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HOT phone


Jul 2, 2004 by phone_guru101

this phone rocks!!!!


First Moto! Best Moto!


May 1, 2004 by Stix66

This is a teens dream phone! I'm 17 and this phone is outstanding. So its a little expensive here in Chicago for Cingular's GSM network ($349) just the phone itself, I already have a contract. But this phone is sleek and sturdy. Great reception everywhere, speaker phone is crisp and loud, and oh man the pictures it takes are clear and vibrant.

-This whole thing is a PRO! Nothing bad about it...except...

-I wish it would have came with Blue tooth for the price.

Overall this phone is excellent. Being my first Motorola phone, I had to get used to the menus. They may seem hard to navigate but you will get used to it fast! Camera is easy also. Voice dialing easy to set up, and this whole phone is customizable. With the colors of your menu, to the event lights on the front, and don't forget the sleek convertible covers! This phone is sure worth the money. I love it!

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Save your money


Jun 14, 2004 by LD

It looks great, it feels great, but other than that, save your money.

I have Cingular Wireless service and I have a strong signal in my area (Boston and vicinity), but I never got a consistent strong signal w. the V600. It dropped a lot of calls and it was very hard to hear the other person on the line even at the highest volume setting. The only time I could use the phone as if there was no ambient sound. You can forget about using it in a car with the radio on or window slightly open.

I have to say the camera works great.

M recommendation for cingular customers....buy the new Samsung P107.

NICE, but get ready for the price


Mar 31, 2004 by hydragnium

If you can get past the fact that this phone at cheapest is $200 with new activation, than you got yourself a winner here. Other carriers support the more lowly V400 and V300 for about the same cost, and those other models are missing features that this V600 has. A quadraband, a 65,000 color display, speakerphone, and tons of jam packed features makes this a very desirable phone. The only hit it takes is that instead of doing both video playback and recording, it just does video playback.

Worst Phone Ever


Dec 14, 2004 by Chiro21

This phone has pretty colors and holds a lot of information in the address book. The camera isn't too bad, but there are much better cameras out there.
I have never had a phone that was this awful. I bought the phone and a week later the antenna fell off and cingular employees actually expected me to use my insurance to get another one. There is no way I was about to pay $50 because the antenna fell off. Regardless, the reception is awful. It is very inconsistent. Out of no where it will start crackling and making noises even if I'm in a town with a tower and sitting still. I would also drop calls for no reason. My phone also locks up in the middle of calls in which case I have to reboot my phone. I also get the strobe-light thing happening with my phone if I open it too fast and press a button. The address book is ridiculous when it comes to searching. You can only search by one letter and then you have to scroll through to find a name. It may be hidden in the directions manual, but I don't have time to read that book which as thick as books on tax law. The phone works extremely slow with about a 1-2 second time lag when performing most functions. There was also a recall because it wasn't working properly. I would suggest that you avoid this phone like the plague.

Motorala does not make good GSM Phones


Sep 9, 2004 by HiramGlez

By far the worst phone I have ever owned, battery life is poor. Software is not very user friendly,(For ease of use on software stick to a SonyEricsson or Nokia) your address book is always being read from the sim and the phones internal memory making very anoying to search for a contact due to duplicate numbers from sim and phone memory. If you are in to SMS for chatting dont get this phone it does not have the software to SMS Chat, you have to go online and use AOL or Yahoo to chat. For a $300 phone they could have placed and IfraRed port wich would be usefull. Chrome accent starts to peel off after a month or so, even with a leather case (and I take extreme care of my phone). The good side of this phone is that it is a quad-band phone. Oh! and it freezes very frequently.

Waiting for replacement!


Sep 8, 2004 by Zeck

I just KNEW I should have purchased the Samsung P107 - better construction right off the bat. What I didn't KNOW at the time was how lousy the V600 would be. The suggestions above this review text box say to include the PROs and CONs. There are no PROs - and the CONs all work for Motorola!



Jul 4, 2004 by shaolinstyle619

I'm very happy with the phone. most of the features such as the mp3 download capabilities and bluetooth are outstanding. as far as reception goes, it's been pretty good. the phone is very good looking and it's light in weight. the display is easy to read, well, for me that is. but the buttons seem a little cheap looking and sometimes when texting, you have to press the keys more than once to get the digit or letter you want. another problem would be the address book. no multiple listings for just one name. you can add them to a name, but it will still appear more than once in the address book. lastly, despite the good looks, the plastic/metal outline that surrounds the front of the phone in between the case and the display, it cracks, and chips easily. overall, i think the phone is top notch. i hope that Motorola will solve these problems soon.

Moto V600


Jun 25, 2004 by tara

I am using this phone with ATTW northern VA, DC Metro, Maryland area. I'm getting great reception on this phone. Better reception than I have ever had with T Mobile. This is the ultimate phone. Superb color screen, great downloadables, quality sound, solid feel. What's so great about it that my dual desktop battery charger and car charger fit from my Moto T720. Battery life lasts a day and half with excessive talking, gaming, texting, and using mMode. Considering the price, it should come with a holster or case. I was able to find a great sheepskin leather case for it at a nominal price. This phone is a keeper. I won't be returning this on the ATTW 30 day return policy.

An awesome phone with problems


May 25, 2004 by GojuBill

I'm currently on my 3rd V600, it has some problems

Pros-Great look, Colorful light on front rocks, can play MP3's, LOTS AND LOTS of extras!

Cons-bad reception,echo during calls, face scratches from buttons, shuts down by itself sometimes

I'm glad with it, just after they get the bugs out


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