achieve success, but what a pain!
5) Background picture cluttered and obscured by unremovable and uncustomizable screen text, and the picture is also blurred and pixelated when you use it as a background, unlike the Sanyo, rendering anything you shoot to use as a background shot almost unrecognizable.
6) The Sprint network allowed for a default block of all outgoing calls and recognized land line codes like *82. These could be saved in the phone book before the number, allowing an unblocked call to be made with one press of a button. With T-Mobile & the V600? You block everything through the phone itself, and then it takes 4 menu steps forward and 4 back before dialing (is there no one stroke "cancel" key when you're finished with a menu option?) to unblock each and every call.
7) Brand new pricey phone already having the on/off key malfunction?

The good part about having this phone now? I should be able to cut down on monthly minutes, because I'm no longer motivated to even talk on the phone.

Just for Looks


Sep 4, 2004 by cateyes98

I work for a cell phone company. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. I have had the phone for 2 mths, and am so disgusted with this phone. I cannot hear anyone on the phone, my camera will no longer work, there appears to be a short from opening and closing the phone. You can actually see on the outside of the phone the wear and tear from opening and closing the phone. This phone is pretty but as far as the quaility it is the worst. Also, there is a recall on the phone from what I hear. I have never paid this absurd amt of money for a phone. It is the worst decision I have ever made. I will be contacting motorola. I have always been a nokia girl this is my first motorola and I am tempted to just buy another phone and never deal with a motorola again. This has to be the worst experience.

Just an O.K. phone


May 30, 2004 by tc95

just got the v600 a couple of days ago.
It just doesn't live up to expectations.


- nice lighting effect when someone calls
- sharp LCD
- excellent reception
- talk time is great
- sounds are crisp

- phone is too heavy for it's size
- entering phonebook entries and editing is a real Fricken' pain in the BEHIND!!!!
- Bluetooth is slow and takes a while to figure out
- keypad is cheap and crappy. sometimes you have to double press
- power/hang up and talk buttons are reversed
- external lighting doesn't stay on very long when someone calls
- can't use Bluetooth to send ringtones and images to other Bluetooth phones and PDAs


V600 vs. Nokia 3620


Apr 26, 2004 by twindad

I thought the V600 looked great, just like everybody else; maximum chimping factor here, especially the "mood light" on the outer cover. Some marketing person is real proud of that. I dumped the thing in a few days and went back to the Nokia 3620.

I keep a lot of contacts with several numbers each in my phone. The Nokia lets me name my groups and add more groups(can't do that on Motorola). When I search, I just start typing, either a first or last name, and the phone starts sorting letter by letter. Very slick compared to previous Nokia products. Of course, different groups have different ring tones. Motorola has different ideas on this, making me sift down through the entire list is not the best use of my time.

Being able to download to the phone with my computer's IR port is nice, especially with free software. Too bad Motorola didn't feel that was important. Nokia uses free software.

I guess the best feature on the V600 was the mirror on the back. It made it easy to take your own picture, which is probably important to some folks...

The TRUTH !!


Apr 12, 2004 by divine405

For any one that is considering getting this phone...GO FOR IT! While NO phone is perfect, this is as close to perfection as its gonna get for any phone user (including old fashion grandma's). I'll make this Triple S...short, simple and sweet.


VERY LOUD Speakerphone
BRIGHT internal LCD COLORFUL display
DETAILED external LCD w/brilliant blue backlight
LOUD Ring Tones that really sound like the tune considering its 24chord
CRYSTAL CLEAR reception (I can really hear people even with car windows down!)
The camera is GREAT...pictures are so clear it's ridiculous! Battery life is AMAZING given all the functions this phone can do, menus are easy to navigate and understand. Seriously, I am so happy with this phone. I had a MOTOV60i which was great in its day, than I upgraded to NEC525 which was the WORST phone (AArrgh!)..i still have nightmares about that phone.

Obviously, I love this phone but it has NO IR ports, Bluetooth a bit intimidating at first, the external LCD could be a bit brighter or have a better contrast when not lit.

But like I said NO phone has everything. If you want a great, sturdy, sleek phone with more than enough features...you will truly fall in love with the V600. If u hear any extreme negative remarks about this phone, trust me that user is just way too picky.

This phone is so awsome


Apr 1, 2004 by HoustonViper

I just got this phone yesterday and it is great. Plays MP3s and Videos, takes pics, tons of options and beyond that it just looks great. My friends all think it looks money. The phone seems sturdy so I dont think it will crack anytime soon (a prob with one of my friends' phone). The phone can be very loud. You can just send over a few mp3s via bluetooth or mmode and you have a radio right there! Its that loud (the ringtones come out of the speakerphone). This phone is totally worth the money! One of the best out there.

excellent phone


Nov 12, 2004 by uran74

Works for me everywhere i go. I have to travel alot with my work and the phone worked everywhere i went. doesn't compare to other phones i've had so far, much much better.
excellent reception
LCD is sharp
Keypad has a nice feel to it
I like the menu, it's easy to follow.
i think the power inlet port on this phone is very fragile. you have to be careful with it while the charger is plugged in

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